Nazr e Bad Episode 15 & 16 Review – Convincing Developments!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Nazr e Bad were quite interesting. It is commendable that they have so many aspects to cover in the drama that at this stage, the way they are revealing one thing after another is keeping the interest alive in the show. What I like the most about Nazr e Bad is how they have linked everything together, like one thing leads to another & everything falls in its right place. Nothing has been overdone so far & the pace of the show is great too.

So, once again Maham & Aftab’s relation was put through a test because Parvez directed all his evil energies towards them. Aftab realized his mistakes & promised to stand by Maham no matter what & for certain period of time, he proved that he was a man of his words but then, he was able to do that because at that point Parvez was busy focusing on other things, or shall I say that he was distracted, that is why Aftab & Maham got some days off from their problems, but sadly, everything was short-lived because once again Parvez decided to punish them for being together & he succeeded.

Abeera & Ahmer got a lot of coverage in these episodes. Abeera eloped with Ahmer & she took all the money that Parvez handed over to Almas. I am not feeling this entire Abeera Ahmer track but then again, it adds some sort of drama to the drama so it seems justified. To be honest, I find Abeera’s authoritativeness a bit too annoying. Well, the entire scene where Parvez spoke about how deprived he was all his life without money stirred zero sympathy for him but then it gave us an insight into his twisted psychology, personality & all those inferiority complexes that he has harbored over these years. All the things that Parvez said also shed a light on Almas’s upbringing because every single feeling that Parvez was giving words to seemed like a reflection of what Almas has felt & spoken about all her life. Almas was the one who always compared herself & her financial situation with Nusrat, therefore it was imperative for Parvez to absorb all of that & that is exactly why he has turned out to be a carbon copy of his mother because these are all the things that he saw his mother indulging into all his life. It is unfortunate that Parvez has an upper hand at this moment because I can’t wait to see how he & Almas will pay for their wrongdoings!

Salma puts me off big time, not the actress but the character but then again, it is because she is a perfect example of how most of the insecure mother in laws are who always play a double game where they’d taunt & torture their daughters in law but would change the entire scenario when confronted by their sons. Even though I find Aftab’s attitude quite annoying where he sides with his mother & holds Maham responsible for everything but then again, even he is not solely responsible for the way he reacts because he himself is under the influence of Parvez’s blackmagic.

I don’t think Nusrat made the right choice by choosing to stay with Almas, the woman she has hated her entire life & the woman she holds responsible for what she is going through right now. I really hope they don’t drag this scenario where Parvez & Almas will mistreat Nusrat & torture her even more. Even if Nusrat had to leave her brother’s place, she could have spoken to her eldest son Baber because he would’ve arranged everything for her as Shafeeq was also ready to take her responsibility knowing that he wronged her.

Parvez surely has earned himself a loyal client in the form of Aneesa Yazdani because he gave her what she wanted. I think this is another dark secret of the society that the team of Nazr e Bad has tried to unveil that in order to remain on the top, well-established businessmen/women also get involved in these filthy antics & use them as shortcuts. I think at this point, they should also show that some men also contacted Parvez to seek help through his expertise because yes, it is a fact that most of the times women get involved in these things but then again, there are quite a lot of men too who choose this path to achieve what they want.

I really hope that Parvez’s friend who gave her father’s office to him can at least try to help Maham or Nusrat by telling that everything that they are facing right now is because of Parvez because she knows what he is capable of & she also knows that he is after Maham right from the beginning. I so wanted Shahista to tell Nusrat about Parvez but now that she’s out of the picture, the only hope I have is with this girl who can tell on Parvez & get him exposed. Another crucial development this week was Almas’s developing interest in the black magic where she asked Parvez to teach her everything he knows, I can’t even begin to imagine how much destruction Almas will bring when she will form ties with Parvez & they both will become a team!

Overall, these two episodes were interesting & all the developments were convincing. I really wish they maintain the pace that they have kept so far because with Nusrat going to Parvez’s place, I am dreading that things might become a little slow & they might take a lot of time in reaching to the point where Nusrat will find out about Almas & Parvez’s ugly reality & her worst fears will be confirmed. I really wish someone had told Azfar Rehman that he was acting for a Television drama & not a Stage drama/theater because the way he speaks doesn’t seem realistic. Sarah Khan & Ali Abbas have done a great job too & Sakina Samo is so so so convincing as bitter, complexed, complicated & twisted Almas. I can’t wait for the next set of episodes already. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad!

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