O Rangreza Episode 28 – Review!

Ohkay so, the perspective of Sassi came through in this episode, though I may or may not agree, it is worth mentioning that things were conveyed clearly at least. Now that the drama is about to end, I am not sure what to take out of it because the perspective of the writer seems confusing as well!

Sassi ended up slapping Wajih because she couldn’t tolerate the way he treated her father at the press conference. I have a concern though, since Sassi was shown to be so out there, boisterous & someone who challenged men around her, like in simple terms the writer was trying to show her as a man, then why was she having a hard time protecting herself? Why did she feel the need to call Qasim when Wajih was mentally harrassing her? Why did she feel the need to rely on an actual ‘man’, that too a man she never saw as one? Sassi fell weak & though she continued to challenge people around her, it was too obvious that she was shaking & was now rattled as well!

The editing was a bit too off. I think Wajih should have created a havoc at Sassi’s place right after she slapped him at the press conference but he came after the movie already had a premier. Anyways, the thing which was conveyed properly was that Qasim ended up doubting & questioning Sassi after seeing the pictures. It was suggested that no matter what Sassi did, she always stayed in her limits but it took a second for everyone around her, especially Qasim to doubt her integrity as if he believed in what Wajih was hinting at by showing those pictures? Yes, it is a fact that people find it really easy & are a bit too quick to judge a girl & this is what happened with Sassi too but even though she has a reputation in the family, she never crossed the line. In fact, Sassi grew a bit courteous towards her parents, which is a good thing like she took a loan for Mumtaz & ended up slapping Wajih as she couldn’t see Khayyam getting insulted. But then again, my point remains, which is something that I mentioned in the previous review about the writer contradicting himself by showing Meena being accepted & appreciated for being traditional & Sassi being dissed for being the way she is, so what’s the point? Yes, Sassi had the right to explore the world on her own, she had the right to live her life but then again, another contradiction arises by showing that Sass couldn’t earn any respect for what she did & is now left empty-handed but oh yes, as the preview suggested, she will be getting Qasim as a consolation prize it seems, what a win I must say! Oh, again by leaving Qasim for Sassi, Meena will once again take the crown by outbidding Sassi’s selfishness by her selflessness, so again, Sassi ne khud se kya hasil kar liya when in the end, she had to beg for her happiness from someone else?

Sonia Jahan will give up & the one who will put her to rest would be Khayyam. I wish the drama makers will put the viewers to rest too by ending this drama next week. Let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza!

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