Mushk Episode 4 Story Review – Thoroughly Entertaining

This was another engaging episode of Mushk which ended too quickly! The story is getting more interesting with every passing episode. The best thing about this drama is that the writer is not in a rush to tell the story, he is taking his time and is making sure that he keeps on giving the viewers something to look forward to every week. There is some important development or the other in every episode and other than one or two scenes which might seem unnecessarily long, all the other scenes are short and precise. While penning down such a script, it is really important that the writer keeps on revealing some minute detail in every episode otherwise it is frustrating waiting for the story to unravel.

It can safely be stated that Imran Ashraf has managed to do just that. It seems like Mushk is the kind of drama that will be holding the interest of the viewers for a long time mainly because of its solid plot and characters. Tonight’s episode of Mushk was exciting and just like every week waiting another week to watch the next episode will be tough! The kidnapping scene seems was a bad dream and nothing more. Although I was looking forward to watching how the story will progress if Mehak’s child is kidnapped, I am glad that the story didn’t take such a dark turn this soon. It was really intelligent of the editing team to add this scene to the promo of this episode, they had me convinced completely!

Guddi’s Backstory

All of us have been waiting to find out more about Guddi’s backstory and a lot of what was shown tonight centered around her. Although there are still so many questions that remain unanswered, there were many which were answered in this episode. Most of us were wondering why Mehak could not recall Guddi’s name even though she had known her for a long time. Well, as it turns out, Mehak was foolish and desperate enough to trust a complete stranger with her secret. Mehak’s desperation made perfect sense and her story also suggested that her grandfather trusted her completely. If her visa had not expired, she could have stayed on longer but had to eventually come back home. This scene in which Mehak told Adam her story was slightly stretched especially considering the circumstances.

Mushk Episode 4 Story Review - Thoroughly Entertaining

Guddi was hiding from the police when she met Mehak which makes her story even more interesting. For the first time Guddi’s character came across as shady, something that added to my excitement but this was the first time that I felt she could have done something extreme and would do it again to get the money her mother is so desperately in need of. She always came across as selfish and reckless but her conversations with her mother suggested that Guddi was not doing any of this for herself. You would think that someone like Guddi will probably never go the extra mile to help anyone out but that is not the case. At the same time, while interacting with Mehak in the past and even tonight she came across as extremely insensitive, to say the least. She has not been answering Mehak’s calls ever since she was thrown out of the haveli and was actually amused to hear her message. Urwa Hocane’s portrayal has been faultless as well which definitely adds to the appeal this character has. Even though Guddi has quite a few traits which are not the least bit likable, I find myself looking forward to her scenes.

Adam Finds Out The Truth

We had seen a very gentle side of Adam’s character till now but tonight his interaction with Zulekha showed that he was completely capable of putting his foot down if needed. He was shocked and of course upset when he found out the truth but at the same time, he was practical and willing to help. Mehak has a strong ally by her side now even though it will be tormenting for Adam to give her the kind of support she needs. Adam’s prayers have been heard but not in the way he would have wanted. Mehak needs him but in a completely different manner. Imran Ashraf completely owns his character, he has definitely worked on his dialogue delivery in order to ensure that Adam’s way of talking is different from all the other characters played by him. While he has been really convincing as the die-hard romantic, he was equally convincing tonight as the man who wouldn’t allow anyone to stand in his way. Just like all the other characters in the story, Adam also has different shades to his personality. Even though Adam is a likable person so far, we don’t know enough about his character even now.

Mushk Episode 4 Story Review - Thoroughly Entertaining

The opening scene of this episode revealed the identity of the girl who was caught by the police. The reaction of the police officer came as a pleasant surprise since this was a good way of showing the kind of respect Malik Noor-ud-Din had earned over the years.

Mushk Episode 4 Story Review - Thoroughly Entertaining

Final Remarks

Mushk continues to intrigue, engage, and excite. I am waiting to find out how this revelation actually affects Adam since in this episode we were not shown how he felt since he was completely focused on helping Mehak. It is good to see a man being hopelessly and unconditionally in love with a woman. I am definitely looking forward to finding out how this love story is taken forward in the upcoming weeks. All the tracks in the story are equally interesting since every character has a solid backstory which gives these characters a definite personality. Mushk has the perfect pace and storyline, it also has some really impressive performances to its credit.

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Fatima Awan

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  • What an episode and an equally amazing review. I don’t remember the last time a drama got me so excited. I have refreshed this page so many times to read your review and it is finally here. Me too, love Urwa’s performance but not sure how I feel about Guddi. You know this is the beauty of a well written script you find yourself loving and hating the characters at the same time. You must feel so happy reviewing this drama after reviewing sabaat. They are poles apart. I didn’t know Imran Ashraf could write so well. Now I will watch Tabeer. Have you watched it? Imran Ashraf’s style in this drama is out of this world.
    Thank you for this timely and accurate analysis. Keep rocking.

