Noor ul Ain Episode 2 Review – Sweet!

Ohkay so, it was a pretty interesting episode of Noor ul Ain. Things are being taken forward in a very simple & straight forward manner. It is a fact that the story of this drama is pretty basic but the execution & the depth in the characters is what is going to make it an interesting watch.

So, Noor landed herself a job opportunity in an interior designing firm & she seems pretty focused & career oriented. Noor has time & again said that she is not thinking about commitment at this stage because she has other goals in life but Ghazala keeps on directing her mindset towards commitment & more than that, towards Khizar.

I must say, I love Ghazala’s character, she seems just so real because she has all those shades that everyone has, she is nice but she can’t help analyze things as per her perspective too & that is why she discusses everything with her husband & son because she has no one else to share some gossips with. Well, that being said, I feel she genuinely loves Noor & wants to see her settled & happy. It seems Ghazala has lost her daughter Shumaila because of her own wrong decisions that is why she doesn’t want Noor to go through all of that. I am keen to find out more about what happened with Shumaila & what Ghazala had to go through. Ghazala’s conversation with her son Kashi was so sweet, where she started off with a little nagging then she tried to inspire him using his cousins as an example, then she shared her wishful thinking that since she has a son, he will take care of everything & it ended on a little joke regarding his wife. The way that entire conversation just flowed & most importantly the way it was carried out was simply beautiful because Iffat Omar just had a perfect grip on Ghazala’s character.

Khizar not only has no direction in life at this stage, he seems a bit too immature as well. The way Khizar’s friends make a joke or two about him goes to show that they are well aware of how Khizar’s obsessions change with time. Khizar’s mother might seem controlling but I feel she just wants him to excel & do well in his life, though her approach might not be motivational for him, but her intentions are pure & in line with how every mother feels. Also, because Khizar’s mother has done everything & has taken care of family business on her own, she wants her son to have some sense of responsibility because he is the one who is going to succeed her & run things after her.

After her conversation with Ghazala, Noor for the first time thought seriously about Khizar but sadly, he ended up doing something so childish which further pushed Noor away from him. Even though it was amusing yet sweet that by lying to Noor, Khizar tried to land himself another chance of meeting her, but it once again highlighted the fact that he was pretty immature & a polar opposite of Noor who is focused, serious & responsible. Luckily for Khizar, without even being aware of it, he left a good impression on Noor where he helped the little boy & gave him the flowers, that was the first time Noor got to see the niceness Khizar has & her smile said it all!

Overall, it was a pretty interesting episode of Noor ul Ain. Dramas like these show that no matter how simple a story might be, a decent execution & strong acting can make it worth a watch. I must say I am loving the casual no makeup look that all the girls are sporting in this drama; Noor, Sofie & even Khizar’s friend, it is nice to see these girls relying more on their acting & less on makeup because it makes their characters seem more real & natural & thank goodness for a girl in a bun, again, so real!!! Imran Abbas & Sajjal Ali are not only owning the characters of Khizar & Noor but share an amazing chemistry too. The preview of the next episode got me excited because now Noor will approach Khizar. Direction & acting of this drama has been flawless & I’m looking forward to what’s in store for us. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Noor ul Ain.

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