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Khamoshi Episode 22 Review-Food Leads To Love!

Yessss! Finally, an episode which was cute through and through and things all the viewers wanted to see have initiated. Episode 22 is a good day in our Khamosh boy’s life. After doing a lot of good for our Khamosh larki and getting his feelings snubbed by her every time, finally, she is falling. We saw you falling for Shahram today Arsala and we are happy that you are using your brain to feel for your own self. The relationship between these two has been portrayed very beautifully and it was a much-needed progression after Naima’s Atif kaho main lakhon main aik hoon stuff. Pakistanis love food and our food always pay a greater role in our lives than just being a daily necessity. After Kashaf falling for Zaroon on getting burned by the iconic chai ka cup, here is our Arsala falling for Shahram over khaney ka bartan. So food did for him what Shahram was not really being able to do for himself, after all his endeavours for Arsala. She REALLY noticed his care and love!

Since Khamoshi has started we see Mirza Sahab wandering here and there for no big reasons. But today, Mirza Sahab rocked. He served as an eye-opener for Atif and the way he showed Naima her place was love. Atif is somewhat back in senses after being confused for so long. He is regretting and since there is nothing left he can do, he is subtly trying to save his ego by chanting Main Arsala se nafrat karta hoon over and over.

Naima is finally starting to face karma. She does not have the money anymore. Atif hates her and loved how her mother in law clarified the whole situation for her. Her situation can also be explained as episode 22 was a bad day for our Naima. It is always good to see annoying and evil characters tasting the piece of their own cake. Shahnaz is still very annoying though. She is constantly blaming Arsala for everything and wants her to loot a bank maybe for her committees.

It was the best episode so far. Zara Noor Abbas and Bilal Khan were too good in all their scenes. They looked natural and were successful in bringing an air of innocence with their chemistry. Shahram’s flower scene with Bee Jaan was also super cute. Looks like Bee Jaan will end up at Shahram’s house.

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