Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 02!

Ohkay so, this episode gave us more insight into all the characters & so far I’m ticking all the boxes because they are taking the story forward in a very apt manner. The direction is superb & so is the acting of all the actors. There’s a lot more that the story has to offer & so far, they have been able to fabricate the curiosity which makes me look forward to it the most.

It was sheer brilliance how they showed that Shagufta’s father just exactly knew what was running through his daughter’s mind. Mostly that’s what usually mother’s are good at but just because Shagufta’s mother is no more, her father shares a different wavelength with his daughter that is why he could sense that there definitely was something odd about her behavior. Shagufta’s father may have given her the liberty to pursue her dreams but he in return expects her to respect his decisions, that is why he didn’t fancy the idea of Goshi visiting her class fellow because he is wise enough to understand that one thing leads to another & he wants to stop Goshi from taking that very first step.

I must say, so far, Ilyas has been my favorite character, not because he adds comedy & fun to the situation but because of his broad-mindedness & how he trusts his fiancée. I think it definitely is a plus point that he is open-minded enough to not feel odd that Goshi visited her class-fellow. The way he didn’t share that happening with his mother made me respect him even more because he knew exactly that his mother will find it odd too & might end up questioning Goshi, so he decided to keep the secret from her as he trusts Goshi enough to rather make a big deal out of the situation. I think loyalty is what he’s got & he is ready to extend it to Goshi, but only if she’d understand.

Right now, Goshi is in a confused state of mind. She is deliberately ignoring the niceness her fiancé embodies & is forcing herself to see the positivity in Shams that he hasn’t displayed in front of her. Ilyas & Shams are poles apart but Goshi is definitely drawn towards the bad guy, because right now he seems mysterious to her but still, she is finding that aspect of his personality quite charming. Goshi right now is being selfish because of all the people, Ilyas doesn’t deserve to be treated so badly. Goshi & Shams have become the class representatives, which means they will always stay in contact throughout that will evoke a few meaningful & mostly baseless conversations between the two of them. I think it has been made very clear that Goshi is the last person on Shams’s mind as he is too pre-occupied with his education, his career plans & his family pressures but Goshi is unable to see that & deep down she has a soft-corner for him despite being well-aware of the fact that he is involved in some shady business. I found it a bit odd that even after hearing it from Shams himself that he was responsible for the ruckus that was created at her father’s shop, Goshi chose to ignore it & look at him in an awe as if he was a big achiever & he did something commendable & respectful. After seeing how each & every family member treats her with so much love & respect, I so wish Goshi proves to be worthy of the affection she gets because right now, her stance states the otherwise.

It was definitely heartbreaking to see Goshi’s father shattered when he got to witness the candidness between Shams & Goshi in their college. It was like all the doubts in his mind got an answer & he found out the reason behind his daughter’s restlessness. The way Goshi flipped out upon being questioned about Shams definitely hinted that she was trying to avoid it & divert her father’s mind that is why in her defense she brought up the topic of the girl that came to meet Ilyas. She was being irrational that just because she doesn’t have a mother, she has to answer all the questions, but she was definitely missing out the point there. I think after the freedom her father has given to her, Goshi should understand that she actually is answerable to him & she can’t put him through such awkward situations time & again.

This episode marked the entry of a new character; Mariam (Mira Sethi), who showed up in response to the Kite challenge that Ilyas set for his competitors. I liked the conversation that Shagufta’s father & Mariam had, it made her look like a head-strong girl who is more or less similar to Goshi, who doesn’t believe in the social boundaries & believes in doing what she wants to. I am looking forward to what her character has to offer & how she will change the dynamics of the story.

Looks like Shams is getting pressurized by his Bhabhi to get married to Zareena. Even his brother wants it to happen but he is waiting for the right time as he knows Shams has other & important things to take care of first. The preview of the next episode suggested that they will go for an outing & that’s when Shams will get the chance to think about Goshi. Looks like Shams will protect her & that’s when Goshi will be convinced that he is the one who can save her during tough circumstances; the quality she has been searching for in her life-partner, which most certainly Ilyas doesn’t has. I find Goshi partially right that she yearns for a partner who can protect her but yes, her choices are not only questionable but wrong as well because she tried to justify Shams’ behavior by calling him a businessman whose only concern is power & yes, I think she is wrong as well for not giving a proper chance to Ilyas & for doubting him every single step of the way. She definitely is a complicated character & let’s see how her story unfolds. Overall, this episode was great too & I am definitely looking forward to the next one. I really like the sound of Punjabi in this drama & the way they have portrayed the life of Punjabis is commendable. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi.

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