O Rangreza Episode 27 Review – Tasteless Chewing Gum!

Ohkay so, just when I was thinking about this entire journey like from where it began to where it has come now, the only apt description that came to my mind about it was ‘tasteless chewing gum’. I still remember how everyone including me in the beginning was raving about the ‘flavors’ that this drama had but look what has happened to it, a perfect example is that of chewing gum which loses its taste after being eaten for a while & loses its elasticity as well after being stretched too far & that my friends is what O Rangreza has reduced to!

I mean seriously, what do we have to do by seeing this anoki pagal family in financial crisis? Tipu spent money & then the entire family was going mad about it? If that was the case, why didn’t anyone bother keeping a check on Tipu before, especially Qasim with the help of Meena because Meena had spent enough time with Tipu to know that he was upto something? Qasim sirf hinhinanay aur minminanay ke liye rakha hua tha kya? Also, I must say the editing of this episode was just so baddd!!!

Now that Qasim is out of his kurtas & into his small sized dress shirts, his character has still shown zero growth. Yes, he was a kind hearted person before & he is a kind hearted person now too but still, some authority some command over things? All he did was send Tipu away & that’s it? What about all the other storms that have surrounded this family?

Oh dear, the amount of screaming that Mumtaz did left a hole in my ear I am pretty sure. Once again, Mumtaz found an easy way out; now that Sassi is crossing all the boundaries, she easily blamed Sonia for it? Ummm how about blaming your loser husband who was smitten by heroine & her adayein? Because he is the one who helped Sassi getting fascinated by Sonia Jahan. In the beginning Khayyam still showed some concerns about Sassi & the path that she was walking on but now, his aloofness is not only bizarre but idiotic too!

Psychotic Psyssi (Sassi) was now being conscious of her izzat without even thinking for a second before walking into a man’s house just like that? I am all for feminism but seriously, what the writer here is showing is totally twisted. I totally believe that Wajih should have stayed in his limits too but that implies on Psyssi as well. They can’t just show Wajih in a wrong light when Psyssi is equally responsible for giving Wajih the edge in the first place. There are certain boundaries that need to be respected by everyone irrespective of the gender, so not sure what the writer is trying to achieve here by showing Psyssi’s bebaaki & Wajih’s gandi neeyat!

I also don’t understand what is Psyssi’s issue with Sonia Jahan, like why is she torturing her & why has she turned against her? Sonia never said anything to her but is psychotic Psyssi se kya expect karna. Also, Psyssi is now getting jealous of Meena? Why? As far as I know, she was free from any such typical emotions to abb kya hua?

By showing everyone becoming a fan of Meena, the writer has contradicted himself. He was showing Psyssi as a strong, bold, unapologetically herself sort of a person who wanted to live life on her own terms, so why didn’t he show that even by being like that, she proved herself right & earned everyone’s support, respect & validation? Akhir mai to yehi dikhaya na ke typical si larki jo apni hadh mai rahay, khidmatain karay, ghar se kaam karay uske hi numbers bantay hain? LOL! I’m pretty sure the writer lost his chain of thought & forgot about what he wanted to show initially, hence the contradiction because even though Psyssi has fulfilled her dream, she has lost a place of hers in everyone’s heart, so kya faida hua writer ka kuch so called unique dikha ke?

Seriously, they should just end this drama & I am sure no one can deny the fact that O Rangreza has lost the purpose, it has lost the charm & has now turned out to be such a drama which people will only be associating one word with; bakwas. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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