Mushk Episode 5 Story Review – Continues To Impress

Mushk continues to be a thoroughly entertaining play with the most appealing characters. Tonight’s episode belonged to Guddi and Adam, through this first meeting the writer intelligently revealed more about Guddi and even Adam! Their dialogues were really well written, they were meaningful and interesting. The multiple tracks in the story are interlinked, an aspect that makes all these tracks even more interesting. As the story is progressing, my fascination with the characters is growing. It is always refreshing watching a drama with grey characters with such intense internal struggles. I am so glad that Imran Ashraf did not play it safe while penning down these characters. The fact that all these characters are lead by their own desires more than anything else and are not seen ‘pleading their case’ makes them highly unpredictable as well as easy to connect to. The story flows smoothly because of this reason. Their backgrounds, flaws, vulnerabilities, and goals make these characters wholesome. Urwa Hocane’s outstanding performance makes her scenes an absolute treat to watch even though Guddi is clearly a manipulative con artist. Imran Ashraf has brought out the different shades of Adam’s character faultlessly on screen. I couldn’t help noticing the beautiful windy weather and the cloudy sky which set the perfect background for this unusual union between Guddi and Adam.

Latest Developments

Shayan’s sister was introduced in this episode and as it turns out, she has no clue that her brother is being held captive by the mamu she so adores! Even though Muqaddar Khan is ruthless, he does not use force where it is not needed. He showed affection towards his niece and she clearly trusts him a lot which basically shows that he proceeds in a tactful manner. He has allied with Shayan’s brother-in-law to put more pressure on him. The ‘politics’ within these families make their tracks even more interesting. There is always some surprise or the other in store.

Mushk Episode 5 Story Review - Continues To Impress

Guddi did not hold back while narrating her story to Adam perhaps because she wanted him to know that she was capable of doing whatever it took to get what she needed/wanted. I actually liked her unapologetic attitude until she made some remarks again which suggested that she was capable of being heartless as well. As was evident from the flashback scene in the previous episode, Guddi indeed had done much more than just stealing in order to meet the demands of her family. The way she analyzed Adam’s personality was really amusing. She was partially right as well, Adam is not as seedha as he seemed to be at first. He also tried to manipulate her into staying but Guddi, it seems, wants more now that she knows that Adam will do anything to get her back. One thing is for sure both of these characters have certain similarities already! They have strong nerves and are really focused, none of them was willing to give up but in the end, it seemed like Guddi was the one who would have the final word. I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching such a long first meeting so much. The transition of the scenes throughout made this episode more engaging.

Mushk Episode 5 Story Review - Continues To Impress

There were instances when it seemed like Guddi was flirting with Adam. Adam on the other hand was too caught up with the challenging task to even think about his own loss. This meeting and the changing moods of both these characters made this episode one which I will be watching once more. Mehak has been well established as someone who does not have the confidence to stand up for herself or even her child, she needs someone’s assistance to get her through. Her character isn’t the most appealing one but it makes perfect sense. Watching her blame herself for letting Guddi take away her child made her situation even more relatable. She is fully conscious of her weaknesses but she does not have the confidence to do what needs to be done in order to overcome these weaknesses. Imran Ashraf has made sure that just like all the other characters, Mehak’s frame of mind is also easy to understand.

Mushk Episode 5 Story Review - Continues To Impress

The way dada dealt with the situation was also refreshing! He proved his wisdom and took charge without causing any trouble. Qutbuddin’s dialogues were hilarious, his fixation with politics is amusing! It is rarely ever that every single character in a drama has this kind of presence. All of them add something to the story and have some role or the other to play.

Sohail Sameer’s character as it turned out was Muqaddar Khan’s wife’s love interest. I am waiting to find out more about him and also want to see how the wife reacts when she finds out that her husband is keeping him captive.

Final Remarks

Mushk is definitely a must-watch for all those viewers who enjoy watching unusual and appealing characters on screen. The story has a lot to offer and every episode gives you so much to look forward to. Every single scene in this episode added something to the story or revealed something about the characters. Most of the performances continue to impress. Apart from Urwa Hocane and Imran Ashraf, Zara Tareen’s performance stands out more than any other.

Which was your favorite dialogue from this recent episode? Share your views in the comments section.

Fatima Awan

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  • Kya kiya jaaye jee, dekhlon yeh drama aapi mbs bacha key ya makhan laga key πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  • Fantastic review Fatima. There were so many good dialogues I could write all of them here. I also noticed the background. Perfect weather for the perfect evening. What amazing acting by so many of these actor but for sure Urwa and Imran were fabulous. It is really hard waiting a whole week to witness what unfolds. this is the onky drama I wait for nowadays. Good work team Mushk. Fatima I am so happy you are reviewing this drama because you notice every detail. I wait for your reviews after watching a new episode. Stay blessed

    • Thank you so much Aisha for your kind words. I am also glad that I took it up, I am enjoying watching and reviewing it. I look forward to your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Fatima Ji,
    Your review as always is brilliant…. Well written.
    Mushk reminds me of the dramas of the bygone era…. Samundar and Waaris…… The screenplay, dialogues, the actors and the suspense…… A mixed bag of goodies……

    Let us all hope the Extra Constitutional Office of PEMRA does not end up playing the role of the Villan. Do they ever realise the effort put in by the actors, technical staff and spot boys to give us an hour of entertainment, solace and world peace…….

