Noor ul Ain Episode 4 Review – Pretty Basic!

Ohkay so, it was a pretty basic & predictable episode of Noor ul Ain. It is a fact that only because of Sajal Ali & Imran Abbas & Sarmad Sultan Khoosat’s direction, this drama is getting the attention & viewership, otherwise the story & the characters so far are quite typical & have been-there-seen-that written all over them. Having said that, I will still say that I didn’t have any issues sitting through this episode, but I am actually looking forward to the beginning of Noor & Khizar’s journey together!

So, Khizar’s mother finally agreed that she would meet Noor. I think because she knew that her son won’t sit still till she fulfills his wish, she went ahead with it otherwise she was never in a mood to do so. Khizar made sure that he puts a good word for Noor & her family in front of his mother but she already had preconceived notions & she was sticking to her perspective without even trying to give Noor & her family a chance!

Ghazala’s reaction was pretty interesting, she obviously posed to be happy for Noor but deep inside she was disturbed that Khizar’s family was actually approaching Qasim for Noor’s proposal. To be honest, even though Noor’s mother is shown to be a very typical woman with one dimensional mindset where she doesn’t want her daughters to do anything that might buy them an unwanted attention, but somehow, I find her character off-putting. Ever since the drama has began, Noor’s mother has only nagged & complained, which I am not a fan of. On the other hand, Qasim’s character is likable because he is like that affectionate father who not only believes in his daughters but also gives them the edge to be themselves.

Well, Noor seemed excited to meet Khizar’s mother too but before that, she was skeptical as she felt everything was happening a bit too quickly. Obviously, Noor knew that Khizar wanted everything to happen as soon as possible but little did she know that his mother had something else on her mind & she wanted to get done with this entire chapter ASAP.

Well, Khizar’s mother came & the moment she stepped a foot inside Noor’s home, she started belittling her family. It was interesting to see her condescending attitude where she never once blamed Khizar but kept on holding Noor responsible for having an affair with Khizar. Well, Qasim in a very polite manner voiced his concerns but it looked like Ghazala was just waiting for things to go wrong & the moment she got an opportunity, she made sure to take things a bit too far so that there were no chances of Khizar’s mother to approach them ever again. To be honest, I have been getting a few comments saying Noor ul Ain’s story is lifted from Bollywood’s Movie ‘Saathiya’ & this entire proposal scene reminded me exactly of that. Before this scene, I was seeing this drama for what it is, but this particular scene forced me to see the similarities as well!

Noor was obviously unhappy with whatever happened & she immediately drew the line. This was the first ever misunderstanding that Noor & Khizar had but even though Noor didn’t say anything to Khizar, he knew exactly that his mother was capable of stirring the pot, that is why even after listening to his mother’s version, he chose not to believe it & decided to see Noor himself to find out what exactly happened.

Overall, it was a simple episode but I am keen on some fireworks which might happen once Noor & Khizar will be together. The acting & the direction has been spot on so far. Please share your thoughts.

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