Sanam Episode 15 Review – Saday Teen Aurtain, Saday Teen Kahaniyaan!

Ohkay so, let me be completely honest with you guys, when the episode began I actually started liking what I was watching because the first half of the episode all of a sudden started making sense to me & I felt may be this was the time when Osman Khalid Butt took over the script as I remember someone told me that he was re-writing the last few episodes of Sanam to give a proper closure to everything, so I actually thought that may be this episode was written by him or something & I even thought that I will title this episode as ‘fairly decent’ but sense, logic & all that jazz was short-lived, rather it lived till the commercial break swooped in & ruined everything. The second half of the episode was not only nonsensical but it was so boring that comparatively looking at the ceiling of my humble abode seemed far more interesting than what was happening on my TV Screen!

Harib is not only a bechara but he is a poster child of ‘haye Allah Jee, mai kya karoon’, looks like this is Harib’s pet question where he keeps on repeating it as he is always just so clueless. I am wondering why aren’t all the parathas & that beautifully cooked food working for him because his mind seems to be shrinking with each passing episode. I have yet to see an episode where Harib took a stand & a clear one at that, because where Harib should have thrown Shehroz out of his life after how he created the situation to get Harib & Aila divorced, also how he created all the misunderstandings between them, we now see Harib seeking help & advice from the same Shehroz who himself is a patient suffering from short term memory loss, where he forgets who he was supporting just 5 minutes ago!

Anyways, in the initial part of the episode, I did understand Harib’s concerns & for that matter I felt that the build up was actually quite nice where Harib was confused & he was overthinking, as he was worried that people will once again misunderstand his concerns for Aan as his love for her & despite loving her, he didn’t want to validate the rumors that people were spreading about them as he also didn’t want to put a dent on Aan’s image. Even though I also believed that Harib should’ve told everything to Aan the moment he saw how she confronted Farhan for the way he mistreated Harib, but still I could understand Harib’s thought process because he was being way too cautious considering the fragility of Shabnam’s health. At that point I was like it is getting interesting that things are building up on the basis of assumptions & it will take one final conversation where Harib & Aan will spill the beans by telling each other what they feel about Farhan & this entire engagement scenario but that thing was brushed under the carpet as the writer all of a sudden remembered that she had an XS-sized Daadi Amman to take the story forward in the most hideous manner ever known to the drama buffs!

Just when the writers start relying heavily on the child artists or smally packaged Dadi Ammans, that’s when you know that the writer was touching new heights of desperation to make things work & to also stir the sympathy in the viewer’s hearts for all the characters in general. I don’t know about you guys & I am not sure about how Sara & her husband might be feeling, but I was yawning all this while when Fatima was being mentally & physically tortured by the writer because what Fatima did & said before meeting an accident was lame & boring!!!

I didn’t know that at such a young age, girls can become BBC Reporters & can do their job with so much of dedication & determination. Fatima ended up telling Aan & Harib everything that Nayla & Farhan said about them. Who said Fatima was bipolar or something, she is a genius kid blessed with a photographic memory because she not only reported everything to Harib & Aan but she repeated the exact words too. Once again, it’s time for my public service message where I will request the parents of this child artist to pay heed to the dialogues that their kid is being forced to say because it is seriously not good for a girl her age. Anyways, Fatima also got to hear everything from Aila, about how her mommy wasn’t interested in keeping Fatima because she was too desperate to rekindle an old affair, once again, cameraman Haseeb Hassan ke saath, news-reporter Fatima from Karachi reported every single little detail to her father in London. As if the writer wasn’t tired of using Fatima again & again & again that she ended up using her for the final blow, which was to bring Aan to a confrontational park & then to get her hit by a car, to drag the drama further.

Time for a public service message once again not to the child artist’s parents but to all the parents in general, please have a look at Fatima (the character) clearly & understand that this is how your daughters shouldn’t be. Fatima is a result of an epic parenting fail, she is a result of those shameful mothers who are not interested in their kids. Everything that happened with Fatima also sheds a light on how parents should always hold the hand of their kids while crossing the road because you never know when a driver will confuse them as a lifafa & run them over. Also, please make sure your kids don’t have an access to telephones because without you even knowing, they will end up broadcasting every single thing that happens behind your closed doors. Shurkiya!

Well well well, just when Harib was getting jabbed by the jeans-clad jealous ladies, there came dupatta-clad dukhyari Aan, who swooped into that conversation out of nowhere. I thought that entire conversation was happening between Aila, Sara & Harib where Aila was holding Sara responsible for getting divorced but then Aan came in & started reciting qaseedas of how masoom she is because she wears shalwar kameez, ties her hair in a braid & knows how to make parathas, andas & kababs. HUH! Pay heed to that Aila & Sara that Aan is nothing like you guys & she is better because the writer has shown her as your contrast & the writer is endorsing the clichés that duppattay wali, braid wali, 2 in 1 maasi aur bawarchan hi shadi material hoti hai!

Anyways, this episode was such a disappointment because it started off at such a strong note but ended up losing the plot completely. I hate the way Fatima’s character is being used to drag things further & to prove a point which is best known to the writer herself. Honestly speaking, I won’t be surprised if I see Sara turning Fatima’s accident into an opportunity to grow closer to Harib as she would seek more sympathy from him citing her emotional weakness as an excuse, because anything is possible in Sanam, since the writer has turned Harib into the most sought after bechara that every girl is dying to be with him. Even though I have said it a million times, I will say it once again, I hate the way Aila has been turned into a villain, whereas she was introduced as a girl with psychological issues. Please don’t tell me that the small-brained writer thinks all those who suffer from psychological disorders are actually psychotic. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this nonsensical episode of Sanam!

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