Nida Yasir’s Mother Comes on Her Show for the First Time

Nida Yasir is a well known Morning show host of our Industry. She has been hosting ARY Digital’s morning show, Good Morning Pakistan  since quite some time now. We’ve seen a lot of her friends and family members make an appearance on her show, especially from her husband’s side of the family. However, one person that we have never seen on her show is her mother! Today however, on her mother’s birthday, Nida Yasir brought her on the show. It was a beautiful moment to see her mother take in her daughter’s success. Fehmida Nasreeen was seated in a decorated wheelchair that was wheeled by Nida’s brother in the set. The interaction between the mother and daughter was very sweet. Watch the video and see Nida Yasir her mother, her 70th Birthday:


Arsala Khalid