Numm – Episode 15.

Just when Fatima asked me to cover for her, I knew what I was getting into. I knew I’d be seeing some meaningless details & I decided not to ignore them. The episode was good in a few bits & pieces but overall it could’ve been better. But there’s something I am not too sure of – was it just me or someone else also didn’t find the connection between the scenes. I found a lot of haphazardness, may be it was the editing fail.

Wali’s encounter with Qasim was done appropriately but I couldn’t understand the driver’s smile after the scene ended. It could’ve been more intense but some how Qasim’s pain didn’t come through clearly. I thought it was a dark night when Wali went to hunt for Qasim but later it was a bright morning when Wali was recalling all that Qasim had said. Mahjabeen’s predicament could’ve come across nicely if there wasn’t a background score which sounded quite happening given the situation at hand. I thought after all that had happened & the secret was out, there would be some sort of a conversation between Mahjabeen & Wali but in stead Wali came back to his normal life & Mahjabeen ended up asking for his permission. If he was silent after what happened, Mahjabeen being a wise person should’ve guessed it that Wali won’t be having any issues.

Neelam’s scenes just looked like fillers which were shown just to make sure that the viewers do not forget the existence of her character. Baray Sahab’s phone call with Neelam was also something unnecessary. I found no connection or no following up in between the scenes. Everything was treated like the bits of their own & no flow was established to make the episode progress.

The only interesting part of the whole episode was Wali’s open declaration in front of Baray Sahab about his stand & take on his relation to Mahjabeen. I think all the efforts that Mahjabeen has put in relation to Wali are now going to pay off. Baray Sahab will try to undo whatever Wali is going to do for Mahjabeen from now on, so may be another interesting chapter will open up. The dream rather nightmare scene was ohkay but what I failed to understand was that Wali woke up with a terrified look on his face as he was trying to figure out what he just saw, making him look like he won’t be able to speak but the casual comment after he received the call crushed the whole impact of the scene down.

Neelam’s scene with her mother & Minahil was another forced one with a spooky background music. I think that music suited the confrontation scene better & vice versa. I think the director could’ve done a bit better because this episode carried a lot more content than a few other episodes but the slowness ruins the essence.

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