Teri Raza Episode 15 Review – Ridiculous!

Ohkay so, this episode was reasonable but only because of Imtiyaz whereas if I go by what Suhana did or said, this was once again one ridiculous episode in my opinion!

It is absolutely disgusting how Suhana not only is cheating on Imtiyaz but upon asked, she like always, tried to make him feel guilty as if he committed a grave sin by asking her one simple question ‘where she was’. It is absolutely insane that Suhana thinks everyone’s worry & concern for her is something intolerable because she is supposed to answer everyone for her irrational behavior. I cringed really bad when Suhana bluntly told Imtiyaz that she was not answerable to him, well yes you are missy but then, since she is so beghairat that she can two time on her husband with her ex boyfriend, she obviously doesn’t deem it necessary to answer basic question that her husband asks her!

Another tantrum that Miss Suhana threw was when she found out that Imtiyaz was planning a trip for both of them. Obviously, she is going to hate the idea because in Paris, there would be no Rameez & since she is so beghairat that she can’t live a day without seeing him, she was mad & again tried to make Imtiyaz feel bad that he didn’t ‘seek’ her ‘permission’. Seriously, the way Suhana is using the business as an excuse to meet her boyfriend is sickening because it is the same business that has been sponsored by Imtiyaz. I just can not believe a character like Suhana where she is enjoying every single luxury of life because of Imtiyaz but her heart is with Rameez? No matter how cold-hearted you are, if you see someone doing so much for you, you tend to melt a bit but the writer only knows what Suhana is made of, since she is living a comfortable life but doesn’t leave an opportunity to make Imtiyaz feel that he is falling short of his responsibilities!

The way Suhana threw a tantrum & insulted her mother in law only because Imtiyaz asked her the reason for being late made me feel like she should’ve been thrown out of his house immediately because she is wrong, she has been wrong all along but still Imtiyaz & Sitara are putting up with everything she does only because they are a decent people & they have no idea what a twisted psycho Suhana is! I am impressed at how comfortably Suhana lies to Imtiyaz on his face, when he tried to ask her who Rameez liked, she easily denied saying she had no idea, like seriously, the girl has been spending more time with him than she does with Imtiyaz, so she thinks Imtiyaz is going to buy that she has no idea who Rameez is after?

I loved that Jeena told everything to Imtiyaz but just when I thought he will put two & two together, he told Jeena that he trusts Suhana a lot & that she shouldn’t be saying all this? Yes, I know that Imtiyaz loves Suhana to such an extent that he was actually in a denial but since he is mature enough, he should’ve analyzed Suhana’s behavior since day one to know that whatever Jeena said wasn’t a lie & the reason why Suhana was so cold towards him was Rameez. I think even now if Imtiyaz won’t call spade a spade, then he deserves whatever Suhana is directing towards him because then it will be like he himself is allowing Suhana to treat him as a doormat. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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