Parizaad Episode 23 Story Review – Mixed Messages

Tonight’s episode of Parizaad reflected more of the leading character’s feelings and journey. A new character was introduced in this episode and Parizaad met yet another old friend. I must say that it has been brilliant watching these characters from Pari’s past making comebacks. Even though these comebacks are getting monotonous owing to the situation all these individuals are in, it is always pleasant watching them yet again on screen. The producers and the director have definitely made sure that all the situations look as realistic on-screen as possible. The Annie/Parizaad sculpture scene and even the dialogues were heavily inspired by Lionel Richie’s song Hello’s video. I seriously doubt that this was merely a coincidence. However, I must say that the director definitely took it a step further by making sure that the viewers actually got to see the sculpture. And I also appreciate the fact that the sculpture did look a lot like Parizaad. It was nevertheless disappointing that even the dialogues were more or less the same as the music video, especially the part where Annie tells Parizaad that was how she “saw” him. I am definitely more interested in this particular track at the moment more than any other. This is definitely going to make or break Parizaad.

Parizaad Episode 23 Story Review – Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

Parizaad’s dialogues have been giving mixed signals about his present feelings for Naheed and his general feeling towards love. On the one hand, it seemed as if he no longer felt attracted to her because he understood why she was now “attracted” towards him. Also, he clearly finds Annie appealing as well. On the other hand, the opening scenes in tonight’s episode suggested that he still felt the rejection with the same intensity as he did so many years back. Parizaad is still searching for the kind of love he always yearned for yet in his heart he has little hope that he will find it. It was already well established right from the beginning that Parizaad was attracted towards beautiful women, which is also interesting since his own looks have always been the one thing about him that made his life most difficult. It goes to show that just like most people Parizaad also finds the “unattainable” attractive!

It would be safe to say that some of the grey areas of Parizaad’s character can sometimes be confusing because overall the positive aspects of his personality always dominate. This episode also might have partially answered the question whether money can buy happiness! Parizaad is still miserable and feels that there’s no cure for the loneliness he felt the first time he was rejected by someone he was head over heels in love with. Although, this time around he “rejected” Naheed in perhaps the same manner in which she rejected him, the big difference however is that he did not use or manipulate her situation in any way. The fact that Parizaad continued to find ways to help Naheed out went to show that he was still the same person who forgave easily and did not believe in taking revenge.

Meeting Nasaaz

Lubna is finally back in the picture. There was definitely a lack of continuity in this track because of her sudden disappearance. The audition scene was also needlessly stretched in this episode; it could easily have been chopped down. The introduction of the new characters finally leads to Parizaad’s meeting with Nasaaz. I was looking forward to this meeting yet I was somewhat disappointed because Nasaaz turned out to be yet another important character from Parizaad’s past that needed his help! I would have loved to see him as an accomplished writer without the aid of his old friend. Although this was the perfect opportunity for Parizaad to help an old friend who did not only save his life but also gave it a new meaning, it would have been good to see him in a different situation. Pari’s relationship and interactions with everyone from his past have been shown more or less in the same manner. The light-hearted moments between Parizaad and Nasaaz were a treat to watch, nevertheless.

Annie and Parizaad

Annie and Parizaad’s scenes clearly suggested that Pari felt attracted towards her. Was this attraction mutual? While Annie is fascinated by Parizaad, so far there is nothing that would suggest that she is in love with him. Yumna Zaidi’s expressions in some of the scenes especially the ones in which she had to translate Annie’s excitement on-screen were priceless. Annie comes across as a genuine person who would most certainly not hold back if she felt something more than reverence for Parizaad. It is interesting how Parizaad is allowing himself to get closer to this young lady even though he is constantly afraid of his heart being broken yet again. Because of this situation, the opening dialogues failed to make a lot of sense to me. They sounded like more than a depiction of a temporary state of mind.

