Naml- Episode 29 ( End of Aabdaar Obaid)

Number 29 is out and it has to be the most emotional episode so far.Completion of Chapter “Aab-e-Zeedan” and a shocking beginning of “Shehmat” has turned it into the most gripping, interesting and captivating novel of this year. When we read novels we usually have a love story which leads the novel script and other characters just add up. Here the novel not only has the love part but also the crucial, sickening, devastating mindset and psychology of different characters have been sketched out flawlessly.

Zumar was rescued by Faris, so Faris Ghazi once again proved Hashim wrong and saved Zumar by manipulating Naushervan and even not feeling guilty about it. I felt Naushervan was scared and just like Saadi, Faris is also a master of manipulative talk. Tada….bechara Naushervan became the sacrificing sheep and Zumar was rescued. We don’t really care much for Naushervan as long as Zumar was saved we are done with this part.

Bidding Farewell to Aabi.Honestly, I felt for her although she was after Faris, She cunningly tried to trap him. She was jealous of Zumar, She changed her technique to approach Faris yet at the end she proved that she is more human than Kardaars and died without being neutral.

Haneen our hero- The true essence of Haneen’s character was beautifully written in that letter, every word of it gradually connecting with one another and thus forming compelling dialogues was full of wisdom and at the whole completing the whole journey of a girl who falls and rises again. Loved the fact that a girl was shown standing up again and accepting all that happened .Indeed, she is her own hero. As it is said “ We are at the end narrators of our life’s story”

A letter to Aabdaar Obaid

Assalam-o-alaikum Miss Red!

I hope you are fine, I am glad you didn’t die because of suicide but gone from this world as someone who dared to say the wrong, wrong. Whatever that ishq and muhabbat led you to do things which were out of your control and we hated you. We literally felt disgusted over what you did but at the end you won her heart. A girl who was shown used by her very own father and they way she was broken inside made her to look for someone who could fill that gap in her although she had Hashim but she fell for Fares. We will pray for you Aabdaar. You won her heart!

Rest in Peace,

Ahmer’s disappearance was made clear by the famous quote and he managed to escape from all the mess. Well let’s see if he bears the consequences of what he did to javahirat.

Surprise surprise…!!! I thought after knowing about the name of the murderer behind Hashim’s father death, Hashim will kill Javahirat but wohoooo he says he understands this!!! Really shocking but then A murderer can understand another murderer better..isn’t it ?

Hats off to Sheru and Hashim that they doubted Javahirat otherwise what a cunning women Aunty jewelry is …tauba tauba..
Haseena is a ghadaar !! I am feeling bad for doubting Sadaqat but Haseena is the real culprit along with that red scarf guy.

This episode was intensely captivating and I just can’t wait to read the last one.
What do you think about the latest development and what are your expectations about the last episode of Naml .

Asma Jamali

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