Parizaad Episode 21 Story Review – Realizations

This was another interesting episode of Parizaad which started a new chapter in Parizaad’s life. It was yet another episode with well-written, meaningful conversations. Each scene reflected the fact that even though Parizaad’s status had altered completely, he had not forgotten his past. He was playing PZ’s ‘role’ well but deep inside he was still the same person who was sensitive, giving, and felt unworthy of love. The most important element of this episode was the way the writer showed that while Parizaad’s new status had won him a lot of acceptance from the outside world, he was still struggling to accept himself!

After facing so much rejection in his life, Parizaad is still as convinced as ever that he is not worth loving. So many of the dialogues we heard in the previous episodes synced in so well with Parizaad and Annie’s present situation. The dialogues from the past, “insan ka dusra aur asal tarruf us ke alfaz hote hein” and “kaash jin se hum mohabbat krte wo bhi andhe hote” were two such dialogues that fit in this situation perfectly! Annie and Parizaad’s track already has my attention; Pari is falling in love yet again and this time around the person he is falling for cannot see his ‘shortcomings’! I absolutely love how the story flows even after all these weeks and the fact that there are some aspects of Parizaad’s personality that can easily be labeled as imperfect. His imperfections make this character and its journey easier to connect to.


Tonight’s episode opened with Parizaad meeting a young boy who clearly reminded him of the person he was at that age. He understood the challenges faced by this boy instantly and did whatever he could to make a difference. Parizaad did not have someone to look out for him when he was young but he was lucky enough to have mentors who did not just teach him the ways of the world but also helped him ‘survive’. Therefore, no one can understand the importance of a mentor better than Parizaad! It was also good to see Parizaad expressing his regret over not continuing his studies. Even though he is rich, he understands the importance of education and would not want to give the wrong message.

Parizaad’s instant connection with Annie was visible right from the start. Tonight, Annie got a chance to tell him just how much she valued him more than once. Annie is a vivacious young girl who believes in speaking her mind. She is also one of those fans who do not give up no matter what! Yumna Zaidi breathed life into this character and made sure that the viewers did not feel for Annie but in fact, had multiple reasons to fall in love with her confidence. While Parizaad still lacks confidence, Annie has so much of it that hopefully, she will be able to make Parizaad believe that he indeed deserves to be loved!

Parizaad Episode 21 Story Review – Realizations

Parizaad always in some way reveals how his life has shaped up based on his past experiences whenever he talks to Kamali. Tonight, in a way he thanked all those people who had rejected him since they were the ones who shaped him into the person he is today. Parizaad was always fearless therefore it did not come as a surprise that he could not care less about the opposition against him. However, his policies as a businessman leave a lot to be desired, they also show that he is not interested in making more money. He always wanted all this money but he is not going to let it dictate to him in any way. He is also still frightened of people – getting too close to them! That is why he prefers to be alone and was afraid of falling for Annie. For someone who has faced so much rejection, this comes across as the perfect defense mechanism.

Kanwal and Naheed’s conversation showed that Naheed wanted the kind of love and attention from Parizaad which she never got from her own husband. A big reason was also Pari’s wealth! Had he been the same old young man, she would not have been attracted to him. Naheed is so sure that Parizaad is still in love with her. However, I feel that Parizaad does not love Naheed anymore. The mirror scene was one of my favorite tonight; it was actually enlightening as well! I never thought that Pari felt attracted towards Bubbly or even Lubna. It also went to show that he was scared of feeling that way about anyone at all now because he did not want yet another heartbreak. The confusion regarding Annie was also an interesting one. This was such a remarkable way of showing the viewers that Pari was still as conscious about his looks as he was before. The realization that Annie did not even know what he looked like was the turning point of this track and it immediately reminded me of the dialogues I mentioned in the beginning. The disbelief with which Parizaad looked at Annie when he realized the truth was the highlight of this episode.

Final Remarks

Ahmed Ali Akbar is an exceptional actor who has made sure throughout that every emotion is reflected convincingly on screen. This journey would not have been the same without his phenomenal performance. Hashim Nadeem deserves tons of credit for penning down an exceptional story and Shehzad Kashmiri for making sure that the writing does not get lost in translation. Will Annie make Parizaad believe in himself? Or is this track going to end with heartbreak? I am waiting to find out.

