Pakistan Idol Week 09 – Journey So Far!

Ohkay so well, I was expecting the results in this episode but sadly nothing was revealed. It looks like we’ll have to wait for a whole week to find out who is the lucky 13th contestant, but on the other hand I do feel that IF unfortunately the selected contestant won’t be the one who everybody is rooting for, then it won’t be worth it. So, I think the best is to keep our fingers crossed that the most deserving; Kashif Ali gets selected.

Having said that, I did enjoy watching this episode because it shed a light on everybody’s story who made it to this level. Everyone had to share one thing or the other & no doubt those who reached to this level have gathered such an experience & made such memories that no one can imagine. The excitement on their faces, along with the happiness was a sight to see.

I enjoyed listening to what they had to tell because no doubt everyone has had their fair share of highs & lows in this whole journey. Everyone was worth listening to minus Sana Zulfikar – yes, I am clearly not interested. I liked how chirppy our down-to-earth Mohammad Shoaib sounded, laid back Asad Ali Zaidi had some points to share too. Waqas Ali actually gets more nervous than he actually sounds or looks. Sajjid Abbas looks more confident now. Rosemary is a sweetheart & luckily we got to know how she made to the auditions. I am happy that the Pakistan Idol team didn’t let her auditions pass & gave her a call to appear in the auditions for the last time, which was actually a beginning of her journey. These bits & bobs were great to listen to because it told us a bit more about the contestants of Pakistan Idol.

Once again, I would like to point out that they need to be wise in song selection. Most of the contestants said the same thing that they chose a song which they or their mothers like, which shouldn’t be the case. Only Waqas Ali made sense when he revealed why he chose Kishor Kumar’s song ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ to perform because looks like he considered many factors starting from impressing the audience to the intricacy of the notes in a song. Most of the others said that they chose songs of their favorite singers which they shouldn’t because I think they have come to such a point where they must keep in mind what song would suit their vocal tone & voice. Rosemary likes Lata Mangeshkar but her voice is really soft to be singing Lata’s songs, so I hope next time we get to hear those songs which the contestants can perform accordingly, not just because they like it or are a fan of the singer.

Well, I know most of us are disappointed because we didn’t get to know who made it through but nevermind, let’s wait for the Gala round because the actual competitions begins from there.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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