Mushk Episode 18 Story Review – Moving On

This latest episode of Mushk was emotional and meaningful. The story moved forward considerably with Adam and Guddi in particular facing the most bitter truths of their lives with the utmost courage. The screenplay and performances were impressive as usual. The writer has intelligently highlighted the issue of child marriage even though this drama was never promoted as an issue-based drama. The scenes covering Shayan and his cousin’s interactions are always really disturbing which makes them even more impactful. I truly appreciate the overall approach of the writer while penning down the script; he has been really ‘forgiving’ and not judgmental while etching-out the characters. There is a sensitive side to most of these characters and a backstory which in some way justifies their present behavior.

Moving On….

The opening scenes of this episode showed that Adam was now willing to move on. In the previous episode, he asked Allah to give him the courage to accept reality and move on. In this episode, it was almost as if his prayers had been heard. Even though this is not going to be an easy transition but Adam made the first step towards that direction, by giving his sister many of those things which he had been buying for Mehak for all these years. This was such a meaningful way of showing that Adam was more willing than ever to accept the fact that Mehak did not need his love and affection. Adam’s interactions with his sister have always been heart-warming. Imran Ashraf makes sure that the love Adam feels for his sister comes alive on screen in these scenes and the actress playing the sister’s role performs really well in all these scenes. Adam’s concern for the people he loves is perhaps his most dominant personality trait which enables him to put his own feelings and needs in the background.

Mushk Episode 18 Story Review – Moving On

Adam was not his feisty self tonight while interacting with Guddi. He did not have the energy to confront her the way he always does. So much so that he asked her beforehand to take it easy! All these situations made it easier for me to relate to his pain. When he was driving Mehak to Shayan, he knew that he was the one these women were relying on and therefore he was gentle even towards Guddi. His point of view must have changed altogether after listening to Guddi’s conversation with her mother.

Guddi’s Sensitive and Vulnerable Side

Mehak also took a big step forward tonight and for the first time, she actually looked happy. The entire plan was such that no one had a reason to doubt Adam or Mehak’s intentions. There was another first in tonight’s episode; Guddi being happy for Mehak! For the longest time, we have seen Guddi deriving pleasure out of Mehak’s misery therefore it was good to see her supporting Mehak in this episode. The way Guddi defined khushi and ghum was superb! These dialogues were the best ones from this episode.

Guddi’s meeting with her mother was extremely emotional. This was another scene that showed the vulnerable side of a character who appears to be really strong on the surface. Guddi represents many women like her, who earn for their families yet they are not welcomed in their own houses. Even though most often it seems like Guddi does not care about anyone else except herself, the fact is that the only people she is truly looking out for are her parents and sister. Perhaps, being in control of certain situations is the only way she can feel good about her life. That is why she has a difficult time letting go of what Zulekha did to her. Someone like her who is completely capable of having her own way in such circumstances is completely helpless when it comes to her own family. Like any other person, she also wants love and acceptance from her family members but she is clearly not getting any of that. This journey to Shayan’s haveli was perhaps the best part of this drama so far. The dialogues and the situations were written brilliantly. Urwa Hocane, yet again, completely owned her character.

Shayan’s Track

Shayan’s track is being taken forward convincingly. Muqaddar Khan is intelligent enough to gauge that even now Shayan can back off from his commitment. He continued to put pressure on him through his brother-in-law and did not invite too many guests to the wedding. This entire track shows that there is nothing right about marrying a young child to a grown-up man. While this drama has men like the brother-in-law, Muqaddar Khan, and even Dr. Rana, there are also men like Shayan and Adam who know the difference between right and wrong. These men are also sensitive and responsible. Shayan’s reluctance to go ahead with this marriage was translated on screen brilliantly by Osama Tahir. Mehak will reach the haveli at the right time, it remains to be seen how Muqaddar Khan will react when he finds out the truth. Will he kill Shayan?

