Pakistan Idol Week 11 – Second Elimination!

Right after such a shocking elimination I’d just move on to the results. I am stunned at what just happened & not sure what the public of Pakistan is looking for in their very first idol!

The first three contestants who came to get their results were Shahmir Aziz Quidwai, Mohammad Shoaib & Abdul Rafay Khan. At this point I was sure that Shahmir would be in the danger zone because it was what we all expected & it would’ve been justified considering his last performance but what shook me the most was that he didn’t even make it to the red seats & was completely safe with a considerable margin of votes. I was content with the results about Abdul Rafay Khan & Mohammad Shoaib because Abdul Rafay is a fine singer & Mohammad Shoaib is at least showing some improvement but sadly Shahmir is improving downwards & is still being saved. A BIG QUESTION MARK!

Next contestant to face the result was Zamad Baig, he came to get the decision of the public alone & like it was expected, he was safe. It was a good decision because he deserved the spot in the next round.

After him the contestants who came for their results were Kashif Ali, Waqas Ali & Ali Asad Zaidi. I was hoping that all three of them would be safe but it was sad to know that Waqas Ali was in the danger zone. Ali Asad Zaidi was good in the last episode & because he has a huge fan following, the result was in his favour. Kashif is Kashif & who doesn’t know what a phenomenal singer he is. So, at this point I was gutted to see Waqas Ali – such a mature singer to go to the danger zone AGAIN!

Next to face the results were Rosemary & Sana Zulfikar. I was happy to know that Sana Zulfikar was sent to the danger zone. I think she needed this close call to up her ante because in her comparison Rosemary has shown her versatility so far in the competition.

Last lot to get the result was of Syed Sajid Abbas, Waqas Ali Vicky & Asad Raza Sonu. All three of them were again brilliant in the Friday night’s episode but just because Waqas Ali Vicky’s song selection was a little tricky it was pretty evident that out of the three he would be the one in the danger zone & I was right.

Finally, the moment came when the final elimination had to be announced & not that the results weren’t shocking & none of the three deserved a spot in the danger zone but I hoped that IF the decision had to be made choosing one of them, it was against Sana Zulfikaar, because the other two are definitely better than her but sadly & unfortunately Waqas Ali of Rawalpindi was eliminated.

It was an extremely unfair decision & poor choice made by the public to vote out such a brilliant singer who was not only mature as a singer but sounded mature too. He was definitely ONE OF THE BEST singers of the lot & it literally felt like we lost one such contestant whose caliber was to make it to the TOP 3 because he deserved to be there.

I am shocked at the people who are liking Shahmir Aziz Quidwai, a guy who is clearly confused till date as to which genre to associate himself with. Calls himself a rock artist but sounds like a playback singer of the 80’s. Clearly the contestants in majority chose Shahmir to have performed the weakest this time around & even in the judges Hadiqa Kiyani & Bushra Ansari agreed to them but still we saw what happened. The rate with which this guy is getting the votes, I am dreading to see him win the title because his voters clearly do not have an ear to the detail.

I have to have a say about Sana Zulfikaar here, it’s not that she was facing the eliminations for the very first time that she nearly had a nervous break-down. Last week, when she actually should’ve been worried about going through the process of facing the results for the very first time, she was perfectly alright just because she was confident about her performance. This time when we clearly saw how she performed, she literally ran out of words because of her weakness. I think she knows the drill of the show & she knew what she was getting into, so to put forward an excuse about her health is the last thing we all need to know. I feel she should take a leave & rest if she is so physically & emotionally weak. I know this can happen to anyone but why only Sana is coming forward as the most sensitive & fragile contestant of the show? Sana dear, you aren’t going to earn the votes by telling us how emotionally weak you are, you should give us your 100% & the votes will automatically follow!

Anyways, coming to Waqas Ali – his last performance & all the reactions were heart-breaking. It was absolutely sweet of Waqas Ali Vicky to actually tell people who did they eliminate because yes, he was a very knowledgeable singer who had the insights & know-how of the singing which was visible through his singing. It was a very poor decision & his departure was sad.

I am sad at his elimination & I wish all the luck, success & power to him.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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