Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 5- Best So Far!

Episode 5 of the season 10 aired today. The episode consisted of four songs as usual and the participating artists are Attaullah Esakhelvi, Sanwal Esakhelvi, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Faraz Anwer, Faiza Mujahid and Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan. This was a good one overall. Lets get to each song individually:

Sab Maya Hai:

Sung by Attaullah Esakhelvi and his son Sanwal Esakhelvi and the music directed by Shuja Haider, this is indeed a perfect song for me. Attaullah Esakhelvi is no doubt a legend and knows how to get inside his listeners’s hearts but surprisingly Sanwal did well too. The song was soothing and passionate at the same time which was a perfect combination. Shuja Haider finally has provided a treat for the ears. Loved this one. Though I think the song should have been named Ishq Pawayan Zanjeeran since Inshaa’s poetry got only a little part. Still a good addition indeed.


Yes this is what Rahat Fateh Ali Khan capable to do. Music was directed by Sahir Ali Bagga. After the painful Sayonee Rahat is back to his usual self and yes his usual self is brilliant. A classical piece performed with class. Since Coke Studio mentioned Danyal for standing beside and playing guitar which was not very unique either, I think they should have mentioned the name of the guy who played shehnai. That music alone made this song what it sounded as a final product. A Coke Studio level product finally!

Ujaalon Main:

Sung by Faraz Anwer and Faiza Mujahid. Music is directed by Jaffer Zaidi. Faraz is also the man behind the original composition so he recreated his song. It was the rock song for the night and I find it just okay. It was not very good or extraordinary. Still better than the ones like Muntazir which were needlessly included in this season. Jaffer Zaidi is hands down the winner in this song. Music was very good but vocal part wasn’t extraordinary which made this one an average.


Faiz Ahmed Faiz Sahab was given a tribute by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan. Music director for this one is Shani Arshad. It could have been the best song of this season but the composition didn’t work. It was not bad but it was not mind blowing either. The music again was too slow and didn’t match with the gist of the lyrics. I am a sad song lover too but everything cannot be changed to lullaby kind of stuff. The music should have been more passionate. Shafqat although did a very good job as far as the vocals are concerned but the choice of music composition made this one  an average.

All in all this episode is by far the best one uptill now. Lets see what else is there in store. Which song was your favourite today? Share in comments!


Pakeeza Dar