    I have been reading the comments made by many in this group….. enjoy reading them always…..

    Looking forward to your reviews Fatima Ji. Thank you so much, keep reviewing…. Ketan

    • Thank you so much, Ketan. I am glad you are watching one of the dramas I am reviewing, I enjoy reading your comments. Yes, it is all that, truly refreshing and thoroughly entertaining.

      True Ketan! I feel most of these decisions are made based on ‘popular opinion’ and no one in PEMRA is actually watching these shows.

      You’re most welcome. I will wait for your feedback too.

  • Assalamualaikum Fatima. Great work! Your reviews are always really detailed and organized. I really really love this drama. The first reason being that it is not like the usual dramas we have seen like saas bahu, or more recently sister rivalry stories. It’s a unique story with no loopholes, great characters who have different layers and characteristics, and on top of that great acting, direction, and writing. I am especially very surprised by Aehsun Talish’s direction, because if you remember Ye Dil Mera (although the acting and writing were both fabulous), the direction had a lot of jumps and some cut out scenes that could have made the drama gell well together. Thank god that is not the case in Mushk, as everything is really crisp and clear. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Once again, keep up the great work.

    • Waelukum Asalam Marium, thank you so much for liking the review and commenting. Yes, thank God! so far Aehsun Talish’s direction is on point. Totally agree with you, I am glad we are getting to watch something different on TV.

      Thanks a lot.

  • Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!! Loved the way the story is unfolding. Imran Ashraf has done a really good job with writing this one. Needless to say, the direction has been good as well and the performances have been top notch!

    Guddi’s character is really interesting and so is Adam’s. Guddi knows that she has an upper hand in this situation and is trying to make the most out of it. Loved the location and the windy weather as well, it made the perfect weather for such a situation. Guddi’s conversation with her family also suggests that her potential has somehow been exploited by them for money.

    The director cleverly ends the episode at a high point which keeps the viewers waiting for the next one already, and the preview of the next episode makes it all the more interesting!

    There were several dialogues that were on point and very well written but my favorite was the one that Imran Ashraf shared on his instagram post:

    Shakal se tez aur dhokhebaaz nazar aane wale log to bechare hote hain….isse pehle ke unko mauka mile, mauka dene wala unki shakal se darr kar mauka mutthi mein daboch leta hai….un becharo ka to sach bhi kaudiyo ka hota hai…ye to tum jaise, masoom aankho wale, naram lehje wale log hote hain…jo gardan bhi uda dein to pata hi na chale….

    Urwa delivered it in the best way possible too! I’m saying it again, she has caught Guddi’s demeanor perfectly!

  • Sun kar wo afsos kahan hota hei jo seh kar hota hei. Amazing dialogues. Totally agree with you Fatima, Guddi and Adam’s meeting was so dreamy and meaningful that we will remember it for a long time. It reminded me of scenes we watch in Hollywood movies. Imran Ashraf has written and acted perfectly. Urwa Hocane is impressing more as episodes go forward. Special thanks to you because I wouldn’t have watched this drama if I had not read your reviews. Your insights are spot on.

    • Yes, those dialogues and so many others were so impactful, loved them. I am so glad you decided to give it a go Kiran. Thanks a lot for having faith in the reviews. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Brilliant episode and worthy review. I have watched this episode twice. Fatima I am sure you will also watch it again. Mind blowing conversations. Excellent writing and acting.

  • Assalaam Aleikum Fatima,
    I usually find myself in agreement with your brilliant reviews but
    in my opinion, this episode really dragged and it felt like more of a filler than anything else. I hope that the drama picks up some steam. The endless negotiations were tedious!

    There are so many options but if this doesn’t pick up the pace , I will abandon it as I have done with “Saraab”.

  • Yar there are so many loopholes.
    I mean, who would be so dumb to trust a complete stranger with her secret let alone bring her home to cover her secret.
    Then that whole zalim mamun scenario. Forcing the marriage on the guy and then “jailing” him for not marrying his cousin? Unreal.
    Also the part where taai Amma tries to do suicide was such an exaggerated one. Unappealing at that!
    There’s no real feel to the scenes covering their “deals”. Taai’s so called “ego” can only be satisfied if she gets to insult guddi again and again. Ridiculous!

    • The writer has shown why. Everything makes sense. Forcing the marriage because there is inheritance involved, this happens a lot in feudal families. Girls are not married and men are married to such girls so that the family wealth does not go outside the family. Are you not familiar with the customs and traditions of these areas? Tayee is shallow, egoistic and bitter. What else can she do? It has been made clear that she derives pleasure out of other people’s pain even her own husband. All your questions have been answered in the drama.

  • Superb episode and review. All of us who are sick and tired of watching the same old story have at least one drama now which isn’t stereotypical in any way. My whole family is watching Mushk and loving it. My mother also reads your reviews. She is saying that you point out all the details so well. Love and blessings

  • Mushk is undoubtedly a good serial. Wasn’t expecting such good writing from Imran Ashraf. However i find it hilarious that after the drama made it to top trending videos, MD productions’ logo got bigger on screen. Production house is taking credit for a strong storyline. Imran Ashfar deserves the credit.

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