Pakistani Actresses With Flawless Makeup In Dramas

Makeup is an essential part of an actor’s life. Makeup is the demand of the camera. Even if an actor does not want to rely too much on it, they have to because the camera requires them to look a certain way. Over the years, we have seen how our actors have taken their drama looks so seriously. Where a lot of actors do get a backlash for wearing too much makeup and going full-glam even in situations which do not require them to look so well-put together, there are also such actors who go for natural and minimum makeup to make themselves look presentable on-screen.

Pakistani actresses have come a long way and they have groomed themselves a lot. The improvement in Pakistani actresses’ makeup is quite noticeable as well where they use the right kind of products and allow their makeup artists to rely on such techniques that accentuate their beauty to the maximum. There are some actresses who do go for heavier and full coverage looks, which involves a lot of makeup products and steps but it shows that over the years, they have learnt what looks best on them and what kind of makeup they can carry with confidence.

Pakistani actresses’ are often seen playing such characters which demand them to look natural but relying on makeup is subjective. Our actresses believe in their acting and that is the reason, they make the amount of makeup that is put on their face seems secondary because they spellbind the viewers with their phenomenal performances.

This writeup is dedicated to all those actresses who have over the years learnt what looks best on them and how they get their beauty accentuated with the help of makeup. Yes, in some scenes and situations of the dramas, even the viewers feel that they should not have relied so much on the makeup but if we put that aside, we get to appreciate the looks they have carried and how gorgeous they all have looked in different dramas. This list is dedicated to all those actresses whose makeup looks can never go wrong or look anything less than being flawless. These actresses always look good with the kind of makeup they do and the makeup looks they carry in their dramas.

Here’s the list of those beautiful Pakistani actresses who carry flawless makeup looks in Pakistani dramas:

Sanam Chaudhry

Sanam Chauhdry is one such actor who looks flawless in every single scene of her dramas. Although our actresses do have a team of stylists and artists who do their makeup but Sanam Chauhdry herself has a knack for makeup and she is very good at it. This is the exact reason why she not only looks flawless but knows what suits her face the best. Sanam Chauhdry’s foundation is always perfect and she matches it to her skin tone. In most of the scenes, her eye makeup is well-blended where she accentuates the crease that makes her big eyes look bigger. Sanam Chauhdry focuses a lot on her eye and face makeup and when she wants to go for a natural look, she doesn’t apply eyeliner but adds shadows under the eyes, which gives her eyes a finished look. Sanam Chauhdry’s makeup in dramas like Meer Abru, Haiwaan, Ghar Titli Ka Par and Kathputli etc has remained consistently flawless and perfect.

SC 1 SC 2 SC 3 SC 4

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan continues to experiment with her makeup looks. In certain dramas where she goes a few shades lighter than her skin tone, she also doesn’t mind wearing complexion makeup that is darker as well. Ayeza Khan always focuses on a lot of contouring and highlighting because it gives her face structure a depth and dimension that looks good on-screen. Ayeza Khan also likes to make her eyebrows up too, which frame her face perfectly. Ayeza Khan also relies a lot on highlighters and shimmers to give her face a glow. Ayeza Khan has over the years definitely changed her makeup and now she makes sure to only wear the kind of makeup that suits her face and does justice to her beauty. Ayeza Khan’s makeup has never looked wrong ever. In Koi Chand Rakh where Ayeza Khan went for lighter shades of foundation and rosy makeup, in Mere Pass Tum Ho, she is wearing a natural toned foundation and has contoured her face which is well blended and adds more charm to her face.

AK 1

AK 2 AK 3
AK 4

Sajal Aly

Sajal Aly doesn’t go too heavy-handed with makeup but she does wear the amount necessary and required to give her characters look naturally presentable on screen. Sajal Aly doesn’t do too much of technical makeup because she likes to stay true to her age. However, Sajal Aly always wears the right shade of foundation. Sajal Aly’s signature look definitely is all about the winged eyeliner, she relies on eye pencils or gel eyeliner to get that black perfect eyeliner with a wing. This kind of eyeliner accentuates her eye shape and suits her beautifully. Sajal Aly doesn’t do much with the rest of the face makeup but a little bronzer is definitely added to the hollows of her cheeks to contour her round beautiful face while still looking natural. Sajal Aly doesn’t do too much of makeup but the amount that she wears is enough to give her a flawless makeup look. In drama serial Aangan, Sajal Aly’s eyeliner was the highlight of her makeup look. In O Rangreza, she wore more or less the similar kind of look as well.

