Nazr e Bad Episode 37 Review – Waste of Time!

Ohkay so, this episode of Nazr e Bad was all over the place. Not sure why are they digging the old graves & showing the flashbacks of those scenarios which have nothing to do with the story & its development. The fact that they didn’t air the 2nd episode this week & turned that episode into a recap shows that are not left with much content & are just aiming for a higher number of episodes. This drama should’ve ended weeks ago but it is such a shame that the team is still bent on stretching the story to the limit only to cross the 40th episode mark. What a shame I say!

So, Parvez is suffering but is he really suffering? I don’t think so. All that has happened in his life is that he hasn’t returned to his home & has been captured by that businessman? Seriously, is this punishment enough for him? I don’t think so. Parvez after trying his hands on being a good guy got bored of it & now wanted Baba to help him get his powers back. Also, I am not sure if anyone else has noticed but I just can’t stand the way Azfar says BaVa in stead of Baba. This episode had a lot of Parvez’s breakdowns which I found worth forwarding. It is good that Maham has drawn a line & she is not forgiving him. Not sure what Abeera was doing with that businessman, like I think it would’ve made sense if they had shown some time lapse, may be a span of a month or two, for things to come together & make sense because as far as we know, Abeera got rejected by Ahmer just yesterday & the next day she was with that businessman who said she is more than just a friend? Also, not sure why that businessman is involving Parvez in his personal affairs, like he wants Parvez to rescue his building for him so then why is he introducing him to his girlfriend(s)?

Ahmer won the lottery & it guaranteed some security to Maham to get her son treated. Aftab came to meet Maham, I can see they are going to send Maham back to Aftab because there’s no other reason why he is hovering around her & her house without a purpose. Babar also sent some gifts & cash to his mother, suggesting that things are shaping up for Nusrat which is good!

Almas got injured because of the ceiling that fell on her, I thought she won’t be able to survive but Almas being Almas, she miraculously did & only got a bruise on her forehead & chin, whereas her skull was may be made of steel that nothing happened to it. So, Humera’s secret got exposed & her husband sent her home for good, good to see that but again, the way they showed Humera going back to her ex-husband was sickening & so not needed!

I just don’t get what was the need of showing Shazia’s flashback with her sister? Like now that she was out of touch with Parvez, the director still wanted to keep her in the picture so he showed her crying out of guilt of being the reason behind her sister’s death, but then again, that scene & in fact Shazia’s character doesn’t contribute to the story in any way so not sure why she is getting so much of coverage! Same goes with Do Muh Wala Baba, his Kathak Dance in front of a million eggs was senseless, like I remember in the beginning all these sort of scenes had so much of an impact that I felt I couldn’t watch this drama alone but now when such scenes are unfolding I am looking at them as if I am watching a kid’s movie.

Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Nazr e Bad.

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