O Rangreza Episode 22 Review – Boring!

Ohkay so, another week & another weak episode of O Rangreza. I just can not believe this is the same drama that had so much to offer & stayed amazing for like so many weeks. It just doesn’t seem like the same drama, same story anymore & it seems as if the writer lost the direction where he wanted to lead his characters to, that is why they seem clueless & the story seems stagnant. There was a time when slight touch of comedy worked really well too but now, through Tipu’s character that comedy is being brought back again but it just doesn’t work as it seems forced & Tipu’s character is anything but funny!

All the scenarios & every single character is so aloof to one another that you just find it hard to see them as a single family. Khayyam is busy taking care of Sonia, so not sure how long will it take him to tire himself out because Khayyam is used to being pampered & not pampering someone else. For a man like Khayyam who has been so selfish, it won’t be too long before he realizes that he was just infatuated with Sonia. Sonia got a notice to move out & Khayyam will most probably bring her with him to Mumtaz’s house!

The focus was on Meena & throughout the episode I was just wondering why is she being given so much of importance? Just when I was thinking she might do something to go back, she shared her plans of staying here forever because of Qasim. Meena is interested in learning about Islam so it was good that Mumtaz decided to help her but then also reminded her that it won’t be easy. Mumtaz’s question was the only thing that made sense in this entire episode where she straight away asked Meena if she was accepting Islam because she wanted to get married to someone?

Qasim finally revealed that he transferred his credit hours to some university in this city. Good to know that after being shoved around like a puppet, he decided to do something for himself but then again, I see no change in his personality since he is living in the same toxic environment, so there is no chance for his improvement. Meena did make sense though, that he shouldn’t stop Sassi from doing what makes her happy. I was wondering since Qasim knows what’s right & wrong for Sassi, then why doesn’t he know what’s right & wrong for him too? Is he always going to remain on a same track or he is going to do something for himself?

Mumtaz stopped Tipu’s marriage but before that, she gave sedatives to Sassi so that she doesn’t stop Tipu’s marriage? Does that even make sense? Like Mumtaz realized things weren’t right, so if that was the case, why did she support Tipu in the first place & not only that, went to such an extreme where she ended up hurting Sassi? Mumtaz has always known her son’s shortcomings so only to get back at her husband & to prevent him from selling the house, she handed over everything to conniving Tipu? Seriously? Even though Mumtaz is a simpleton & that’s how she is but I wish she had some sensibility & she wasn’t so absent minded to commit such stupid mistakes because being simple is no excuse for you to be stupid!

So Sassi auditioned but what’s next? What is going to happen then? It is amusing how everyone is so disconnected with each other in this family that except Qasim, no one is bothered about what Sassi is doing? It is like everyone has left Sassi on her mercy because they know she is a gone case. Meena helped Sassi & then asked for Qasim in return. It is funny that Qasim is being used as a barter bargain between the two ladies, but then this is what happens when you have zero personality because people then assume that you have no feelings, no heart, no mind, no liking, no disliking of your own!

Anyways, it was a boring episode because things are barely making sense anymore. The writer Saji Gul right from the beginning knew that the plot & the characters in this drama were different from the usual & he was even aware of the fact that O Rangreza wasn’t grabbing the attention of the viewers, so I think he should have kept his grip on the story under all circumstances because O Rangreza didn’t have the kind of plot to keep the viewers hooked by making the story stagnant with no development & zero evolvement as we all can now see that it got really boring real quick & that’s a fact. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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