Mushk Episode 18 Story Review – Moving On

Roshni Asks For Forgiveness


Roshni finally met her father in this episode and asked him for forgiveness. His aggressive reaction served as a warning to Zulekha who was clever enough to figure out that her husband is now well enough to react in such a manner. There is a difference between his personality now that he knows the truth and is feeling better. Dr. Rana is madly in love once again and this time around too he is letting a woman use her! It is upsetting watching a doctor with such a casual approach towards his profession. He has always put his love life above his professional life. Even when he was with Zulekha, attending to her needs was always more important than looking after his patients.

Mushk Episode 18 Story Review – Moving On

Final Remarks

Except for Shayan’s brother-in-law’s scenes, all the other scenes were brilliantly written and executed. The story has taken yet another interesting turn and anything is possible at the moment. It is highly unlikely that Mehak will get her happy ending. Guddi’s dialogues about khushi also suggested that happiness is short-lived! I am waiting to find out what happens next.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Mushk? Do share your thoughts about it.

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  • Fatima Ji,

    You said it! An emotional and meaningful episode indeed.
    A review well written….

    This episode has left me worrying……. there are hidden messages in those powerful diaglogues delivered by Adam and Guddi….. I have this unsettling thought for the very first time since 18 episodes…. I am thinking of a very tragic end to this drama……are there anybody in this group who have felt the same way too?
    Just as Mushk, the perfume (derived out of the secretion of the musk deer) does not remain in it’s true fragrance for long on one self….. … so does the element Mushk in this drama….
    And that element of Mushk in my view is the character of Adam, portrayed so well by Imran Ashraf…. I did not mean to spoil this by alluding to a tragic end…. my sincere appologies to all of you…. (Will be more than glad, if it is a happy ending…. my figures are crossed on this one)

    With due permission from this group…..

    The teaser of Dunk was simply brilliant…… when a daughter conveys the feeling of a “Bad touch” to a father it is such a miserable moment…….. And Noman Ejaz Sir, has performed so well…. one straight away realises that he is actually innocent ….. An actor par excellence…… I am certainly rooting for him……
    Cheekh was a disappointment… I sincerely hope Dunk delivers….

    Fatima Ji, I am hoping you will review Dunk for all of us….

    I am awaiting the groups thoughts on Mushk…..

    Fatima Ji, looking forward to your reviews as always….

    Thank You so much…

    • Thank you so much Ketan for reading the reviews and commenting. Loved the way you explained the title; beautifully done. Not at all, you are more than welcome to share your views about other dramas and promos on these threads. Absolutely! I loved the teasers, they were intriguing. I will be reviewing Dunk InshaAllah.

    • Dunk writer is Mohsin ali, lousy writer (qaid ishqiya), the only reason it’s making buzz is its fresh pairing. Lets see if despite a strong subject the writer manages to write something good.
      Faiza Iftikhar- she is a hit or a miss. Pehli si mohabbat looks another bad script sugar coated with cast like BEDS. Also, the director Anjum shahzad has to justify his job at ARY, thats why he is making a big deal of an ordinary script.
      Hashim nadeem is always out of the box. In all probabilities Raqs e bismil and KAM3 will end up playing at same friday spot.

    • Hello Maha, Thank you for the request. I am sorry I won’t be able to review it since there are so many other dramas starting soon which definitely appear to be more enticing ;)

  • this episode was such a delight to watch. I am still finding it hard to feel for Mehak. I mean what how she is going to deal with the baggage of her past.
    Neither I am feeling for Guddi because considering how blunt she is. This episode belong to Adam – one man show. What a nice gentle man he is. However, I have a problem with his look being confused all the time. Other than that, it was such a breath of fresh air admist of watching Raze-ulfat and Jalan. this surely deserves all the trps.

    • Ohh someone said it finally. Its not Adam it’s Imran Ashraf with his consistently confused expressions 😬
      Also Mehak and Shayan are so not a happening couple. Had the pairing been better, this track could have been so much intriguing and exciting.

  • The review is apt. But don’t you think that Mushk lacks some sort of finnese that a solid serial has otherwise. Some well written scenes are executed blandly and some dialogues are just too heavy handed according to the situation. Mehak’s track has dragged beyond redemption. Also please start reviewing Ghissi Pitti.

  • i’m sorry but i must have missed that second where Mehek looked happy because she is finally going to see her long lost husband but a good episode

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