Pakistan Idol Week 13 – Fourth Elimination!

A sigh of relief after a much expected elimination. I am glad that the voting trends are shaping up henceforth & people are now paying extra attention as to who shall be voted & who shouldn’t.

I must say I loved Hadiqa’s get-up tonight. She looked really nice & elegant. I am glad that when asked by Ali Azmat he clearly mentioned how Shoaib has improved over the weeks & he actually appreciated him. Shahmir seems to be improving in Ali Azmat’s opinion, so, let’s see. Eliminations from now onwards will be getting tougher for sure.

A few names that clearly surfaced for the eliminations, when asked by the contestants were of Sana Zulfikaar with 4 votes, Shahmir Quidwai & Waqas Ali Vicky with 3 votes, Mohammad Shoaib with 2 & Rosemary with 1. I was kind of amazed to hear Waqas Ali Vicky’s performance being labeled as a weak one because he was obviously good. Anyways, moving onto the MOST awaited elimination, there you go:

The first trio that came to face their results was of Waqas Ali Vicky, Shahmir Aziz Quidwai & Kashif Ali. All this while I thought all three of them would be safe, then after Kashif’s results I was sure that Waqas Ali Vicky would make it to the red zone but I was caught off guard when Shahmir’s name was announced as a first contestant tonight to be making a debut to the danger zone.

After them, those who came for their results were Zamad Baig & Asad Raza Sonu. I was thinking may be Zamad won’t be safe this time but it was definitely a pleasant surprise to see both of them safe as they deserved it.

The next duo that came in for the results was of Mohammad Shoaib & Abdul Rafay Khan. At this point I wasn’t sure what might happen because both of them are my favorites & luckily for us all, they were safe too.

The last trio that had to face the results was of Ali Asad Zaidi, Rosemary & Sana Zulfikaar. After Mohib announced that two of the 3 were unsafe, I was pretty sure that Ali Asad Zaidi was safe & gladly he was.

Now, it was a time for the final announcement of Pakistan Idol’s week where Shahmir Aziz Quidwai, Rosemary & Sana Zulfikaar had to find out who was safe & who wasn’t. As expected, Shahmir was safe. When it came down to Rosemary & Sana, I wished to see Rosemary safe because definitely she has been performing well most of the time. So yes, the wishful thinking was materialized & Sana Zulfikaar was eliminated.

I am satisfied with the result this time because yes, it would’ve been unfair to the others, if any one of them would’ve gotten eliminated in her place. She survived so far & that’s more than good for her. I wish her luck & success. Share your opinion about tonight’s elimination!

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