O Rangreza Episode 16 Review – What’s The Purpose?

Ohkay so, without sugarcoating it, I will say that this episode was boring, so much so that I watched it without paying attention to it. I think the writer got too caught up in the uniqueness of the plot & the characters that he forgot to take the story forward. Yes, the writer deserves to be commended for daring to be different & bringing some very unique characters but then things lose their charm real quick if the purpose is lost & this is happening with the O Rangreza now!

Seriously, I never had issues with Qasim’s character, like he was introduced as a unique ‘man’ who was in touch with his emotional side, which again was something that hindered Sassi from seeing him as a ‘man’, but for the first time seeing him cry over the loss of birds made me say that he should ‘man up’ a bit. Seriously, I have no issues with his personality, his emotionality, his kind-heartedness but ever since he has returned after leaving his education only to please Sassi is making it hard for me to take him seriously. Where Qasim should have done everything to shape up his future to prove a point to Sassi & to change her perspective about him, here he is pettily smiling after getting a Tota as a gift? Seriously, man up you!

Whatever Tipu has done in the past or whatever he is planning to do now doesn’t interest me so I won’t be wasting my words on him however, the shift in Meena’s attitude was once again unconvincing. She has spent years with Tipu & she never really saw the fault in him so why all of a sudden she was getting put off by his attitude? Even though Meena has gotten a bit too attached with Tipu’s family members but before anything, she should try to fix him!

Tipu’s double standards which the writer spoke about surfaced in this episode where he spoke highly of Sassi just because she is his sister but ended up judging Meena the moment Mumtaz told him to get committed to her, but then again, how does it add to the story?

Sassi is trying everything to woo Wajih & the way she goes in a trance while speaking about him irks me to no end. Yes, she can be infatuated with him & I am sure she is confused between love & infatuation but then again to see her crossing some limits that too with Qasim’s assistance is bizarre!

So, Mumtaz believes in giving Khayyam as many chances as he wants because she thinks he will return to her after getting tired of making mistakes, even though I don’t feel a thing for her character, this approach of hers was quite interesting & may be because of this, Khayyam was seen juggling between Mumtaz & Sonia for the first time. Even though I do feel he will still choose to be with Sonia but for the first time he surely is thinking about Mumtaz.

I don’t know but I feel the plot of this drama has derailed & now the story is going around in a loop. Yes, even though everything about this drama is unique but then I think the writer went into too much detailing & dissection of the characters that on a macro level, the story isn’t making any progress & we are being forced to see & understand the characters even after so many weeks where we are technically past the introductory stage of the drama, story & characters. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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