Parizaad Episode 19 Story Review – The Journey Continues

“Jis ne paya us ne paa kar matti kr diya aur jis ne nahi paya wo khud khaak mein mil gaya”. This was another episode of Parizaad that covered Pari’s reunion with all those people who were once a permanent part of his life. Every single meeting and scene was an absolute treat to watch. The conversations were penned down beautifully and executed just as well. However, I did feel that another short flashback scene, especially when the bhabis were offering Pari to stay, would have fit in so perfectly! This is definitely not the kind of ‘happy ending’ which Pari had imagined! He is enjoying his wealth, doing what he does the most – helping others – but he is still searching. The writer through his journey is putting forward an important message that while money does get you acceptance, it does not guarantee inner peace and contentment.

Parizaad always helped people he loved even when he did not have money. The big difference now is that he has more resources. Parizaad’s journey continues to have my undivided attention; it is meaningful and easy to connect to. There were so many scenes tonight that should definitely be re-watched. The flashback scene in this episode yet again made the changes in Parizaad’s life more obvious than ever. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance has been beyond impressive throughout and his makeover has been just as convincing. When you watch the flashback scenes, you can’t help but appreciate the way the makeover artists have transformed Parizaad in the most believable manner.

Acceptance & Apologies

Parizaad’s meetings with everyone he met from his past tonight can be easily summed up as a series of acceptance and apologies. Apart from Saeeda, everyone Pari met had failed to accept him in the past. Lubna’s mother was right when she said that money does cover your flaws even though Pari did not have any ‘flaws’ in his personality to begin with! Now that he was wealthy, all these people were not only willing to welcome him with open arms but were also more than willing to accept the mistakes they had made in the past. There were some who had truly realized that they were wrong such as Shoki and Naheed’s fathers. I must say that the writer and the director have made sure that the viewers pick up minor nuances in Parizaad’s character. For example, it was quite evident that Parizaad was still the same person even with all his wealth especially when he was around family and tonight his brother-in-law said just that out loud. His meeting with Saeeda also showed that even though Pari was so influential there were some things he had no control over. He could not visit his sister often or stay somewhere near to her.

Parizaad Episode 19 Story Review – The Journey Continues

Parizaad also visited the room where he once used to dream about the life he is living now! In the past, he cried in that room more than once thinking about all the times he was rejected by the one girl he ever fell in love with. This is where he wrote all his poetry and was free to express himself without any pressure from the outside world. This was such a beautiful scene since it was each one of us going through our old belongings and thinking about the good and bad times which shape us to be the individuals we are at present.

The scene at the antique shop was another meaningful and impactful scene in this episode. The dialogue I quoted on top was definitely one that immediately made me think! Getting what you wish for can most often lessen the importance of whatever is it that you desire. That is exactly what is happening with Pari right now too. He dreamed of making it big one day yet he is just as lost and lonely right now as he was when he was running after his dream. And had he not achieved this status, he would have worked hard all his life to attain it! This was the kind of dialogue that stays with you for a long time, beautifully penned down and delivered! The outcome of this meeting yet again showed how Parizaad always finds a way to get what he desires! However, he continued to be restless, perhaps wondering if he would ever find contentment in life. He can easily be termed as someone who has been striving and searching for acceptance all his life yet somehow he does not really enjoy the attention he gets because of his wealth.

Parizaad and Naheed’s meeting did not go as I imagined it would. There was no acceptance or apology as such but more like closure perhaps for Parizaad! Even though Naheed’s life had changed completely, her overall body language was still the same. Also, the floor was a little too clean when she was sweeping it! This scene could have been far more realistic if Ushna Shah looked more worn out considering her circumstances.

Final Remarks

This was another beautifully written and for the most part well-executed episode of Parizaad. Pari’s restlessness and confusion stood out more than anything else in this episode. I am waiting for Yumna’s character to make an appearance; will that be the turning point in Pari’s life? He got the acceptance he always wanted yet he is not at peace. Will he find love? The antique shop owner made it clear that sometimes ‘wants’ are endless therefore it could mean that restlessness might be a permanent part of Parizaad’s journey.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Nice review, Fatima. The Episode was great. I wanted to see this episode when Parizaad at his status now, visiting his hometown and meeting the concerned people from his past life. Visiting to hometown after the success in life, is every man’s best moment. Meeting old people, visiting the places where you spent lot of time in past & seeing them in new design & then imagining the old style of it back then, touching the things which were your daily routine item that you did not notice it then, all these give something beyond happiness & some kind of achievement. And when Parizaad with a golden heart visit such places, it’s always treat to watch. We saw how he treated everyone he met there. Ghalib’s couplet which he recites for Naheed, reflect Parizaad life. A particular water drop who becomes pearl, goes through many difficulties such as net of waves, hundres of crocodiles around, but atlast it becomes pearl. The same is Parizaad, he suffered a lot to reach at this stage of his life. I like the dialogue when he replies to Naheed that, “Tanhai hamare pas logon ki ghair-maujoodgi ka naam naih hai, dar asal hamare ird-gird logon mein hamari ghair-dilchaspi hamein tanha kardeti hai.” He meant to say that don’t feel sorry now that you are married & i am still alone, i was alone back then also, when you were around me and did not notice me at all. And the dialogue at Piano shop which you started your review with, is great dialogue, but i could interpret it differently. The one Piano, here it means a person’s top most desire of life and here i could relate that piano with Naheed. Naheed was Parizaad dream from the beginning. Majid who got this Piano (Naheed), did not care for her, he lost it..jisne paya usne mitti mein mila dia. And Parizaad who did not get Naheed, has everything now but feeling has nothing…jisne nahi paya mitti mein milgaya. The same he interprets with Kamali later that ” Insaan abhi tak yeh nahi tay kar paya hai k Mohabbat ka hasil hona sabse bada hadsa hai ya usko khodena sabse bada saneha.”
    Well written dialogues & story of a drama make it more memorable than the star power, production house or location. But here Parizaad stand top in all these categories.

    • Thank you, Aamer. The dialogue you mentioned was also one of the best tonight. This was yet another part of his personality which has been highlighted more than once. He is perhaps more lonely now with all this money than he was before. There are so many people who want to meet him and even please him but he has been making a conscious effort to literally stay away from people as much as he can. Loved your interpretation of Ghalib’s poetry. Kamali’s dialogues did not work for me, rather typical considering the dialogues in the drama are never typical. Pari’s dialogue which you mentioned actually reminded me of his ex-boss!

      I agree, it is! Keep reading and commenting.

  • What shown on drama how Parizad became wealthy, such a blunder un acceptable. Calling a man Malik..Parizad sentence to a bodyguard “ask se mery jan Jan tumharey Hawley hey”. Cherry on top “Laila Saba’s letter which she left to her piano teacher deliver to her family..doesn’t make sence, she didn’t has cell phone to inform her parents that us ki jaan ko khata hey.. both were killed in parking area so there were no cameras..
    All these things really lose my interest in this drama. One side Parizad is a good person same time he was a big supporter of a dawn. Strange 🤔

    • Hi Wajiha, Here’s what I think and understood … Behroze Karim was a resourceful man, getting rid of the evidence would have been easy for him. Also, a person like him who did not allow his wife to go out unsupervised must keep an eye on his wife’s communication. Hacking someone’s phone and checking their messages is a piece of cake! Also, the letter was concrete evidence. The confusion regarding Parizaad’s character, I am certain is intentional. I am glad he isn’t perfect, he still has a lot to learn.

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