SA 1 SA 2

SA 3 SA 4

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan has a signature look which is all about natural looking skin, curled eyelashes and perfectly shaped natural looking brows. Mahira Khan’s makeup look is the kind which can be achieved in a few minutes with very minimum products. Mahira Khan keeps it totally natural. She usually wears such less makeup that can not even be detected on her skin. Mahira does go for bronzing a little to add some color and depth to her face otherwise not adding any shading to the face makes it look washed out on the camera. Mahira Khan also at times adds a little winged eyeliner too. She wears sheer creme lipsticks which do not have such a matte look to them. Mahira Khan also wears blush to add a natural flush of color to her skin. This minimal makeup look has become Mahira Khan’s signature look and she looks flawless in it. This is the exact look that she wore in her dramas like Sadqay Tumhare and Bin Roye. Even in her debut drama Humsafar, Mahira Khan kept her makeup to an absolutely minimum.

MK 1

MK 2 MK 3
MK 4

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar has over the years experienced a lot with her makeup looks but now it seems she is at the stage where she knows what looks best on her and what kind of makeup suits her features. Saba Qamar has stopped relying on heavy makeup that is why in Cheekh, her makeup was kept to a minimum, letting her naturally perfect skin and beauty shine through. Saba Qamar’s makeup artists know how to do justice to her beauty and bring out the best in her. Saba Qamar makes sure that her eyebrows are perfectly made up and they frame her face perfectly. Even in the scenes where she wears almost zero makeup, her eyebrows are perfectly done which bring a definition to her face. Saba Qamar does rely on blushes and highlighters, because that gives her that glow-from-within look while bringing some color to her face as well. Saba Qamar has also worn heavily kohl’ed eyes in dramas like Baaghi or Digest Writer and those looks suited her character well.

SQ 1 SQ 2 SQ 3 SQ 4

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan does go heavy-handed on makeup but the way she wears it gives her a flawless look. Sarah Khan likes wearing a lot of makeup, that is why it has become a part of her identity in the dramas and heavier makeup look can be termed as Sarah Khan’s signature look. Sarah Khan naturally has thicker darker eyebrows so by using makeup, she makes sure that the focus stays on them because when she wears foundations that are a little pale and have yellow undertones, her brows bring back life to her face and frame her features perfectly. Sarah Khan relies on peach toned blushes which suit her complexion perfectly. Sarah Khan also relies on bronzing and under eye highlighting. She also wears shimmering highlighters in every other scene because they give her that extra glow and shine to the skin. For the longest time, Sarah Khan wore bright corally lipsticks which looked absolutely gorgeous on her but now she does wear neutral toned lipsticks, like nude shades of browns and pinks. Sarah Khan’s eye makeup is always done properly and she doesn’t mind wearing thick liners or adding kohl to her eye makeup looks as well. This is the kind of look she is carrying in her on-going drama Deewar e Shab. In her recently ended drama Mere Humdam, Sarah Khan did variety of makeup looks and looked beautiful. Sarah Khan’s makeup has always remained flawless throughout the years and it just keeps on getting better.

SK 1 SK 2 SK 3 SK 4

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is also one of those actors who know how to accentuate their facial features with the help of makeup. Mehwish Hayat has come a long way in grooming herself and now she only wears the kind of makeup that suits her face the best. Mehwish Hayat has a signature look which includes perfectly shaped thick bushy eyebrows, heavily contoured face especially cheekbones, and jawline, she uses highlighters and a matte lip as well. Mehwish Hayat does wear different shades of foundations, varying from a little lighter to slightly darker but she keeps it within realistic and believable range. In Dillagi drama, Mehwish Hayat did go for a very natural look but it was achieved with proper makeup products and steps but it still looked beautiful on screen. Mehwish Hayat’s makeup definitely can be termed as flawless because she knows what works for her.

MH 1 MH 2 MH 3 MH 4

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz has also come a long way and has groomed herself a lot. Iqra Aziz now seems to have finalized her signature look because from the last few years, she has sported a similar kind of makeup look in most of her dramas but it definitely works for her and makes her look perfect. Iqra Aziz’s signature look is all about basic face makeup but thicker heavier perfectly shaped eyebrows, cheek tint (a lot of it which looks perfect) and natural lip color which is also probably achieved by using a lip tint. Iqra Aziz also wears a lot of mascara and a thin winged eyeliner. This minimal makeup look is perfect for Iqra Aziz because it doesn’t add age to the characters that she plays and gives her a very perfect and sophisticated look. Iqra Aziz’s makeup surely is flawless in dramas and she really has learnt what looks perfect on her.

