Pakistan Idol Week 15 – Sixth Elimination!

Wallah! After Sajjad Ali’s & this Friday’s episode, this one has become a memorable one for me. I am sure this was a lucky day for all the Pakistan Idol viewers because now only the deserving contestants are left but I must say, they had us worried, it was like a rollercoaster ride but yes in the end it felt refreshing, exactly how you feel after the ride. ;) lol!

I must say Hadiqa Kiyani looked gorgeous tonight & even Bushra Ansari looked pretty decent too. I am not sure how many times Hadiqa has her hair-color changed but this one suits her the best. I hope that she continues to make wise choices in terms of styling & spare us from the laughing fits. ;)

The first two contestants who came for their results were Ali Asad Zaidi & Kashif Ali. At first I thought they both would be safe because they deserved to be but the worry began when Mohib announced that one of them is going to the danger zone. Sadly & shockingly it was Ali Asad Zaidi. :/

After them only Mohammad Shoaib was called for his result. It was pretty evident that he would be safe & yes, he was. :)

The duo that now came to face the result was of Zamad Baig & Shahmir Aziz Quidwai. I was pretty sure that Zamad would be unsafe because the certain someone gets lucky all the time but fortunately Zamad was safe & Shahmir made it to the red zone.

The last trio that had to face the result was of Rosemary, Abdul Rafay Khan & Waqas Ali Vicky.¬†Judging by the previous voting trend, I guessed it right it was Waqas Ali Vicky who was unsafe but he didn’t deserve to be there anyway.

Finally, it was a time for the moment of truth but before proceeding with the final announcement Mohib asked the judges about who they wanted to see going through to the next round. Very honestly & without being politically correct Hadiqa & Bushra picked Waqas Ali Vicky & Ali Asad Zaidi even though they were asked to choose a single contestant but I am glad they were honest. Similarly, Ali Azmat wanted to see Waqas Ali Vicky safe too.

So yes, it came down to Waqas Ali Vicky, Shahmir Aziz Quidwai & Ali Asad Zaidi. It was the very first high moment of the episode when surprisingly Waqas Ali Vicky was told that he was safe. This had me shouting like anything because his position looked the weakest as compared to the other two in the danger zone but he’s definitely worth it. After a little dance of trance it was the time to face the reality & trust me, in a disbelief I was worried that Ali Asad Zaidi is going because the other one has knocked out some great contestants but I was just surprised when a certain name was announced, leaving me happy, excited, thankful & what-not because yes, finally, it was Shahmir Aziz Quidwaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! :D

Last week before watching the episode unexpectedly from the Facebook newsfeed I got to know that Asad Raza Sonu was eliminated, this killed the suspense for me & I watched the episode half-heartedly because I already knew the result but this time around I was cautious & didn’t open my FB account before watching the episode. Trust me, words can’t explain how happy I am because this episode was worth the suspense, lol!

From now on, it wouldn’t matter much as to who will win the title because as far as anyone of these top 7 does, it’s going to be a perfect & well-deserving win. Finally, the moment of rejoice has arrived, share your excitement with us!

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