Naml: Episode 11

For the episode, one word: Awesome!

For Kardaars, two words: موتو بغيىظكم (Die with your Anger!)

I personally think these words were better meant for Naushervan than any other Kardaar (Let’s call him Sheru from now onwards:-P). Oh, and one correction, the name is Naml not Namal, we pronounce it wrong :)

Boy, this novel is full of murdering lunatics! Eleven episodes have gone and we have seen 3 murders, one suicide and one murder attempt. Let’s see what we got to read in this episode.




This episode had (again) a lot to offer. Zumar and Faris have started their new life exactly as we expected. I had a funny image in my mind that Faris was trying to be as good a husband as Salaar Sikandar, and failed miserably, haha. Saadi finally got the concrete proof he needed against Hashim. By the way the recording pen thing was kind of obvious, how could Khawar and Hashim be such fools to not think that Saadi can be recording all this? True his phone was taken but there are numerous other gadgets that can be used for recording. Anyways, good work Saadi, we are proud of you!

Just as expected, Saadi was really hurt when he came to know about Haneen’s cheating scenario. Thank God it was handled wisely by Zumar. Sheru, being the idiot he is, tried to take things into his hands and shot Saadi. As a result of this, Hashim abducted Saadi from the hospital, and the Yousufs are now completely at a loss as to who shot him and where in the world is he now. It is a big relief that he is alive, but still his family doesn’t know that.

Pace (4.5 out of 5)

The story is running on a highway. We all knew something was going to happen to Saadi in this episode that is why I skimmed the parts of Zumar and Faris’s happily everafter to get to the main part. Sorry Nimra…

Anticipation (6 out of 5)

This whole episode was highly anticipated because of the teaser Nimra left for us regarding Saadi and the next episode is even more anticipated. Readers have questions buzzing in their heads as to who on earth was the person who saw Sheru shooting Saadi and whether Saadi had alerted someone before he came to that under-construction building? There must be someone who called the police or ambulance. One thing is certain though, Saadi put the video recording in his laptop and someone (Haneen most probably) will discover it.

Best Scenes

Although, the highlight of this episode was Saadi’s murder (attempted) and disappearance, personally, the best scene for me was the confrontation scene in Hashim’s office as it had a lot to offer. Hashim and Javahirat were apparently helpless in front of ‘becahara, masoom Saadi’ and don’t even get me started at Sheru’s woes, haha. By the way, I wasn’t expecting such insults from Saadi’s mouth about Sheru. But alas! Anger makes one do strange things.

As for the shooting scene, I don’t know why, but I feel sorrier for Sheru than Saadi. He has committed a hideous crime just out of jealousy. Just like Qabeel did to Habeel. Just like Iblees refused to prostrate before Adam. Both had done more harm to themselves than to others. By the way did anyone notice, the words Saadi spoke to Sheru were also the words of Habeel before death?

“Tum agar mujh par hath uthao ge, main tab bhi tum par hath nahi uthaoon ga”

What to Expect

The person bearing witness to Sheru shooting Saadi might be the pathan boy whom he met at the masjid in the previous episode. Zumar would have been a strong candidate too but she had no clue what was happening. What about ‘main tumhari keeper hoon’ dialogue? Anyways, Now that Saadi is out of sight, I have my faith on Haneen to uncover the truth and Zumar to take action on it. Things are going to be much more intense and I have a hunch Sheru’s guilt will get the better of him and he will blurt his confession just as he did in front of Hashim. Faris is proving to be pretty dormant; he has yet to play his role too. Next episode may also have progress in Javahirat’s guilt and the Kardaars will eventually collapse from within before anyone confronts them.

That was a crude review from my side. Do have your say in the comments, as no review is complete without your comments :)

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