Teri Raza Last Episode Review – Halala Haul!

Seriously, what was this? Like I always said, the writer had a lot of sympathy with a pathetic character of Suhana that is why she made sure that everything fell into its place for her & she got away with everything. I remember when I was reviewing this drama, I always said & believed that the writer was showing Suhana as a victim & I got challenged by a commenter saying that this was not what the writer was trying to portray. In fact, the commenter said that in the end the writer will show Suhana paying a huge price for her mistakes, basically using her character to show how grave the consequences can be but oh well, it’s pretty clear that I was right all along. The writer only showed Suhana as a victim of her wrong desires & she also tried to made a very sickly twisted point that no matter what, you are totally entitled to make mistakes, even if it means getting divorced, tossing your decent hushand aside, going on a test drive of a marriage & when you are done experiementing, you can always come back because hey, you are some royalty & you will get what you want since you fell in love with your ex husband after all.

I really think the writer of this drama should not only be ashamed but bid farwell to an art called scriptwriting because this is so not her cup of tea. I really wish the writer Naila Ansari feels ashamed that she glorified Halala which actually is a severe punishment & is not something which should be treated so lightly. Naila Ansari needs to know that writing a drama & characters is no easy feat, so she should leave this to those who are good at it at least.

When this drama began, the concept of Istikhara was twisted too & it became evident that the writer herself wasn’t too sure therefore she merged different concepts which weren’t coherent with Islamic concepts of Istikhara. The entire focus on Badshaghuni showed that the writer was a bit too obsessed with Bollywood, hence the over usage of this word. Even in this episode, Suhana said ‘mai kitnay bhi JANAM le loon & some stuff like that’, like seriously? What is the writer trying to convey here? Since when do we get to have Janams & more than that, who speaks like that? Why so inspired by Bollywood? Janam? I want to know which number of Janam did the writer have to write this gibberish? May be she will need a few more to mature as a writer!!!

After literally breaking the arms, legs, bones & everything of Istikhara, the writer now went to show that it you fail at marriage(s), Halala’s the way to go? Like seriously? What gives them the right to pick such complex, intricate & sensitive subjects & treat them so casually with such disrespect only for the sake of ratings?

The writer contradicted herself because Suhana got married to protect her family from some badshaghuni but later tossed Imtiyaz aside while completely forgetting that she was still going against Istikhara? The writer also showed infidelity as if it was Suhana’s right because she was having a hard time getting over her boyfriend & her love for him, while still enjoying the luxuries that her husband was providing her!!!

Another funniest thing about this entire story was the fact that everyone was stuck in a rut & didn’t move on even after being not related to each other. Suhana was involved with Rameez when she got married to Imtiyaz, later when she got married to Rameez, she was having heart to hearts with Imtiyaz. Jeena got ditched by Rameez but she was still chasing after him. Seema was another desperado who couldn’t get over Imtiyaz even when he was married to Suhana. Talat kept on calling Rameez’s mother to worsen the matters that too when Suhana was married to Imtiyaz! What a bunch of loons!

This entire episode was also just so haphazard. What was the point of showing that Suhana went missing & then she was at the hospital? Rameez was nowhere to be seen in the rest of the episode after first few minutes where he made tall claims that he’d shoot Imtiyaz & Suhana? Looks like Jeena’s reminder pushed him under the burrow & he decided to stay there & never come out. Also, all of a sudden for 1 scene, Zafar suffered a loss & recovered immediately because of Suhana? I mean seriously? Considering it was the last episode, they still couldn’t end things decently. It was amusing that after treating her father like a nobody & literally misbehaving with him for Rameez’s sake, Suhana was now playing the good daughter game with him. Oh yes, shouldn’t Sitara have contacted Seema when she fell sick? Suhana was never the wise, the courteous, the care taker sort of a person, so why did she call her & not her daughter in law to-be? I must say, the ridiculousness of this entire episode surpassed the hidous cut paste job that was done in those scenes where it was suggested that Imtiyaz was out of the country!!!

Oh well, coming to the last scene, when & why did Imtiyaz come to Suhana’s place on the day of his marriage, where he should have been getting ready to go to the venue to get married to Seema? Chalain jee, now that Suhana realized that she was in love with Imtiyaz, she got him in the end. I must say the nod that Imtiyaz did as if he was saying ‘chal pagli’ was so cringe worthy, it was like he completely forgot that she cheated on him & got married to someone else. That nod literally made it seem that for Imtiyaz what Suhana did was nothing & as if all she did was burn his breakfast! It is absolutely appalling to see that for the sake of ratings, the writers are coming up with such scripts where there is no story, no depth, no message & all that they are promoting is cheating, divorce, infidelity, halala & what not – all that isn’t something to be glorified!!!

Sanam Baloch shouldn’t have said yes to a project like this but I guess she got caught up in doing a favor to Fahad Mustafa. The dialogue ‘kyunki mai Suhana hoon’ was so petty, haan bhai tum jaisa psychi aur dheet koi aur ho bhi nahi sakta. I am still nodding my head in denial as I can’t believe that Sanam Baloch was promoting this drama as a next big thing. Hate to say this but she has lost her charm & even her acting is not as impactful as it used to be. Sarmad Khoosat did a decent job as Imtiyaz & Shehroz Sabzwari, I mean app thakte nahi hain aik ke baad aik flop de de ke? I mean Chain Aye Na ke baad bhi appko Chain Nahi Aya? Anyways, please share your thoughts about Teri Raza which should’ve been named as ‘Laut Ke Budhu Ghar Ko Ai’.

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