Naml: Episode 13

Alright then, number 13 is out and it has got to be the best episode yet!! Brilliant story-telling and awesome execution of the plot. Every page of Naml keeps you hooked to it. The episode was titled “Man khisht ba Malika daad’, meaning ‘I gave the queen a diamond’.



We witnessed some solid developments in this episode, starting off with Dr. Sarah Ghazi’s account of attack on Saadi. Saadi calls her to the family function at ‘Foodily Everafter’ to secretly pass the sole evidence he had against the Kardaars. She however, excuses from attending the function and they arrange to meet in the under-construction building. Unfortunately, due to Sheru’s stunt, she loses her pouch there (she was watching from the rooftop of the neighbouring under-construction building). She cannot muster enough courage to attack Sheru but makes sure that Saadi gets medical attention. She recovers her valuables from her pouch but the diamond shaped key-ring was missing (which had the pen camera attached to it). She abandons hope and decides to stay quiet for her daughters’ safety. By the way, later on we get to know that Gul Khan possess that key-ring and pen now.

Haneen gullibly tells Hashim that Zumar wants her to crack open Saadi’s laptop and the corrupted files in the USB. Hashim, possessing the devil’s brains, puts two and two together and asks Haneen to give him the files in the flash drive because they were his. Haneen does not however give him the correct USB (thanks a million) because it was Saadi’s.

Zumar is warming up to Faris but there is something about his attitude that pins her. She gets to know that Faris was the one who gave her the nose-pin and they have a fight over it. Faris angry (and embarrassed, because their voices carried over to the whole family), leaves the house. Nudrat gets very angry at Zumar and says things that hurt her so much that she leaves house. Faris is called back by Haneen and he finds Zumar sitting in the jungle-y area near their house, bruised and heart-broken. He comforts her, telling her about Nudrat’s bad experience with the house. Nudrat had apparently had to live in this house once before, when Zumar’s mom ousted her from her from her house. Zumar softens up to him because of his kind words and his first-aid for her bruised toe.

Another major development was when Zumar finds photos of herself and Zartasha just after the attack on them in Saadi’s laptop. She asks Ahmer’s expert opinion on this who downright rejects that these could have been taken by Faris. But he agrees that Faris must be the one shooting her. Zumar hires him to find out about how and by whom were these pictures taken.

As for Saadi, he gets to know that he is in India. Being brought their illegally and having worked for NESCOM, Pakistan, he cannot run away. He recites the Qur’an again, reading the Ayahs about the queen ant in Surah Naml. Suddenly, the holy book is snatched from him and he is injected with a paralysing serum. Hashim Kardaar comes into the room with all his glamour and infuriates Saadi by telling and showing in pictures that his family has forgotten him and is in Hashim’s control. He also says things about Haneen that are ultra-cheap and asks Saadi to work from him because he does not have any other choice (really Hashim??).

Meanwhile, Zumar, in her attempt to understand Faris, tries to open his secret room in the basement. Faris immediately confronts her and scares her off. She does not give up though, and later on convinces him to open the door for her. Faris opens the door and the episode ends (*sigh*).

Character Development


Dr. Sarah Ghazi

I know it’s hard to for us readers to connect with her cowardice but she does represent a mentality in our society. She does however vent her rage a little by ill-wishing for the culprit’s children at Hashim’s face. The writer has given us many strong female characters in this novel, Zumar, Haneen, Javahirat, but this one represents a typical overly-cautious mother who cannot even stand as a witness for an innocent boy’s murder. Or even avenge her husband’s murder.

Zumar & Faris

Ok, there is something fishy about Faris now. He is presented as the mystery guy in this episode. What is in that room that he hides from everyone? His former wife’s relics? Proof of her love for Zumar? Some clues he has against Kardaars? Or was he actually involved in attacking Zumar?? And what is the origin of his middle name Taheer? As far as I know it has Arabic orgins, but does it connect in some way to Persian as well? Only time will tell. As for Zumar, she has finally decided to investigate the unknown about Faris Taheer Ghazi. I liked how she was shown to crack up when Nudrat yelled at her. This showed a more eastern-woman side of our Ms. Attitude.


For the first time in the past 3 months, Haneen showed some sense. She did not go to meet Hashim at night and is not willing to trust him blindly either. At least, she is putting her beloved brother’s possession near and dear. She has also cracked Saadi’s laptop for Zumar.


How can anyone be so cunning, cruel and heartless at the same time? Although, every piece of the Kardaar clan is a masterpiece in evil, but Hashim Kardaar is indeed the devil himself. We had correctly guessed that he must have been unaware of Haneen’s crush on him, but to use it against an already helpless brother? That is taking evil to a whole new level.

The New Entries

We get to know about a mystery guy Haroon Ubaid. So far we only know that he is a corrupt politician, had a Persian mother, has been friends with Javahirat Kardaar (sends her diamond necklace) and has hired Ahmar to run his campaign. Another new entry mentioned was of Mrs. Touqeer Bukhari. Apparently, she is also someone to look out for.

Quality Rating

The episode was fast paced, so I would give 5 out of 5. Overall, the scenes kept relating to the title mentioning a queen and a diamond. It was well-thought and brilliantly put together. An overall score of 4.5 would be appropriate.

Do share your own rating and reviews about this episode.

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P.S. I deliberately left out Sheru’s discussion :-P He is such a waste-of-space.


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