    • Tabeer was Ok in start 12 episodes but it definetely picked up pace and was so good! It was nominated in HUM AWARDS! Eventually Fatima stopped reviewing it after episode 12 but Drama 12 ke baad hi acha hua tha! Lol

    • I have watched Tabeer and can say that it is a decent watch. Though the story-line is quite predictable, the dialogues and execution makes it a good watch and yes, the drama takes a while to pick up so could be slow in the beginning.

    • Thank you so much for your continuous support and love Hamnah, it means a lot to me. I also look forward to your feedback. So true about the characters, so many layers and such interesting backstories. It seems like Imran Ashraf thought this one through! I haven’t watched Tabeer but I remember my mother in law and the entire family was hooked to it.

      You’re most welcome. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I started watching it after reading your review last week and I must thank you. I didn’t like the first episode and wouldn’t have watched the second and third and now fourth if I had not read your review. It is certainly a drama which gets better every week & that is always a good sign. A lot of talented people involved, love the outcome. Thank you for these honest reviews.

    • You’re most welcome Jamshed. I must thank you for having faith in the reviews and giving this one another chance. I agree with you, it is getting more interesting with every passing week. You’re most welcome, I appreciate your feedback.

  • I don’t why per mujhey is dramay ka naam sun kar gussa aata hai. May be MBs ki wajah sey 🤣🤣😂

  • Loved the episode and nice review! Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane were as always brilliant. MOMAL sheikh is also convincing so as Osama Tahir. I am intrigued why Police was looking for Guddi. So many mysteries were unfolded but saath hi saath
    بہت سی گرہیں باندھ دیں!
    Sohail Sameer Track and Saqib’s track! I think drama will be best drama of 2020. It has the potential. What do you think About that?

    • Thank you so much Mariam for liking the reviews and for sharing your views here. Oh yes! Absolutely, so much to look forward to. Sohail Sameer has been performing brilliantly too, I am sure his character will also have an interesting backstory, waiting to find out more about it. I really hope it continues to be this exciting and enticing then surely it will be.

  • I always watch Mushk when I am free and not distracted because otherwise even if you miss a single scene then you do not get what really happened. Fatima your review of this episode helped me understand some scenes which I did not get. Thank you for that. Your take on Guddi’s character also helped me know her character better. Keep writing these wonderful reviews.

    • Yes, that is the only way to watch this one. I actually watched this episode twice before reviewing it! You’re most welcome Javeria, thanks a ton for the appreciation. I intend to ;)

  • Assalamualaikum Fatima. Such a great episode and a wonderful review you wrote. I’m very impressed about Imran Ashraf’s writing style, like the way he has written every character with a lot of thought and clarity. I love the fact that this drama has so many twists and turns in every episode, it makes the audience more excited to find out what happens next. I am really looking forward to what Guddi’s backstory is as the episodes unfold, Urwa’s acting has really impressed me. My prediction is that maybe she has done a crime or something (as the police were looking for her at the train station), got some money as her family desperately needs it, and then tagged along with Mehak to make it seem like she was with her all along. Again, very nice review. Keep it up.

    • Waelukum Asalam Marium, I am so glad that you are watching this one. Thank you for liking the reviews. Totally agree with you about Imran Ashraf’s writing style, so far the storyline is solid and well-thought-out. I loved Urwa in PNJG and Guddi’s character is somewhat the same, it has more layers, of course, therefore I am really happy she chose to play this role. I really like her dialogue delivery especially because she makes even the most verbose dialogues flow like normal speech.

      Yes, I also think she stole something perhaps or tried to, let’s see.

      Thank you again. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Brilliant episode once again! I must say I am thoroughly enjoying watching this drama. The surprise elements and the way the story is unfolding is the best part of this drama.

    Guddi’s character is the most interesting so far, as there is still a lot more to her which needs to be told. We’ve got to know very little about her and by showing police involved, the writer has only increased the mystery element. Urwa has caught Guddi’s demeanor perfectly and is superb in her portrayal! However, the way Mehak ended up in Karachi, she didn’t look like she was returning from the UK. But this is something which can easily be ignored. Also, I agree, the scene where Mehak tells everything to Adam was a bit too long given the situation. I was wondering why Mehak is not talking to Guddi herself on phone to stop her, but that was answered few scenes later when they showed Guddi’s attitude and that she’s ignoring Mehak’s calls.

    I still didn’t understand who that girl in police custody was. Who are her parents. Also, Adam…..does he not have anyone else in his family apart from his sister. Is he just Mehak’s neighbor or are they related. There is still a lot more to be revealed and the way Imran Ashraf is revealing things one by one in every episode, makes it very interesting.

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