Final Remarks

Overall, this was an engaging episode, I am still as interested in Parizaad’s journey as I was before but I must say that some of the situations are turning out to be repetitive as well at this point. Also, the fact that some characters simply disappear from this drama does not sit well with me. Right now, apart from Saeeda, Kamali has also gone missing! I was not surprised to see the preview of the upcoming episode since Parizaad has been putting his life in danger even though he knows he has all these threats. Even though he wants to live, he does live on the edge!

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Fatima Awan

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  • Hi Fatima, it was a good episode, but not as amazing as the previous ones were. Yes, the sculpture scene is a copy of the Hello song, but the difference is the story created behind making a sculpture in Parizaad. The sculpture is made from the words of a poet, which were traveled to the heart of the sculpturist. His touch gave the physical shape of the sculpture, but her image of him carve beauty to the sculpture. And the end product we get is a fair-colored Parizaad. Seeing himself as fair colored, Parizaad felt objectionable for a moment but it clears his doubt when she says this is the beauty she visualizes about him. Here it proves that the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
    Good to see Lubna not compromising for society again, but steadily following her dreams. For Nasaaz, I too wished to see him in a good situation & then a warm meeting between the two and recalling the old memories. It was nice to see him but looks like we lost a philosopher due to circumstances. I wanted to hear some life learning dialogues from him again. The exchanges between them were too short, I want one more sit-up between the two to have that feeling.
    Let’s review the starting dialogue, “Kitna mehroom hoon main, kitna muyassar hai mujhe, zarra sahra hai mujhe, qatra samandar hai muhe.” I have everything (materialistic) & still, I have nothing, because I am deprived of her love. Her love is like a particle but means the whole desert to me, like a drop but ocean to me. But I am deprived of her love. Thus, Parizaad painfully concludes his feeling for Naheed.

  • Another good episode of Parizaad. Acting, dialogues, twists & turns justifying the overwhelming positive response to the play.

  • I liked the episode. It wasn’t as amazing as the previous few episodes but still a good one for continuity.

    It is a bit strange to see Parizaad still hold Naheed so high in his heart and feel heartbroken. I was hoping that his feelings for Naheed will get a closure after their last meeting but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Even though he is progressing towards Annie, but still the dialogues in the beginning of the episode suggested that he still is heartbroken. To me this meant that he was feeling helpless that Naheed herself took a step forward but he had to tell her off as he knew the ‘truth’ that Naheed was after his money and status and not ‘the’ Parizaad. I so want him to get over Naheed, she doesn’t deserve him.

    The moment the audition girl mentioned about a shayar, I knew it was time for Parizaad to meet Nasaaz again. But I think their meeting could have been covered in a better way, as he was an important character in Pari’s life. Also, it was a coincidence that the first time Parizaad felt the pain of getting rejected by Naheed, he met Nasaaz and the second time he met Nasaaz, it was Pari who sort of rejected her.

    I wish once in a while they showed Parizaad speaking to Saeeda, at least on phone. It is understandable that the kind of life he is leading at the moment is risky for him and could be risky for his people and that he is deliberately staying away. But a phone call wouldn’t hurt. Their scenes are always heart-warming and shows a side of Parizaad that comes out only with Saeeda.

    I was confused seeing Parizaad’s reaction on seeing the sculpture Annie made. Was it intentional that Annie said ‘this is how I see you’. Was it an indication that she thought of him as a fair and good looking guy and did that make Parizaad uncomfortable. Or was he amazed at her work and thought how good she has made him appear?

    Also, I just thought of another possibility to this track….just in case Parizaad had to die, maybe he will donate his eyes to Annie and then she will see the world through his eyes. This sort of ending will be tragic but impactful. But I just want them both to have a happy ending.

  • It wasn’t as good as the previous episode, but that episode paid off on threads that started at the beginning. I agree that NaSaaz shouldn’t have needed Parizaad’s help.

    The review, on the other hand, is good again. Catching the resemblance to Lionel Richie’s song Hello’s video is a great catch! I love the part about Parizaad finding the “unattainable” attractive! Our hero shouldn’t be perfect; he should have flaws.