Nazr e Bad Episode 27 & 28 Review – Turning Villain Into A Hero!?!

Ohkay so, I wish I could say that these two episodes of Nazr e Bad were interesting, but I don’t want to lie because they were not. I am somehow feeling cheated because they have not only slowed down the pace of the drama but have stopped making any progress in the story. All of a sudden, it looks like someone else took over as a writer & has clearly lost the plot, that is why everything that has been happening since last few weeks has no correlation to the actual story & the purpose of the drama. I really wish they pick up the pace, up their game & start giving us convincing episodes like they used to which actually kept the interest alive in the show, rather than just testing the patience of the viewers now!

To be honest, I am not understanding Maham’s nature & attitude at all. I hate the way they show us someone else in the beginning & when the episodes pass by, they turn them into completely different person & this is exactly what has been done to Maham’s character too. The way she was rejoicing at her shopping made her look so desperate & greedy as if she has never seen things like these before her marriage to Parvez, whereas it was made clear that Shafeeq & Nusrat were financially stable enough to give their children a very comfortable life, so not sure which teenager’s soul took over Maham’s body that she started acting like a child. Yes, the only good trait that Maham showed in these two episodes was where she took a stand for her mother against Almas & Humera’s bullying, this reminded me of the Maham that was introduced in the initial episodes who always stood up for herself & her family!

I am glad that the Do Muh Wala Baba got less amount of coverage in these episodes because to be honest, I dread his scenes & do not look forward to his role at all, so it was good that he wasn’t doing much this time. Yes, I did feel that he was causing troubles for Parvez while still trying to make him feel that he was wronging those who work for him, that is why Parvez looked confused half of the time!

I hate to see how they are turning Parvez, a villain into Parvez the hero. I just don’t understand what are they trying to achieve by showing Parvez as a perfect husband who can fight with his own mother for his wife? Parvez made omelette for Maham, aww how cute, like seriously, for a guy who can kill people & an unborn child without batting an eyelid, frying an omelette is not a big deal, so please!!! I really think they need to stop right there & shouldn’t even try to fix Parvez’s image because no matter what, he is someone who deserves server punishment for all that he has done till date. Whoever, in the team of Nazr e Bad has sympathy for Parvez’s character should be given a backseat & he should have no say in the future episodes because I am sure he is responsible for the drama losing its purpose!

I can’t believe that even after seeing Parvez burning a few papers, Maham didn’t question him what he was doing? Parvez made a lame excuse & Maham bought that while completely ignoring the papers that were on the floor? Also, didn’t Maham eavesdrop on Parvez & Almas & heard him say that he could make Almas listen to the entire conversation that she had with Maham again, so why didn’t Maham find it odd? I expected fireworks when Maham spotted Almas doing some magic but in stead she blew some Surahs on Parvez thinking he needs protection, like seriously? I so wish they hadn’t deprived Maham of her brains at this stage of the drama because this is the time when she needs that part to function properly to put two & two together!

Well, I am getting tired of the Jethani Devrani taunting spree now. This drama was appealing & interesting because it showed these sort of family politics & dynamics in a very different light but to see it being elaborated in such a typical manner is such a shame. Also, it was amusing that Ahmer was angry at his mother for not depending on him & not asking him for financial help, like hello, are you blind or are you not living in the same house for you to be so oblivious of the obvious that your mother is having difficulties with the household expenses. Chalo, looks like he made some promises to his mother, so let’s see if he’ll be able to walk the talk!

I found it amusing that anytime something happened or Maham thought of something, Parvez’s invisible antennas on his head picked that thing up & gave him the signals, like Maham saw Almas, so the very next day Parvez told Almas about it. Now what is he going to do? Cast some more magic on Maham to keep her deluded for the rest of her life? Parvez’s repetitive mention of how he can’t lose Maham is getting boring now. We know that you can’t afford to lose Maham because before anything, you’d resort to even powerful magic to keep that from happening!

Anyways, honestly speaking, these two episodes were boring, especially with Almas & Shazia getting way more coverage than required. I am not sure what the writer is trying to establish using Shazia’s character because she is not only useless but so desperate that she puts all the desperados like Jeena to shame. Every time I see Parvez getting a positive limelight, I feel disgusted because when this drama began & when they showed everything with so much of honesty, this was the last thing that I expected that they will eventually start showing Parvez as a hero! Sara Khan looks absolutely gorgeous but I wish her character of Maham had some sensibility & personality especially at this stage of the drama. Not too happy with how things have been unfolding lately, but still hoping that things will get better. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad!

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PS: Yes, this time around when Almas was trying to help Nusrat with some money, I sighed with relief when she mentioned that when they both used to share the kitchen, Nusrat would spend money to buy food for Almas’s family too. Since, there was a whole debate going on last week where the point was being made that Nusrat instigated Almas’s jealousy because she never shared the food, so I hope that settles the curiosity of some of the viewers!

Zahra Mirza

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