IA 1 IA 2 IA 3 IA 4

Sohai Ali Abro

Sohai Ali Abro goes full glam in her dramas, irrespective of the kind of characters that she is playing, but yes, it can be said that she loves makeup and doesn’t shy away from using a lot of it and that too with right kind of techniques. Sohai Ali Abro goes heavy handed on face makeup especially, by adding full coverage foundation and setting it with powders to make it last and add that airbrushed finish to her face. Sohai Ali Abro also shapes her eyebrows, does complete eye makeup looks and adds a matte lipstick too. At times she does sport glossy lips but very rarely. Sohai Ali Abro loves glam and she carries it really well. Sohai Ali Abro’s face and the rest of the makeup definitely looks flawless on screen and she really has polished herself. In her recently on-air drama Surkh Chandni, even though she has covered one half of the face, the other half has the right kind of makeup that gives her a flawless look. Sohai Ali Abro also wears varied shades of lipsticks, from pinks to mauve to brown to bright corals, because her base and foundation is always flawless, she wears these shades of lipsticks and make them pop too.


Ushna Shah

Ushna Shah is one such actress who always looks delightful because the kind of minimum but glowy makeup that she wears. Ushna Shah’s face makeup is the main focus in her makeup routine. Ushna Shah usually wears dewy foundations which give her face a natural glow. She also likes to add a bit of highlighter too to further add more sheen to her skin. Ushna Shah wears lip and cheek tints usually because they add that natural flush of color to her face without looking too made up. Ushna Shah also keeps her lips looking glossier and not so matte. Over the years, Ushna Shah despite relying on very little makeup in her dramas has created her signature look which is all about glowing and dewy skin with rosy cheeks.

US 1 US 2 US 3 US 4

Hira Mani

Hira Mani has worked on her makeup looks a lot and her makeup artists have now started doing justice to her beauty. Hira Mani has unique features therefore they requires certain set of techniques to get accentuated and enhanced. Hira Mani’s makeup look, though still being natural is all about fresh looking flawless skin and one-toned complexion. Hira Mani doesn’t rely too much on contouring and bronzing because that can give her a harsh look. This is the reason why Hira Mani doesn’t add too much shading to her face. She does go for natural warm toned eye makeup looks and neutral shades of lipsticks. Hira Mani does wear a lot of highlighters which enhance her cheekbones and give her a glowing look as well. Hira Mani’s makeup over the years has definitely improved and now it looks flawless in every single drama.

HM 1 1 HM 2 HM 4 1 HM

Alizeh Shah

Even though Alizeh Shah does get a lot of criticism for wearing too much makeup but there’s no denying to the fact that her makeup is definitely done well by the makeup artists. Alizeh Shah usually plays such roles which are mostly of a young teenage girl in college, that is why a lot of makeup doesn’t seem to be the requirement of her character, however, the way her makeup is done is definitely flawless. Alizeh Shah’s signature look definitely is all about wearing warm toned eye shadows, bronzing to add some sun-kissed look to her face, perfectly shaped and made up eyebrows and pink lips. Alizeh Shah’s perfect eyebrows have to be one of the best features of her face because they frame her entire face perfectly. Alizeh Shah does not wear false eyelashes but she definitely wears multiple coats of mascara. Alizeh Shah definitely has found herself the right makeup artist who applies her makeup flawlessly.

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  • Very interesting article but Adding Alizeh shah’s name in this list is really a joke. Her makeup is always OTT and never appropriate According to the scene. I would add Amina sheikh, soniya hussain, Sanam saeed, Sanam Jung and Sanam Baloch are always on point with their makeup and never shy away from going glamour look to minimal makeup according to the demand of the scene. Sanam Jung in muhabbat subh ka sitara, Sanam saeed in zindagi gulzar hai, Sanam Baloch in kankar, daastan, Amina sheikh in many dramas went for very minimal makeup look

  • Sanam Chaudhary’s makeup is always OTT. She mostly wears loads of foundation several shades lighter than her tanned skin tone which makes her look grey.