Noor ul Ain Episode 11 Review – Dry & Drier!

Ohkay so, another week, another boring episode of Noor ul Ain. I am not sure what is to be blamed, the writing, the direction, the overall scenario or the half-dead characters. If there’s one word that fits this drama, it is DRY & unfortunately, it keeps on getting drier, even more drier than my freshly done laundry!

Khizar’s be-naam amman jaan came to see both Noor & Khizar & what she said to Noor was spot on. I mean I am sure even she was frustrated at Noor like we all are so she decided to do the honors & ask Noor the obvious question that what did she see in Khizar & most importantly, how did she start trusting him so much that she decided to get married to him after meeting him twice? I guess the writer should have been a little more respectful towards Marina Khan because when an actor of her stature is working in your drama, you should at least give her character a name? What is her name? Does anyone know? This is the second mystery, first one being Noor’s decision of estranging her family to be with Khizar, the guy she just met & got married but can’t even smile while looking at him!?!?!

Sofie was wailing about her phooti kismat but then again, her mother seemed pretty calm. I must say Tanveer Fatima’s calm after the storm has left me scratching my head, she seems in a very comfortable zone after whatever has happened with Noor? So much so that even the bad news from Sofie’s in laws side didn’t shock her enough!

Well, now that Khizar & Noor are married, I will honestly say that I couldn’t see them as a husband & wife, like there is no connection, no spark, no chemistry, absolutely nothing between them to make them look like a couple. I am sure this has to do with Noor’s poker face, I get it, she is a practical, bongi, serious sort of a girl but even then no one is devoid of basic emotions like happiness or satisfaction? Noor’s confessions to Khizar sounded so half hearted as if she was just delivering the dialogues without any emotions or feelings. Also, her confession came as a surprise because she claimed that Khizar had done so much for her emotionally but then where are those emotions? Why can’t we see them? Why?

To me Noor & Khizar seemed like a sibling duo who were now living in a hostel, away from their parents to make a living in the city. I wish Sarmad had directed Sajal to smile a bit because it wouldn’t have harmed anyone & would’ve definitely given me a reason to look at the TV screen for a brief moment & not at the ceiling which I usually stare at when Noor ul Ain is airing. Even though both Imran & Sajal made some contact like side hugs & holding hands but even that didn’t help much to give them an overall vibe of a couple – all thanks to our flat-faced Noor!

As if things weren’t dry enough that they decided to play that weird OST during the 2 minute long scene where Noor & Khizar were doing grocery shopping? I mean I was low-key amused & also cringing that this was the love story we were being made to watch where now we’d have to derive some sweetness out of such a boring scene of seeing a couple doing their groceries? LOL!

Khizar has been making some really tall claims like giving Noor her dream house & doing everything for her but where he should have started doing something straight away, he is arranging loans & depending on his friends for everything? Hmmmm…!

Well, obviously the writer had to bring Noor in front of her parents, so he decided to turn Kashi, a harmless soul into a thief to create that scenario. Really there was absolutely no need for all of this because Noor has left her family & vice versa, so! I wish in stead of wasting energies on side tracks & characters, the writer had put some personality, some depth, some emotions in the main leads because that would’ve done wonders to this drama & had taken it to a whole new level. Anyways, please share your thoughts.

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Also, a Tip for ARY: Please start airing Noor ul Ain’s Double Episodes so that we can get over with this drama ASAP!

Zahra Mirza

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