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Fatima Awan

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  • So thorough review, Fatima. Thank you. The episode was good. Naheed is just opportunist. She wanted to convince Kanwal that Parizaad is interested in her, not she into him. Else, Kanwal will not pass Naheed’s message and even not allow her to follow this path. Parizaad for sure, have no feelings for Naheed now.
    Initially i found Annie’s character irritating as she is just keep on following with her. But when she said she is also a sculpturist and blind then i realized that she is very important character from the writer. Parizaad, who was mistreated in the society several number of times due to his complexion & looks and still have that inferiority complex, is now chosen as a face to the public and this time the face is not about beauty or looks but about inner beauty. As his heart is pure, the person who is going to make his sculpture, is also honest & pure, because she is unable to see him but only attracted because of his heart, which is his poetry. The poetry which reflects Parizaad’s his choice of words to describe normal thing beautifully, his appreciation of beauty, his dream, his self realization and his pain. Hence, the idea of Parizaad’s sculpture is to build up his self confidence and make himself realize that the world also have people who does not go by face value, but by your inner self. Now, your both dialogues perfectly fit here; “insan ka dusra aur asal tarruf us ke alfaz hote hein, “& “kaash jin se hum mohabbat karte wo bhi andhe hote.” She just love him because of his second introduction (his alfaz) & not with the first one (his face).
    And finally, applaud for Zafar Iqbal for, “Khud ko tarteeb diya akhir e kaar az sar e nau, zindagi mein tera inkaar bohot kaam aya.”

  • I loved the little surprise of adding the title of ye raha dil in the episode- kind of makes me want to go back and watch it again lol.
    I didnt like naheed from the beginning, they way she used parizaad and now especially, I hope that track wraps up soon like bubblys did and lubnas hopefully will too. I thought lubnas was over then she came back as an actress- in any case I am ready for them to wrap up all remaining girls from the show and focus on where pari and annies track can go.

  • I absolutely loved the episode. I thank Momina Duraid for selecting Shahzad Kashmiri to direct this amazing drama. The cast is just perfect and everyone fits their role. For a moment Ahmad Ali Akbar looked just like Nauman Ejaz when he was playing snooker and discussing enemies. Naheed is selfish and so was Lubna (both looking for what was lacking in their current lives). So Pari was reluctant for Annie and was expecting some ridicule or will demand any favors. Therefore, he was apprehensive towards her and when she requests for a sculpture, his fears overcome. The last scene was brilliantly executed. I do hope and pray that the speculations on social media about parizaad dying at the end are false ….

    • Yes I definitely saw nauman ejaz in parizaad for a moment in that scene. Ahmed is a tremendous actor! And I forgot to mention in my comments that the reason I wasnt a fan of lubna either is she was being an opportunist just like naheed. I didnt like bubly either but at least she was willing to do the hard work herself to get what she wanted.

  • Ahmed Ali Akbar….take a bow! What a brilliant performance it has been from him.

    I loved this episode as I was waiting for Yumna and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s scenes together. The addition of Ye Raha Dil’s title track was a bonus.

    I think Parizaad had also understood Naheed’s intentions the other day when she offered to meet him outside. Also, Lubna’s track hasn’t got a closure yet, may be she will come again with something and then Parizaad will have to choose.

    Annie and Pari’s track could go either way…..the info about Pari’s enemies suggest that he will be attacked soon. Now, it remains to be seen if Pari takes the attack or Annie pays the price of being close to him. If it was a hindi movie, I’m sure Annie would turn out to be Pari’s enemies’ spy but I rule that out.

    • Annie is going to be the Laila Saba in Parizaad’s life. May be he will feel the same kind of connect with Annie that Behroze had with Laila.

  • gr8 review fatima, but u missed to appreciate yumna,excellent episode, just like noman ejaz and urva’s episde, now yumna’s entry has also added extra charm to the drama and taken it to the next level. the last scene was so emotional , expressions of both aaa and yumna were so good, i couldnt control my tears. this drama is a proof that a proper combo of writer-director is a must to make a drama evergreen, shehzaad kashmiri is one of the best we have today, he has proved it with classic yaqeen ka safar and even sabaat which was a little drag in second half but still it touched you. shehzaad kashmiri would have done wonders with khuda aur mohabbat 3, pehli si mohabbat or hkkst.

  • Loved the episode. Perfect review. You are so right, this whole situation reminds us all of those dialogues.
    There are no easter eggs in our dramas usually but I absolutely loved the way they played Ye Raha Dil’s OST, brought so many memories back and reminded us of the chemistry between Ahmed and Yumna once again.
    Last scene was perfection. Ahmed and Yumna both nailed it.
    I really don’t understand why there has been no mention of Lubna in these two episodes. I would like some more focus on Lubna instead of Naheed. Can’t wait for some more scenes between Ainie and Parizaad.

  • Yuma and Ahmeds perfromance 11/10 ka acting thi yaar especially ending oh oh kia baat hain. WE love Parizaad so much best drama ever, definitely should win an award

  • I could see Annie getting killed off. Sending parizad down the wrong path. Becoming a powerful don. Crazy scenario. What you guys think. ?