Naraz – Episode 5 – 6

The pace of the drama slowed down slightly in these two episodes but it still managed to hold my interest for a number of reasons. The first and the most important reason has to be the way the lead characters have been etched-out and the manner in which they have been translated on screen. Sara Khan and Faisal Qureshi both own their respective roles. You understand their characters and have absolutely no problem connecting to them. I must say that I am especially impressed by Sara Khan’s acting because it is not easy to grab the attention of the viewers when you are working with someone like Faysal Qureshi who has an incredible screen presence. The characters are different from what we see in dramas all the time – they are intelligent people with flaws who are caught in a difficult situation.

The presence of characters that add positivity to the drama is another aspect of this play which makes it different from many of the other dramas that are on air currently. Fariha’s parents’ attitude is a breath of fresh air. Unlike many other parents we see in dramas who are always worried about their daughters because they somehow or the other see them as a burden, these parents have faith in their daughter and are concerned for her and her husband’s well being. The reason they are looking out for their daughter is not because they are scared that if her marriage falls apart it will be a problem for them but it is because they love their daughter and want to do whatever they can to ensure her happiness.

Azlan’s character is very intriguing. Azlan is egoistic and no matter how worse his situation gets he cannot just change himself overnight. His attitude is wrong but that’s just who he is. There was a time when this confidence in his decisions earned him all the wealth he had but once his circumstances changed this aspect of his personality became his biggest obstacle. Azlan convinced himself to change but only when it was too late. When he had a job, he could not keep it and when he didn’t have the money to afford the apartment he refused to move out of it until he had absolutely no choice. When Azlan had enough money he considered it his responsibility to look after his family, to give them the very best and now that he cannot do that his ego won’t allow him to take favors from his in laws who he always looked down upon. Azlan has a lot of weaknesses but what I love about his character is that it is very real. He is not evil but he is just another person with a lot of flaws. When he was rich these flaws were easy to cover but now that his situation has changed these flaws are his biggest weakness. He did not plan to be in this situation and due to his nature he is having a very tough time adjusting to these changing circumstances.

Fariha, on the other hand has always been shown as someone who was practical. Fariha tried looking for practical solutions to the problems they were facing but Azlan’s “mein kuch krta hu” nature did not allow her to do much. Fariha’s decision to move to her parent’s house came only after she knew that Azlan was ignoring the obvious. She did not want to be forced out of the apartment therefore she moved out before the landlord came. Just like Azlan’s character, Fariha’s character is not perfect. Unlike many other perfect wives, we don’t see her putting up with everything silently. She tries her best to be there for her husband and keep things from falling apart but eventually she gets frustrated. While Sara Khan’s acting is flawless, I must say that like many other actresses she did not compromise on her looks! Fariha’s hairstyles and perfect make-up seems out of place considering the situation she is in. Sara Khan has a beautiful face and very pretty hair, even a soft blow dry and some foundations would do wonders for her. The curls and the heavy make-up is distracting to say the least.

Azlan’s friend Asad is another positive character in the play and he might have a bigger role to play in the story in the future. Ayesha’s character however is one which this drama could have done without.

These two episodes focused on how gradually Azlan and Fariha’s relations deteriorate mainly due to the clash in their personalities and Azlan’s failure to accept his situation. With the latest development regarding Fariha’s health, things will only get worse for Azlan and Fariha. This dramas shows how a man’s failure to accept his circumstances effects his entire life. It shows the struggle of a man who has always achieved what he desired but is now in a situation in which he is completely helpless. Overall, Naraz is different from rest of the dramas which are on air right now. It deals with marital problems but the fact that these marital problems are not saas bahu fights and the man for a change is the focus of attention too changes everything. Faysal Qureshi has brought out the best in his character; Azlan’s flaws are as clear as daylight but you can’t help but feel for and understand his character.

How many of you watched these two episodes? Do share your thoughts about them.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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