O Rangreza Episode 21 Review – Clan of Caricatures!

Ohkay so, there was a time when I couldn’t wait to explore these characters. I was so intriguied by the idea of unique & new that I actually wanted to see what these characters were all about; their personalities, their thought process, their mindsets & sadly, at this stage of the drama they look nothing more than caricatures to me.

We have seen quite a few dramas where a couple of characters are different & unique but they still blend in the mixture, but honestly speaking, while watching the episode of O Rangreza tonight, all I could think of was how could each & every single member of the family be so messed up? Like what went wrong there? In the beginning, writer made sure to give us all an explanation for Sassi’s character but apart from that, he left everything on viewer’s imagination like when & why Khayyam grew cold towards Mumtaz? What went wrong between Tipu & Khayyam? When & how did Khayyam fall in love with Sonia & how did she know him? Why, when & how this entire family fell apart?

This episode was filled with all those scenarios which weren’t adding up to the story, like Tipu’s marriage, Meena’s aimlessness, Sonia’s paralysis & the best one, Mumtaz’s attempt to control Sassi? I mean all these scenarios are so different to one another & all the characters are so distant & aloof that I think if the writer hadn’t shown them as one family unit, that would’ve justified quite a lot of things because they don’t seem like one family & even if we try to reason, there is no justification enough to prove these guys right. We have seen a lot of dysfunctional families but this one is something else!

Umm, can anyone tell why Meena is not leaving? Lol! I mean Tipu is now getting married, so basically he has broken up with Meena, she did this advertisement so she made a few bucks, at least enough to get herself a one way ticket back to London, so why isn’t she going? The way she has turned into an overly concerned camper in this house is nonsensical. Meena’s involvement in Sassi’s life & her lectures to Qasim about her are so bizarre, like Meena literally had no issues with the fact that Tipu was getting married & there she is, being concerned about Sassi, her career & her future? There was absolutely no need for Meena’s character in the first place & now when the ‘relation’ because of which she was introduced has died, then why is she still here? Also, I still can not understand why a girl like Meena gets easily scared of a guy like Tipu?

Uf Qasim, well the less said the better. I know the writer tried the role reversal where Sassi was a man & Qasim was a woman in this relationship, but then no matter who you are, no matter how much you love someone, no matter how selfless you must be, no one compromises on a thing called ‘self-respect’. I would have taken Qasim seriously IF he had shown some signs of ‘self respect’ because yes, it ‘WAS’ cute that he would follow Sassi around, would hide his feelings from her but now, even after confessing everything, he hasn’t been able to change anything & still continues to be her puppet? So who takes a puppet seriously? Well I don’t!

Ummm I know Sana Fakhar tried her best to give her 100% in that scene where she was channeling out Sonia’s frustrations but I ended up laughing & then muting the TV because the acting at that particular moment was ummm hideous & things were a bit too loud there! I mean, what do we have to do with Sonia’s paralysis, as in how is it contributing to the story? We all know that Khayyam is smitten by her so he is going to now even make breakfast for her, something which he has not even done for himself, so? Matlab kya batana chah rahay hain?

The funniest joke of this episode was Mumtaz giving Sassi sedatives? Why did she do that? I mean this entire situation was a reminder of how a wild animal is tamed with the help of a tranquilizer, so is this how Mumtaz sees her own daughter Sassi? I mean why is it that we have never seen Mumtaz & Sassi having a proper conversation? Yes, in the beginning Mumtaz used to give Sassi some lectures but they didn’t have any affect on Sassi but now she has changed & even took a stand for her mother, so after that, why hasn’t their relation normalized? In this family, no one talks to anyone, no one sits down to find a solution, everyone is running away, shying away from one another & everyone is too busy messing their own lives! Tipu’s marriage was another joke where Mumtaz all of a sudden remembered that her son was a monster, so if she knew what & who he was, then why did she give in & allow him to have his hands on her property papers? Chalo weak characters bhi dekhe hain, bewaqoof bhi but Mumtaz kuch aur hi hai!

I think I would definitely commend the writer for coming up with soooo manyyy twisted & mentally deranged characters, I mean it is quite a tough job, so what if the story doesn’t make sense anymore, so what if the purpose of the drama is lost, so what if on the whole the concept is not working, at least the writer did achieve what he wanted to, which is, introducing the viewers with some veryyyy unique characters!

Honestly, I love Sajal & her acting, even I love her as Sassi despite the fact that her character isn’t working for me, but I am now getting annoyed with the way she speaks to Qasim especially, I mean that thing that she does with her lips, eeekh! Also, what was that, where she was trying to change her accent in an attempt to sound ‘maadraan’ (modern)? Uf, petty. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza & say a little prayer ke ye drama jaldi khatam ho jaye!

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