Nazr e Bad Episode 17 & 18 – A Must Watch!

Ohkay so, I am so glad with the way the story of Nazr e Bad has unfolded so far. I can’t emphasize enough about how glad I am when it comes to the research that has gone into this project because so far what they are showing us is a true depiction of this subject. I must commend the writer & the director both for staying true to the topic & for bringing it to us in such a convincing manner. What I also love about Nazr e Bad is the fact that every set of episodes bring a lot of new developments with them & nothing seems repetitive or forced. It is quite interesting that they are showing what can be achieved by resorting to black magic & most importantly how, because the rituals that they have shown are enough to shake someone because in reality they are quite horrific & heinous. I really enjoy the pace of the drama but I really don’t want to say that again & again because I feel I might jinx it as HUM Tv Soaps tend to get a little stretched after a certain number of episodes, so I really wish that doesn’t turn out to be the case with Nazr e Bad.

So Abeera got married to Babar & with this, another plan of Parvez became successful because he wanted to bring more & more misery to Shafeeq & Nusrat’s already broken family. It is actually quite realistic how they have shown that Parvez has literally taken away everything from Shafeeq & Nusrat that they once used to have, their peace of mind, financial security & most importantly their bonding & relationship because this way, he is being able to bring more & more misery into their lives. Baber is married to Abeera, who was in love with Ahmer. Ahmer is unable to face his family especially Abeera because even he fell in love with her. Nusrat & Shafeeq got divorced, so Nusrat literally has nowhere to go. Shafeeq isn’t himself anymore & because of that he has committed such a huge mistake because of which he’ll not only lose his job but will become financially indebted too. Maham on the other hand is feeling the brunt of all of this & with that, she is also facing the issues with her husband & her in laws. The way they have built up the story to this point & are now portraying all the problems that Shafeeq’s entire family is facing is quite convincing because when these sort of energies take over, one thing after another starts to crumble & in the end you’re left with nothing. Shafeeq, Nusrat, Baber, Ahmer & Maham, all 5 of them are facing difficulties & are literally clueless about where they can start picking up the pieces from.

Looks like Almas’s family got to know about Maham’s pregnancy a bit too early because considering how Nusrat is so cautious & scared of Almas’s evil eye, she would’ve kept Maham’s pregnancy as a secret, so I am not sure how that news got to Humera who then informed Parvez about it. Even when Maham came to see Nusrat, Nusrat was adamant that Maham shouldn’t taste anything cooked by Almas for her so not sure why didn’t she keep the news of Maham’s pregnancy to herself? The moment Parvez found out about it, I did feel that he is going to make sure Maham loses her baby because that would serve as the final nail in the coffin & both Aftab & Maham would find it hard to start afresh & this is exactly what happened. Maham lost her calm & I am sure Salma would find this as a golden opportunity to throw Maham out of her house. Just because Salma was looking for a reason to prove that Maham wasn’t mentally stable, the way Maham reacted & will continue to react after the trauma that she has went through would make it easier for Salma to convince Aftab that Maham is not sane & he should leave her. Also, Aqmal & Aftab were shown to be worrying about their financial restraints that they were facing & even Aqmal generally discussed with his son that they never faced these sorts of difficulties before, so in the end Salma will once again find another excuse to put a blame on Maham that she is the reason behind all these problems that their family is facing. Everything is not only convincing & realistic but makes so much of sense that just because Parvez wants to ruin Maham & Aftab’s marriage, he is creating such circumstances where Maham will eventually be forced out of Aftab’s home!

So, Parvez decided to teach Almas all that he knows & looks like she is a perfect student that he could ever have because even Almas has brewed so much negativity in herself that she easily got hold of what Parvez taught her. I can’t begin to imagine the way she’d torture Nusrat because she has always hated her & now Almas feels empowered & is supposedly at a good place in her life so she is going to make the most of it. I still am not too sure why Nusrat is choosing to stay with Almas because with her son downstairs, she can easily live in a room there without bothering anyone & without facing her ex-husband Shafeeq. Looks like Shafeeq is now going to lose the job & he will be forced to pay those 25 lacs that he signed the check for.

I really hope Shazia’s character has more to offer than just to hover around Parvez like his well-wisher. Now with her sister getting terminally ill, she herself has seen how dire the situation can get, so I really wish after some time she finds the courage to contact & tell Maham everything that she knows about Parvez because Shazia is the only one who knows that Parvez is the reason why Maham lost her child. I am expecting this much of compassion & humanity from Shazia. Also, I really wish now that Nusrat is living in Almas’s home, she spots either Parvez or Almas performing black magic because no matter how cautious they’re going to be, if someone is sharing your roof, one way or the other they somehow get an idea of all the things that are happening in their surroundings because anyways Parvez doesn’t live in a 10 bedroom house, so Nusrat should easily find out the truth, this is something that I really wish isn’t dragged by the director or & the writer & they bring the story to this point soon enough.

Aneesa surely has a lot of faith on Parvez now & looks like she is ready to protect him in a way that no one can point a finger at him in regards to who is he & what his relation or connection with Aneesa is. Aneesa offering a job to Parvez was basically a well-thought move on her part where she knew that she couldn’t afford to lose a guy like Parvez who can do so much for her business. At this stage, I wouldn’t have found it odd if they had replaced Aneesa’s character with a male character too because in order to keep their businesses intact & prosperous, a lot of businessmen resort to the expertise of people like Parvez as well. I have found all the happenings quite convincing & like I have said before, I completely agree that women are more likely to get involved in these sort of things but to show that so far Parvez only has female clientele is taking it a bit too far, because I feel they could’ve easily maintained a balance by showing a male businessman in stead of Aneesa.

Overall, these two episodes of Nazr e Bad were quite interesting & every single week when the episodes end, I am left looking forward to more. So far, the story has been quite realistic & all the scenarios are quite believable. I must say what I truly appreciate is the fact how they have emphasized on the importance of Namaz/Obligatory Prayers & The Holy Quran, like they have time & again showed that Maham’s husband & her mother remind her to offer prayers thinking it will being some mental peace to her. It is quite nice that they have tried to show that holding onto these things is equally important too. This week around I found Azfar Rehman’s acting quite effortless. I must say Sakina Samo takes the crown for playing Almas’s character to perfection, her body language, her attitude, her expressions, everything tells a tale of how miserable & bitter she is as a woman & now that she has found a lot of power, she is ready to exploit it. Sara Khan was quite convincing as Maham, she actually did showcase Maham’s ordeals & sufferings phenomenally. The supporting cast of this drama has done a great job as well. Week after week, team of Nazr e Bad proves how much hard work they have put into this project & how much they want people to learn from what they are trying to show. I can’t wait for the next episodes, please share your thoughts about these 2 episodes of Nazr e Bad.

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