Naml: Episode 16

After much anticipation and a longer-than-usual wait, Naml is back with its sixteenth instalment. Need I to remind you that I got mesmerized by it again? I don’t think so :)



So here’s a summary

  • Zumar’s adopted kidney is failing and she is in a desperate need of another kidney donor. She obviously doesn’t want any other family member to sacrifice for her and decides to hide this from all of them.
  • Aabdar interviews a person having gone through Near Death Experience (NDE), which apparently is her on-going project.
  • Shehreen tries to get a confession out of Hashim about the assault on Saadi. Hashim (tactfully) dodges her and keeps her on her place.
  • Haneen visits the Sheikh again in pursuit of a remedy for her Marz-e-Mustamir (chronic illness). The Sheikh suggests that the first line of action is lowering your gaze (as suggested in Surah Noor for both men and women).
  • Saadi and Maryangio have a chat. She confides in him (reluctantly) that she has been pondering over the oddly rude behaviour of Javahirat towards her, especially the way she threw her out of the house after Aurangzeb’s death.
  • Justice Sikandar wonders who might be Saadi’s lawyer (who leaked Sikandar’s video) in his meeting with Hashim and Khawar. Hashim is of the opinion that this all is Faris’s doing. Khawar seeks permission to interrogate Saadi which Hashim gives but not willingly.
  • Haneen teaches her mother to blackmail Faris and Zumar into going to a family wedding together.
  • Saadi is collecting some small props for breaking open his prison door but is not much confident.
  • The Yousufs and Ghazis attend Eid-ul-Azha dinner at the Kardaar’s place. Zumar messages Haneen to bring the pen camera from home and they both get their family photos taken (courtesy of the Kardaars) posing a victory sign and holding the pen camera.
  • Aabdar crashes into a meeting of Haroon and Hashim and tricks them into confessing that they are the ones who have kept Saadi locked. She manages to take a promise from Hashim that she will be allowed to visit Saadi once for her project on NDE.
  • Khawar confronts Saadi in order to get his lawyer’s name and in doing so, tells him that Justice Sikandar’s video has been leaked. Saadi doesn’t tell him anything and taunts that however hard he may try, he would never become a Kardaar. Khawar leaves in rage and throws the Eid dinner pictures of Saadi’s family on his bed.
  • Aabdar meets Faris in her house when he comes to see Ahmar. Faris gets sceptical about her that she could be the eluding eye-witness.
  • Saadi recites Quran and reads the story of Sulaiman (A.S.), his servant hoopoe (hud-hud) and the queen of Saba. He gets sad in thinking that he does not have a hud-hud who could deliver messages from his family. He quits dua and opens the envelope with his family’s pictures in it. He now notices the one of Zumar and Haneen with the pen-camera. He realizes that it was these two who leaked Justice Sikandar’s video and gets amazed (once again) by the ways Allah helps his servants. Zumar knowingly did this becase she knew they would be sending these pictures to Saadi.
  • Zumar and Haneen track down the possible country where they could have kept Saadi. With Haneen’s hacking ability, Zumar’s convincing powers and their brains combined they finally pick the most likely place for Saadi’s captivity: Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Aabdar remembers that the first time she saw Saadi was in their university. It was the time when Sheru was beaten up and Saadi was counselling one of his teachers who was infertile. All three of them were sitting in the cafeteria. The way Saadi counselled his teacher caught Aabdar’s attention and she got really impressed.
  • Faris goes on to destroy A. S. P. Sarmad Shah’s reputation in his own family party. But as soon as he realizes that the function was Shah’s son’s birthday party, he decides not to do this. Apparently he doesn’t want a father being humiliated in front of his son just like his own dad was humiliated in his eyes.
  • Guilt is settling inside Sheru now. He accidentally kills a pet dog and gets extremely spooked by its dead body.
  • Haneen is unable to retrieve the corrupted files. She decides to trick Khawar into telling her about the correct procedure using her superb acting skills. She gets what she wanted as Khawar unknowingly shows her what to do in such situation.
  • Faris and Zumar go to the wedding and they meet with Sarah and her daughter Amal there. Amal instantly gets to her Uncle Faris and complains that he doesn’t meet with them anymore. Zumar suddenly feels that she cannot sit through this wedding and asks Faris that they go somewhere else for dinner.
  • At dinner Zumar decides to tell Faris what she has been going through. But the discussion gets in the wrong direction and Faris tells her that he loves her but he has married her to see how she looks when she gets defeated. This breaks Zumar’s heart and she gets back to her former strict and reserved self.
  • Zumar, Faris, Haneen and Sam are in the house when police (lead by A. S. P. Sarmad Shah) bangs on the door to arrest Faris. Zumar, shocked, asks for arrest warrant. Faris is alleged with the murder of someone on the night 28th of August (the night Dr. Aiman’s hospital was burnt to ashes). Faris gets mad at Zumar, suspecting that this might be her doing. Hashim and Javahirat watch over contently from their balcony as Faris gets arrested.

Points to Ponder

  • We now come to know that Aabdar was not enagaged at the time they were studying in the university and it was definitely not her fiancé who beat Sheru up. Also, Saadi’s lack of interest in helping Sheru hints that he might be behind this. Does Saadi already know Aabdar? And who told Sheru that it was Adbdar’s fiancé who beat him?
  • Maryangio and Saadi are bonding now. They each have a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of Aurangzeb’s murder. It is only a matter of time before this loose cover by Javahirat blows up.
  • We never knew that Saadi also went through NDE. Apparently he doesn’t remember this either.
  • Why Oh Why we cannot have a misunderstanding-free relationship between Zumar and Faris?? I sure hope to see them together before I die (*sighs*).
  • Will Faris be the one who donates his kidney to Zumar? Or will Zumar not survive through this phase? I’m afraid I see more chance for the latter one:(
  • Well we have one good news now, that it is not India where Saadi is kept. This makes it easier for Saadi to escape. I am so rooting for Aabdar to help him in fleeing.
  • Faris is arrested again! Will he able to present an alibi for that night? I guess Zumar will be able to do something for her this time.

Best Scene

The best scene for me was the one in which Saadi counsels his teacher. It was a really heart touching way of giving hope to someone. No wonder Saadi got Aabdar’s attention. This might be another example of Saadi’s naiki coming back to him that Aabdar might be able to help him.

Quality Rating

The pace was a little slow and not much character development was there. But the overall quality has been maintained and anticipation has increased even further. I would score it with 4 out of 5.

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Eagerly waiting for the next installment,



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