O Rangreza Episode 20 Review – What’s The Purpose?

Oh the tragedy when you are watching this amazing intense Korean drama & take a break to watch O Rangreza only to find out that it got even more ridiculous than the last time you tuned to it. At first, it seemed like the writer was trying to make a point  & successfully at that, but that point is completely missing from this story now. All the new twists & turns are making this drama look like a joke now & I still can’t believe this is the same drama that I used to love!

With Tipu & all the situations that were created in this track, I think the writer was trying to add some comedy quotient but I think he missed the point that for comedy to work, timing is the most important factor & Saji Gul definitely got that wrong. I think now when Tipu has annoyed every single viewer to the core, there is not going be a single one who is going to laugh let alone smile at his antics. Tipu is after the Haveli & his chunk in it & he thinks getting married would solve all his problems, haa haa haa, we were supposed to laugh right? Oh I am (not) sorry that it is sounding so sarcastic. From letting the viewers know the double standards of men to a head-strong girl fighting to chase her dreams, the story stooped to this level where we were being shown a sissy guy arranging his own marriage without the involvement of his parents & girls’ mother being totally cool with such a bizarre rishta? Chalo larki walon ke koi standards na honge but hum viewers ke to hain!

Ohhh, just last week I mentioned that the characters weren’t evolving & after 19 weeks it finally happened where Qasim scored a win by fighting Sassi ka Sissy sa bhai, bhai wah kya kamal kiya hai 19 weeks baad!!! Also, Mumtaz showed that her vocal chords were in mint condition because of which she could scream like anything. What progess, clap everyone!

I must say the Hmmm Hmmm’mmm Mmmm during Khayyam & Sonia’s confession # 103883739 scene was hilarious, matlab are they really projecting it as a fresh beautiful love that two souls experience for the first time? Sonia is suffering from depression & that is why she resorted to such an extreme. Sonia’s depression needs to be addressed because even her personal assistant was aware of it & she had an episode in front of him too. It is amusing how Khayyam is trying to set a saij for himself & Sonia over Mumtaz’s Haveli, I mean Sonia has made a lot of money, so why is he after something that belongs to Mumtaz? Does Khayyam really think he has to ‘prove’ something to Sonia by doing something so ridiculous? It seems Khayyam is just looking for excuses to buy himself some more time because now when Sonia is ready, the first thing he should do is get married to her in stead of worrying about haveli & flats. Sonia already has a place to stay which even Khayyam is living in, so what’s the point of arranging a place for Sonia? Or may be Khayyam’s ego won’t allow him to stay at Chaudhry’s place after getting married to her?

Sassi has become a struggling actor & she couldn’t tolerate the fact that Meena got to work in one of the projects she was after. I mean it is so ridiculous seeing Meena, an Indian from Chandigarh becoming a dweller here? Matlab behan app ne wapis nahi jana? Or may be she is working to earn some money so that she can go back or may be not as she was trying to arrange a dulha for herself in the form of Qasim. It was funny that Meena was being ‘informed’ about Tipu’s marriage as if she wasn’t living there? This is what the problem in this story is, the writer got too focused on creating individual characters that he forgot to establish proper relations, a chemistry between them all. I mean Tipu & even Mumtaz were planning his marriage, meeting the neighbors & both Meena & Sassi didn’t have any clue about it? Aisa kahan hota hai yaar, even ghar mai 1 hour kaam karne wale servants ko bhi ghar ki har news hoti hai! Also, Khayyam, I mean no matter how cold or distant a father might be, he always keeps an eye on his children, so it is absolutely unconvincing & unreal that Khayyam has left Sassi on her mercy & he is not even bothered about where she is headed? Anyways!

Please share your thoughs about this episode of O Rangreza & tell me how shocked you are seeing the recent turn of events in this drama!

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