Noor ul Ain Episode 5 Review – Manipulation!

Ohkay so, this episode covered the predicament of two people in love, who come from very different worlds. It was interesting to see how Noor was getting manipulated just so easily, that too by the person she trusts the most!

Noor might be mature for her age & pretty straight forward, but she doesn’t have the eye to see through someone’s intentions. Just because Noor is clean hearted & innocent, she thinks everyone around her has her best interest at their heart, which unfortunately is not true. Noor sees people how she wants to  that is why despite clear cut agitation & detest of both Sofie & her mother, Noor doesn’t even think for a second that there must be something wrong with Ghazala. It is sad that because Noor trusts Ghazala so much, she is easily getting manipulated & without even thinking for a second, she is following her lead!

Things could’ve been sorted out between Khizar & Noor in a very different manner if Noor hadn’t listened to Ghazala & had done what she asked her to. Noor’s demand of an apology from Khizar’s mother was basically what drifted them apart & this was something that Ghazala knew because after meeting Khizar’s mother, she understood that she was not someone who was going to budge that too after the way she was also insulted at Noor’s place!

Noor at least has found a friend in the form of her colleague who actually feels for her & that is why she speaks sensibly but because what she says contradicts the teachings of Ghazala, Noor finds it hard to go by what her friend tells her. It didn’t take a moment for Noor’s friend to realize that Ghazala was being unreasonable but since Noor is so used to believing Ghazala & trusting her, she didn’t see anything wrong with it even after her friend told her so!

Khizar’s mother obviously said no to meeting Noor’s family once again & it has taken a toll on Khizar because of which he is not in a clear head space. Khizar’s arguement with Mona basically depicted how bitter he was feeling after whatever happened. Noor obviously told Khizar that things couldn’t work out between them & Khizar respected her opinion because even he knows that Noor is not someone who would look for an easy way out & when she has said decided something, she will stick to it!

Ghazala obviously is making sure that Noor stays puzzled that is why she misquoted her in front of her mother & later painted a completely different picture in front of Noor as well. I am not sure if Noor will ever be able to take a decision with her own sensibility & if she will stop letting Ghazala control her.

Overall, this episode was decent but a bit on the slower side. For a change it was good to see Noor’s mother being considerate about Noor’s feelings. This drama doesn’t disappoint but it doesn’t offer something out of the box either. It is a fact that this drama is nothing extraordinary which the viewers expected from such a dream team, but it still is a good enough option to tune to. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Noor ul Ain.

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