Naml – Episode 12

So we have the 12th episode of Naml in our hands. Personally, I think it was on the slower side and most of it was concerned with the aftermath of Saadi’s abduction. Nonetheless, it had many new developments & revelations to offer.



Now that Saadi is missing, the main concern of the Yousufs and Ghazis are his whereabouts and well-being. Zumar being a strong woman has shown her strength and (as expected) did not resolve to cry hopelessly rather decided to track the incident. Faris has his own share of love for Saadi and offered to help Zumar, which she accepted reluctantly. Faris and Zumar make Baray Abba, his servant Sadaqat, Nudrat , Haneen and Sam to move to their house for safety reasons. Needless to say is that each family member is shocked and full of sorrow on this incident.

As expected, the CCTV footages of the hospital are tampered with the involvement of security and police. One bait, a thug named Niaz Baig was used for distracting from the right course, but Zumar with her cunning and Faris with his skills see to it.

Meanwhile, Saadi is kept safe and healthy (yet confined) in a hospital somewhere with Mary Angio on the watch. He recites Quran there and understands that he has done some mistakes due to which he needs to suffer here. He confesses in his mind that he should not have gone to meet Hashim and co. without telling anybody and that he has given the pen camera to someone not worthy. There is a young lady doctor who has soft corner for Saadi, hopefully she might be able to help him.

Haneen is frustrated and has shut herself up in her room. A dangerous development is that she is getting involved with Hashim as a consolation. She revisits the Shaikh again who teaches her to strive and make dua simultaneously.

The biggest blast came right at the end where we got to know who the witness was. It was Dr. Sarah Ghazi. Apparently she does not have courage to stand up and claim Saadi’s blood to the Kardaars.

Character Development

Zumar and Faris:

Zumar can be unreasonably stubborn sometimes but she has a brain and she knows how to use it. Instead of falling for Hashim’s bait she devised her own plan of action and is being successful up till now. It came as a relief when she decided to work along with Faris (knowing his ‘skill’ J ) and put aside her own animosity for her beloved nephew. Faris on the other hand is being the man-of-the-house for the Yousufs. Despite his crude ways, he loves Zumar and Saadi very much and is helping execute Zumar’s plans.

I loved the way both Zumar and Faris shut Hashim up when he tried to be a ‘bee jamalo’ again. I must say, their marriage was done at just the right time and now we see a deadly combination in these two.

Haneen Yousuf:

I had (and still have) a lot of hope from Haneen but she is going completely in the wrong direction. Her snide comments on Zumar are unreasonable, when she herself is doing nothing in her power to track her brother. We all know that there is a powerful clue in Saadi’s laptop so it got a bit frustrating when she refused to crack the code. Her crush towards Hashim is increasing day-by-day which is a sign of danger for the Yousufs. Ok, Hashim might be a prince charming, but at least you can use your own brain (girl you are a super genious!!) to smell something fishy. The memory of Saadi calling out ‘O, my two prison-mates’ was really touching, and might click something in her mind later. By the way I loved the term Quran Crazy :-D.

Hashim Kardaar:

This man is a smooth criminal. He really loves Saadi just as Firaun loved Hazrat Moosa (A.S) as a brother but has too much at stake to let him go. But he does have guilt in his heart, unlike Sheru (his looser of a brother) who is still envious of Saadi. I was impressed when Hashim quickly made a story to shake his secretary Haleema’s concerns. But he has to do some serious effort from hiding this all from his mother, who is a cunning witch herself.

The Witness

I confess, I totally did not expect Sarah to be the witness. Exactly how and why she came to that place is a mystery. It is a mark of her cowardice that despite liking Saadi and despite knowing that it was Hashim who got her husband murdered, she is not willing to do anything about it. It is really frustrating for us that despite having a concrete proof in the hands of someone we can trust, Saadi and his whole family are suffering. Why on earth did Saadi choose her to give the pen camera to? It could have been Zumar, she would have believed in Faris’s innocence too. Well, we know that it was a wrong choice but Saadi might have his own reasons.

It is also possible thought that Sarah does not have the pen camera. Saadi could have given it to Ahmar or someone else. Saadi recalled that he gave the pen camera to a ‘ghalat shakhs’. We all know Ahmar is no angel. It is also possible that it was left for Haneen. She does not use gadgets anymore, so Saadi might have thought she was a wrong choice.

What to Expect

The list of Kardaar family’s unpunished crimes is getting longer and longer. It is only a matter of time when this house of cards will fall. We can definitely expect something from Mary Angio, both she and Saadi can put two and two together for Aurangzeb’s murder. I have a feeling that Ahmar may play a vital role in #SavingSaadi.

All in all, the story is moving in a very engaging way and the readers cannot help to wait eagerly for the next installment.

I would give this episode a rating of 4 out of 5; please share your own take on it in the comments J



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