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Naml – An Overview

Naml is a popular novel written by Nemrah Ahmed and I personally wasn’t enticed by it because of the relationship complexities it revolved around. Finally high-five to all the Namlians I became a Namlian too just after forcing myself to read it whether I was getting the relationships or not but I must say the novel has great potential and it has some huge lessons to offer. At first it was hard to contemplate but soon it reveals itself and the pearls of wisdom just dropping by in each episode make you wonder and ponder about the characters and comprehend their emotional state. Every character in naml has depth in true sense. From time to time it becomes difficult to understand the character and their true intentions. Heads off to Nemrah Ahmed for such a delightful experience of true knowledge of Quran. May Allah Reward her. Murder! is the subject it mainly concerns but its Nemrah Ahmed so there are many different dimensions to it. Let’s have a look into the plenteous aspects it is manifesting:

1. Status:

The two blood relationship families have different status obviously we all know the ‘’Kardaars’’ the synonym is ‘’Kardashians’’ are having financially a great hold over others and their family could be appropriately awarded by a title as ‘’Evilish Kingdom’’ and the’’ Kings of the Devils’’ is none other than Hashim Kardaar. Although his personality in literal sense is impressive but he is pure evil.  I have a question for Hashim Kardaar (the Modern Firoun of this era):  ‘’kisi ka khoon kardenay kay baad ya kisi ko sakht aziyat denay kay baad ghareeboan main khaana bantwa lenay se zameer aur dil ki taskeen hojati hai?’’   

On the other hand we have Yusuf’s family belonging to middle class status are highly appreciable in sense of responsibility, family bonding and true concern for each other.  So the status rank depicts the true picture of our society where the murderers are not destined for punishment if they have an evilest mastermind Hashim Kardaar. Yes, the rich people have plenty of contacts and they can easily murder someone and even not feel guilty because they know how to and when to bribe people and set the ground for themselves. Yusuf’s family after losing Waris Ghazi are trying hard to punish the murderers in a tactful way , Saadi being the heart throb is not the same Saadi anymore and we lost our masoom Saadi and his only crime was taking action for justice.

2. Family Protection:  

Both families are trying hard to protect their families and they have justification for every action they take. I must say they are super smart in justifying their acts.  The only justification Kardaars have for their horrendous acts is family protection and same is the case with Yusuf’s family.  Here we have the wicked way and the right way to do it and is written magnificently.

3. Lesson For Girls Through Haneen:  

The best , No wait …not the best but one of the best part of this novel are the messages and great tafseer of Quran through which Haneen seeks guidance and heals herself so here comes the ways to get rid of Ishq that causes nothing but eats your soul and causes depression .Many different types of Ishq and Muhabbat are explained and even the word’’ ISHQ’’ is amazingly comprehended.  After Saadi’s tafseer of Quran, which broke off as he escaped from the imprisonment of Hashim, Haneen’s healing process takes over and this series of Quranic explanation is started again . The conversation between Haneen and Zumar showed that Zumar’s heart has started melting a bit slow but at least it has evoked.  A great way to manifest the importance of Salah and explaining it as a true means of connection with Allah and the part where the teacher explains each step pf Salah was very touchy.  I appreciate the writer’s effort in beautifully demonstrating every aspect of Salah so that the younger generation be inspired.

4. Bitter Experiences and Changes In Characters:

After reading the last two episodes the very prominent thing I conclude are the changes which took place in different characters of Naml, this mainly concerns the part where Saadi Logs in the Facebook account of her mother and finds that life has changed for everyone, each one of them have moved on and yet Saadi remains static but he himself has changed a lot. He is not that masoom this is what he thinks even after logically and evidently putting forth the idea of ‘Self-defense’. Saadi believes he is no more innocent. Well Saadi has changed now he plays mind games and trusts no one but that is fair enough of what he has gone through. Saadi’s condition is very sad as he had no food to eat for two days Zaalim Kardaars. Haneen is on her way of healing and Sheikh’s book is also helping her.  Osama has grown up and Faris Ghazi is afraid of turning into Atheist due to the wrong number that was fed into his head by Ahmer.  Ahmer internally I think is quite disturbed because he could now clearly see where the Kardaar’s are heeding him.  Zumar’s heart is started melting and I must say this month’s episode was a great emotional upheaval for her, she was hurt and broken.

5. Faris-Zumar-Aabdaar Triangle:  

Aabadaar is the older Baharay Gull from JKP, yeah shocking right but Nemrah Ahmed revealed that in Facebook as one of the smarties has guessed it right. So here we have Baharay Gull damaging the relationship of Faris and Zumar.I mean seriously!!!! She was masoom, mazhabi and pyaari and that’s not the action of such an innocent ‘’Surkh Gurya’’.  The work wife of Faris is definitely trying to become the original wife. That is quite weird to see Aabdaar but I think there is much more to her character and we might ( it’s a big might) like her.

Ending and Predictions: 

I was glad to see Naushervan going against her family maybe it’s the first step of their clash and now the unity of Kardaars is not the same anymore which is a good sign.  Sneak Peak and its guesses were out of question it was hard to guess.

Episode ended but what an end it was Zumar being crashed and torn apart by Aabdaar bibi out of jealousy and Faris was completely helpless.

The Questions that arise are:

1-Will Faris be able to locate Saadi before Hashim’s men?

2- Is Haneen completely healed or she needs something more?

3-Will Saadi’s self-deceptive assumptions would make him abandon her family forever?

4-Will Aabdaar be Saadi’s  heroine?( In JKP it was mentioned if I am not mistaken  Baharay was similar to Haya , Haya changed and so could Aabdaar).

5-Would Hashim ever change to good?

6-What was the adventurous thing that Faris will give to Aabdaar in return of her favour?  7-A Million Dollar Question….Will Faris be able to commit 3 murders ?


Share your thoughts and reviews regarding this episode and feel free to share your own guesses.

Asma Jamali 







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