O Rangreza Episode 7 Review – Major Development!

Ohkay so, this episode was more like a decider which will now change the course of the story. This episode had a major twist to its credit & it will bring a drastic change in everyone’s life. It is quite interesting how with each passing episode, the viewers are getting to know the characters more & more, like every single time they show us something new, which we haven’t seen before to further form an opinion about them.

Khayyam has read Mumtaz inside out, he knows what to say & how to say anything to her in order to get it done & this is exactly why, he softened his tone, took her hand in his hand & then put forth his decision, making it manipulatively sound like a request that he wants to get married to Sonia Jahan. There’s a limit to walking all over your spouse but Khayyam Sani has no barriers. It was ironic how after getting Mumtaz’s answer, which he obviously was aware of, he had the audacity to ask her if he was being unfair or not? Has he left any choice for her? Has he given her any edge, any security, any respect or equality due to which Mumtaz would’ve told him that she disapproves his decision? That she was hurt? That he was being unfair?

Again, I totally get that Khayyam never respected or treated Mumtaz with love but upon being asked by Kareeman, Mumtaz had the same answer, that he wouldn’t have changed his mind if she would’ve told him. It is like Mumtaz has already given up, yes Khayyam has played a major part in shaping her mindset like that where she believes that nothing that she’d say or do would make Khayyam change his decisions but then again why was Mumtaz so sure? Why was she so sure that stopping Khayyam wouldn’t work? Mumtaz thinks being submissive is her only duty as a wife but then, showing possessiveness, demanding attention & putting forth her own opinion are also some of the responsibilities she has as a woman & then as a wife. That entire conversation was a life changing moment for both Khayyam & Mumtaz but the irony was that the outcome was pre-decided because both Khayyam & Mumtaz knew what was going to happen!

So, Sassi decided to have a conversation with Sonia Jahan, may be she wanted to tell her to back off only to get back at her father. Sassi would now do everything to take away the one Khayyam loves just the way he decided to take her away from the dreams she has always had. So, Sassi found out the truth about Sonia Jahan & her husband Wajih Kamal (Omair Rana). Sonia & Wajih both have an unhealthy relationship & Sonia is comfortably deceiving him by two timing with Khayyam. I loved Sassi’s reaction when she returned to her home after witnessing everything, like she could see how hard her father was going to suffer now. I know it is mean but Sassi is like that, she is finding repose in her father’s suffering. It was quite interesting to note how after getting a green signal from Mumtaz for his second marriage, Khayyam’s tone & attitude changed where he was again belittling her for being uncultured enough to even make a call & complain about the phone!

I loved the conversation that Sonia & Khayyam had, where Khayyam was now trying to act as her husband, questioning her about her choices & relations but Sonia on the other hand expected Khayyam to not act like a typical man, exactly what Sassi expected. I laughed at how Khayyam told Sonia that before this decision of his, she was just a celebrity but now she belonged to him, so all of a sudden his standards for her had changed. Sonia is just another Sassi that Khayyam will have to deal with, who will not budge & won’t put up with his double standards. Just a single confrontation was enough for Khayyam to have a break down so he really should analyze before jumping into the marriage.

Qasim’s break down was heart-breaking. It is sad that without even knowing Sassi can push Qasim to such a limit. Ever since coming back, Qasim has really been sensitive in the matters concerning Sassi & because of that he is only hurting himself more & more. Until Sassi sorts her stuff out, Qasim should really keep himself composed because if he will continue to sway with Sassi’s tantrums & attitude, he will end up hurting himself further.

I loved this episode overall & thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s performance. Noman Ejaz was phenomenal today & so was Irsa Ghazal. I am really looking forward to Omair Rana’s performance & character, I am sure he is not going to make things easier for Sonia & Khayyam both. Sana Fakhar has been at the top of her game now & it is a treat watching her on screen. Sajal Ali didn’t get much screen-time but her laugh was all that was needed to leave a mark. Bilal Abbas Khan has been phenomenal as Qasim, I don’t see any other actor fitting the character of Qasim like Bilal has. Definitely looking forward to the next episode, can’t wait. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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