O Rangreza Episode 18 Review – A Miss!

Ohkay so, after a hit previous episode, this week’s episode was a miss & I am sure by now everyone is well aware of the reason. Yes, it was because Tipu got so much of coverage that I literally struggled to sit through this episode, so much so that I completed watching it in 4 installments!

Well, it was good to see Mumtaz standing up for herself but the result was as expected. Khayyam blamed her for faulty upbringing, packed his bags & went to Sonia only to remember the breakfast Mumtaz used to make for him & the hard time he gave her for it not being ‘perfect’. The only good thing in this situation is that Khayyam has slowly & steadily started realizing Mumtaz’s worth & that is why he is not as enthusiastic about his relation with Sonia as he used to be!

For the first time, I got irritated by Sassi, not because she is chasing her dreams or is standing up for herself but because she was now sounding all philosophical which was so unlike her. Sassi was never deep or an intellect, she was unfiltered & straight forward, so to see her muttering while being lost in her thoughts was quite annoying. She is now getting to do what she wants so why is she getting so affected by the restrictions Tipu is putting on her? As if she is going to pay heed to him!

Finally, Qasim showed the signs that could make Sassi fall for him because he not only took a stand for her but protected her as well. Even Sassi knows that she needs the kind of support Qasim extends towards her but that’s all she wants & nothing else!

So, Meena has now become Tipu’s captive, this entire situation is not only ridiculous but absolutely unnecessary. Fine, we get it, the writer is showing Sassi as a female version of a man & he is showing double standards of men too but then can we move on? There’s no point in screaming the point because the point has been made! I swear, I don’t think in the past any actor has annoyed me as much as Hamza Firdous, seriously it is hard to look at him! I now feel the story is going around in circles, like Khayyam packing his bags & leaving? Didn’t this happen before? & yet he was at the same page after so many episodes? Talk about being monotonous! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza!

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