Noor ul Ain Episode 15 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Noor ul Ain was somewhat better, no I haven’t warmed up to the characters, nor do I think that Noor’s ordeals were shown convincingly but I felt that the execution of this episode was better plus for the first time in weeks, I didn’t have a hard time watching this episode, or may be because I watched this episode in 3 intervals, I didn’t find it too boring!

Well, like I said, Noman’s sister is going out with this guy who doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to marry her. This entire scenario has only been added to justify whatever Noor did because this way Noman’s mother will get a reality check that all this while she was judging someone else’s daughter, her own was dating this guy & planning to marry him. Noman’s mother is another boring & one-dimensional character, plus now that she knows that no one in the family is paying heed to what she is saying, she should just forget everything & be happy for Noman. I totally see her torturing Sofie in the future, which I feel is going to be another boring scenario of this drama!

Well, I don’t know why those who state the obvious & the truth are shown to be the villains in this drama. Mahrukh is shown to be the negative character where she is maligning Noor’s heart against Khizar but in all honesty, I found her totally right & felt that she was telling Noor the truth. I just don’t really understand why Noor tells everything to Mahrukh when she can’t handle her honesty & her opinions? Noor airs her dirty laundry herself & then disses those who pass judgments on it? This should serve Noor a good lesson that she should then keep her things to herself when she can’t handle the truth. Ghazala who also spoke about Noor was shown as a villain. Bhai is drama mai sabbb hi buray hain siwaye Noor ke!

Khizar is turning out to be a disappointment day after day & Noor is having a hard time with him but he just doesn’t understand. It is funny that the wealth that Khizar left without even thinking about for a second has left him so blinded that he is reminded of his old lifestyle every other day. Fine, Khizar is like that, but then what is Noor doing to motivate him? Yes, I get it, Noor working to provide for herself & Khizar should be enough reason for him to do something on his own but then the way Noor keeps things from him just doesn’t help the situation either. Noor should discuss everything with her husband based on how she says that she trusts him the most plus from what I have seen, Khizar’s immaturity aside, he makes sure to always ask her to tell him everything but Noor just keeps it to herself? Unnecessarily!

Anyways, Noor herself left her family for Khizar so she should stop being so salty about every little thing related to them because she herself announced that she doesn’t have anything to do with them. Plus, if she is missing her family so much, she can always break the ice, take the initiative & go to her home to see them all. Please share your thoughts.

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