O Rangreza Episode 19 Review – Torturous Tola!

Ohkay so, without sugar coating I will honestly say that this episode of O Rangreza was torturous, because torturous Tipu was getting too much of coverage & the rest of the characters were leaving no stone unturned in behaving like lunatics!

I seriously am not understanding the purpose of this drama anymore, yes, we get it, the writer has surely succeeded in highlighting the double standards that men have but then what is Sassi achieving by challenging those men in her life? The writer did show that Sassi believes in no boundaries, she has no limits but then she is also coming across as wrong, so isn’t it a contradiction? I have no issues with the fact that Sassi is chasing her dreams but the way she is hurting those who love her & the way she belittles everyone make her look absolutely conceited & wrong to the point that I find her annoying now!

Seriously, this Sonia Khayyam track is ridiculously boring. If Khayyam loves her then he should just get married to her in stead of doing these ‘atkeliyaan’ which are better suited for couples in their teens – those guys who for the first time experience the emotion of love. It is hard to believe that people like Khayyam, the thakka hua burha poet & Sonia who loves attention of men, are finding it hard to come to a decision of what they should do. They both are mature people so what’s the issue? It is absolutely boring & monotonous how Khayyam keeps on blaming Mumtaz for all of his shortcomings & then comes back, praises her a bit more & then puts another demand in front of her. Literally, a man probably touching his 50’s is ready to forsake his home for his lady love is absolutely ridiculous. Khayyam grabbing Wajih’s collar doesn’t prove anything because in stead of taking care of his spoilt daughter, he is too busy planning his 2nd marriage!

I hope Hamza Firdous is also watching this drama to see how annoying he looks. Yes, usually if viewers hate a character, it showcases the success of an actor that due to their perfect acting they made it possible but that’s not the case here because I won’t talk about people, but I hate (yes, I am using such a strong word) Tipu/Hamza’s character & acting for the fact that it is so bizarre, annoying & weird. I really don’t understand who in their right state of mind thought making Tipu all sissy & feminine was a good idea? Because I was in a laughing fit when I heard Tipu call himself a ‘mard’? I don’t understand what difference it would’ve made if they had given Tipu similar characteristics & personality like Khayyam, implying that he is his son & that he takes it all after his father because at least then people might have taken his character seriously & found him tolerable? Matlab itnay manly admi ka beta itna sissy? LOL!

The entire scenario of Meena turning into Tipu’s captive & then hiding in Sassi’s room was so bizarre. Seriously, is this a girl who comes from London or someone who has never stepped a foot outside her home? Sonia’s tattoos & that out-there personality showcases that she is someone who doesn’t shy away from expressing herself, so to see her as a subdued damsel in distress that too because of a sissy sa Tipu is so unconvincing. I know the writer has tried to break the stereotypes but koi tuk bhi to banay?

Oh, apart from being Sassi’s bodyguard, Qasim did something new, which was to say again & again ‘app nahi ja saktin’, matlab seriously bhai app ho kaun? Qasim slapping Sassi was so weird, matlab Sassi thappar khanay hi bethi hai? First Khayyam then Tipu & now Qasim? Oh I guess Wajih is left now, lol! Qasim slapped her & then burnt his hand, awwwwwww gugu!!!

For the first time, it was good to see Mumtaz fighting for her rights & standing up for herself where she not only put her stance in front of Khayyam but also Sonia, but again, is it going to reap her any rewards? I am not sure as the precap suggested that Khayyam is going to torture her further. I mean is pagal family mai har koi aik dusre ko aur viewers ko torture hi kar raha hai, lol! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza!

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