O Rangreza Episode 12 Review – Interesting!

Ohkay so, now the story of O Rangreza is moving forward with a very fast pace & I am absolutely loving the treatment the director has given to the story. It is good that every single episode brings forth something new, something different with it which gives viewers a completely new perspective of the characters and the situations that they are faced with!

So, Tipu came back and even though the dynamics of Khayyam’s family changed from the surface, deep down everything remained the same. Tipu takes after Khayyam too, he is least bothered about what his mother is going through because he is too busy with his own life & it looked like he is one of those who would never see a fault in what a man does, that is why despite knowing that Khayyam was openly having an affair with Sonia & he was living at her place, all Tipu did was laugh it out! Mumtaz really has a lot of expectations from Tipu & that is why she thought out of all the people, at least he’d be the one who will sympathize with her after hearing how Khayyam left her for Sonia Jahan but his reaction once again proved that even in Tipu’s heart, she has no value, no importance & he is his father’s son too!

Since Sassi has stepped out of her comfort zone for the first time, she is in an environment where nothing revolves around her, that is why she is finding it hard to have things her way. Sassi assumed that she will cute her way into Wajih’s life & will convince him to dance on her tunes but Wajih is proving to be a good mentor who is teaching her how harsh life is going to be if she chooses to put herself out there, stick by her decision of going against her father’s wishes & doing what her she deems right. Sassi’s sadness had a lot of meanings & her continuous letters to Qasim did tell that even though she didn’t want to get married to him, she misses the friend in him!

Sonia Jahan is proving to be quite a mystery for Khayyam to solve. She does what Khayyam can not even imagine & she makes sure to go against what Khayyam expects from her. Sonia’s delay in getting married to Khayyam could mean two things, one that she wants Wajih back & is just using Khayyam to make him jealous so that he accepts her back or second, that she is afraid of what Khayyam will do to her when he will own her and give her his name after their marriage. Since Sonia Jahan has pretty much seen how Khayyam mistreats Mumtaz, a wife so obedient like her, Sonia’s hesitation seem justified and fair. Even though Khayyam has promised her a lot of things one of which is complete freedom but she knows that the moment she will give in, Khayyam won’t take a second in backing out from his word.

For the first time I felt Sonia Jahan was depressed, despite having everything, she longs for true love & may be that is why she was depressed, hence the incassant mention of death & incomplete love stories which ended with death as well. Khayyam actually thought that things will be pretty simple where he will propose & she will say yes while jumping with joy but Sonia Jahan has her own perspective, her own thought process, her own opinions and her own decisions, that is why she is not giving in & that is definitely frustrating Khayyam a lot.

I am actually intersted to see how dynamics will change further once Tipu will introduce his special friend to his family because when it comes to his own family members, he seems distant & aloof. Yes, he did try to show some interest in Sassi’s life where he wants her to be independent but when it comes to his mother, he is no different than Khayyam. I am kind of tired of seeing Khayyam holding Mumtaz responsible for everything, like their scenes & conversations have started to sound repetitive because all Mumtaz does is beg & all Khayyam does is hold her responsible for all the wrongs in their lives. I want to see if things will change or if they will continue to be the same.

Overall, this episode was pretty interesting. The actor playing the role of Tipu did a brilliant job but even though I know there won’t be an explanation for his personality, I want to know why he is the way he is. Sana Fakhar’s performance was brilliant in this episode, like her overall makeup & get up showed that she was mentally disturbed & depressed, which is commendable. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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