O Rangreza Episode 29 – Review!

Ohkay so, two main characters in this drama were finally on a road to self-discovery. No matter what the story has reduced to, the fact still remains that the actors in this drama have given the viewers some stellar performances to remember them for – especially Noman Ejaz & Sajjal Ali!

Sonia died & the one who made her journey come to an end in this world was Khayyam Sani himself, the same Khayyam Sani who spent all his life loving her, the same Khayyam Sani who never really treated his wife with respect because she was a complete opposite to what his dream girl; Sonia Jahan was like. That moment was quite emotional & heavy to grasp. Sadly, Khayyam Sani’s love story met such a tragic end & both he & Sonia couldn’t do anything!

Sassi all of a sudden realized that now when Sonia is dead, she has no one to hate, basically she has no purpose left in her life? Seriously? To be very honest, I felt absolutely nothing seeing Sassi all lifeless & depressed. It somehow brought me to the point I made way back that to me she seems shallow. Even after living her life on her own terms & successfully chasing after her dream, even after breaking all the barriers & making a point that she will listen to no one, what did she get? As in what did she achieve? It’s not that Sassi got lost now, she was a lost soul right from the beginning who was walking on other’s footsteps trying to find a life on their path but she failed, why, because she was shallow from within & she was all talks. I would have loveddd it, I would’ve appreciated it so much more, in fact I think the drama would’ve become much more meaningful if the writer had given Sassi some substance behind her boisterous, rebellious, all-talks personality, but sadly, that wasn’t the case. Now Sassi was feeling depressed? Why? Because after doing allllllll that she wanted, she firstly lost someone who she hated which means she now got some space in her heart to fulfill & then she all of a sudden realized that there used to someone named Qasim who had her back but even now he had a life of his own, so she was scared of being left alone. Yes, at least Sassi hit the bullseye when she called herself & Khayyam ‘khudgarz’, chalo aik baat to theek kahi!

Khayyam now realized that he owed Mumtaz an apology. I think the only sane thing that happened in this episode was Mumtaz’s stance of not forgiving Khayyam because in true words, he doesn’t deserve it. Khayyam just can’t have it his way, like he dissed Mumtaz when he wanted, did what he deem right & now when everything was done & dusted, he came back seeking forgiveness? Selfish to the core!

Meena is expecting a baby & Qasim seemed pretty happy & content in his life with her but then again, it won’t be Sassi if she won’t cause a mayhem in his life, therefore she asked Meena to give Qasim to him. To be honest, I would be actually happy if Sassi is left alone because she can’t have it all, that too, her way! Let’s see!

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