Pakistan Idol Week 07 – Piano Round 02!

Ohkay, that was another interesting lot of a piano round that performed today. I am quite surprised that those who were lost somewhere in the auditions & the theater round came out with a bang & performed extremely well.

I must say the judges are not opening up too much in judging the contestants. I know they may not want to influence the public & their votings but where they have pinpointed some of the mistakes, they have clearly left some of the contestants untouched too. I think the judgements or their opinions should be honest & fair but to completely ignore someone’s mistake isn’t justified.

This lot of 8 people had a lot of power packed performances where a few were disappointing, a lot others were brilliant so I am guessing the people would have to vote it a hard way because only 4 get to qualify where 3 will be chosen by the people & we clearly had a lot more performers who deserve to be qualified – I guess a little more than 4 for sure. Almost all the contestants of this lot were from Lahore except for 3 & also most of them sang the Indian songs *sigh*.

The commentary on the contestants who performed today is as follows:

Kashif Ali (KA) from Lahore sang ‘Arziyaan’ from Hindi movie ‘Delhi 6’. I think undoubtedly his performance was the best amongst the whole lot. He was flawless, he was effortless & he was just perfect. He sang that song beautifully & judges were pretty much impressed too. I didn’t quite agree with what Bushra Ansari said about him running out of breath. This criticism would’ve been justified if she had pin pointed other’s mistakes too but if she didn’t intend to do it, she should’ve let this one pass too because he didn’t deserve any of the negative comments because his voice & singing was absolutely amazing.

Yasir Khan (YK) from Lahore sang ‘Pehla Nasha’ of the Indian movie ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’. I must say I wasn’t quite in fact I wasn’t at all impressed by his singing. He fell flat at so many moments & he literally changed the perfect song to an ordinary one but it was shocking to see the judges commend him for his amazing singing which wasn’t as amazing as the judges claimed it to be. I think they should’ve picked out the negative points too & shouldn’t have let him get away with such a flat singing so easily.

Mehwish Maqsood (MM) from Lahore sang ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’ from Indian movie ‘Agent Vinod’. She was impressive & effortless too. The judges appreciated her & Ali Azmat rightly said that she proved herself to be versatile because in the earlier rounds she has sung some folk songs & now this one was of a completely different genre but over all her performance was definitely great.

Mohammad Shoaib (MS) the only contestant from Peshawar sang ‘Kise Da Yaar Na Wichre’ of his favorite idol ‘Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’. Sadly & unfortunately he couldn’t do justice to the song because this was definitely a difficult choice made by him. He was pretty effortless in his auditions but this time he was good & bad both. I still find his voice one of the best one amongst all. The judges picked a lot from his performance but I hope & I am keeping my fingers crossed that he gets a chance again because he is definitely better than many others.

Mohammad Zeeshan (MZ) from Rawalpindi sang ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ from the Indian movie ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’. He focused more on his performance & the gestures & sort of ignored his singing. He sounded really one dimensional even though he maintained his confidence but Ali Azmat was right in saying that his voice lacked power. That song really needed the right throw & emotion but Mohammad Zeeshan failed to convey it.

Ali Rizwan (AR) from Faisalabad sang ‘Zara Si Dil Mai De Jagah’ from the Indian movie ‘Jannat’. His performance wasn’t impressive rather it sounded weak. He sang nicely but still it wasn’t enough of a convincing performance to suit the Pakistan Idol stage. The judges didn’t point out any flaws & let him pass without any pointers from their side which I feel isn’t right. It was pretty evident that they weren’t so convinced by his singing.

Sana Zulfikaar (SZ) from Lahore attempted Noor Jahan’s song ‘Dil De Sheeshay’. I must say I had to lower the volume of my TV because she sounded just so shrilly. The judges were going gaga over her performance, no doubt she sang it appropriately but I don’t think she was that impressive. I mean she lacks that power in her voice & that aura to be on the stage.

Abdul Rafay Khan (RK) from Lahore sang ‘Abbhi Mujh Mai Kahin’ of the Indian Movie ‘Agneepath’. He was another one who was flawless. His voice had throw, his voice quality was great & over all his singing was brilliant. Hadiqa Kiyani seemed to be really impressed & so were the other two judges. I am glad that the Piano Round 2 started & ended with such such brilliant performances.

So, these were the performances. I am definitely hoping that Kashif Ali & Abdul Rafay Khan along with Mehwish Maqsood qualify & it would definitely be a surprise to see who fills the 4th place. There would be a tough competition between Sana Zulfikaar & Mohammad Zeeshan but I hope Mohammad Shoaib gets the chance too because he is definitely good.

Who did you like in tonight’s episode & who’s your favorite from the lot & who do you want to see qualify for the next round, do share it? :)

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