Parizaad Episode 26 Story Review – Unfulfilled Desires

Parizaad continues to be an entertaining drama that keeps on taking the most unimaginable twists and turns! Or at least the writer has more than once shown scenarios that break the monotony and keep the viewers on the edge! Right from the beginning, there have been quite a few instances when I found myself questioning Parizaad’s intentions and future plans. So far, Parizaad’s humane and sensitive side definitely takes over whenever certain situations suggest that he might do something extreme to fulfill his heart’s desire. Ahmed Ali Akbar yet again performed exceptionally well in this latest episode especially when Sharjeel shared his ‘secret’ with him and when he was on the call with Annie. The director also deserves credit for making sure that every single gesture and expression got noticed by the viewers which added nuances and intensity to the scenes.

Unfulfilled Desires

These last few episodes have been focusing more on Parizaad’s desire to be loved. The most amusing element of this episode had to be Parizaad resorting to cosmetic procedures in order to improve his looks before Annie gets her eyesight back. It was amusing because of so many social media users actually gave such suggestions to Parizaad when he attained all the wealth! This was also another meaningful development in the story since it showed that his insecurities about his looks were just as strong as ever. Parizaad was shown paying heed to Nasaaz’s advice just like he used to do before. Some of the advice he gave reflected his realistic approach towards life. He was the one who had once asked Parizaad to marry Bubbly so that he could get the money he needed to help Saeeda. And now he told him to think about himself for a change. He definitely voiced the viewers’ opinion when he asked Parizaad to go the extra mile to make his own dreams come true. He was also the one who gave Parizaad the suggestion to improve his looks. Although Nasaaz is a poet who did not let commercialism define his craft, he definitely has a worldly approach to a lot of things.

Parizaad Episode 26 Story Review – Unfulfilled Desires

Sharjeel’s confession scene was actually cute. Fahad Mirza is well suited for the role he is playing. Sharjeel is just as impressed by Parizaad’s personality as Annie and he is convinced that Parizaad sir can do no wrong! He comes across as a genuinely simple and nice person, the kind of character you like instantly. When he shared his true feelings for Annie, even though Parizaad was shattered inside, he hid his actual feelings and reaction brilliantly. History was repeating itself yet again with Parizaad’s worst fears coming true! I must say that I did not see this coming at all, I was expecting something entirely different. Although Parizaad expected this to happen, he found it as difficult to accept it as he did the first time he fell in love. It is interesting that even though Parizaad is convinced that he does not deserve to be loved, he is subconsciously waiting and consciously preparing to be loved!

The most shocking development in this episode was Parizaad’s latest plan to get Sharjeel out of the way! This was outrageous and completely unexpected! Surely, Parizaad is not so heartless therefore I am eagerly waiting to find out where this track is headed. The scene in which Parizaad played the piano and cried over what he believed was the ‘unattainable’ was my favorite in this episode especially because there was a time when all he wanted was a piano and now when he had it, he was still not content! This was a beautifully put-together and meaningful scene.

Final Remarks

Once again the writer introduced a twist in the story that was hard to digest but it was also the reason why most of us will be looking forward to the upcoming episode. I am pretty sure by now that this latest development will also unravel in the most unexpected manner. It was interesting how Parizaad’s stance changed by the end of this episode. In the beginning, he was not willing to do anything extreme and was highly sensitive but by the end of this episode, he was desperately resorting to extreme measures to get Sharjeel out of the way. When Parizaad took over Behroze’s empire, I was wondering if all this money could buy him happiness or even the kind of acceptance he has craved all his life – the answer so far is definitely in the negative. Nasaaz got his happy ending in this episode, will Parizaad get his?

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Fatima Awan

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  • …as always, Ahmad Ali Akbar’s acting was flawless in today’s episode. Although, I would love to see RJ Annie and Parizaad together, I think, Parizaad may end up with Kanwal; as she is the only person from episode one that had sympathy, trust and respect towards Parizaad.

  • Hi Fatima,
    Thanks for the good review. It was a really tricky episode for Parizaad lovers. For me there are two shocking scenarios; one is for skin treatment & the other is to go to great lengths to get the hold of your love. Good to see more Nasaaz interaction in this episode. I always liked his view of expressing something. In the beginning of this episode as well when Parizaad is getting underestimation with his skin color for Annis first view post operation, Nasaaz really said a very nice thing that “zaruri to nahi hai jo har bar hua vo is baar bhi ho.” His view is looking at things is always different, & yes practical as well. But in another view/advice about pyar aur jung mein, I did not like it at all. I was not expecting it from a person like Nasaaz. Also, love is about getting it, achieving it, feeling it, but definitely not about snatching it. There is no hook or crook in love. I don’t believe in equating love & war together. Whether you are a passionate lover, silent, or one-sided lover, you will always think of the happiness of the person you are involved in. You cannot think of keeping one sad as far as they are close to you. So, not doing an operation so she can’t distinguish between the two people, is not the correct way. Even the person is close to you, you will always feel guilty that she could have viewed but due to his selfishness, it is not happening. And second advice is to remove the Raqeeb from the race by killing him is at all not acceptable. A true lover can’t be a criminal. You can not build your castle on someone’s grave. Love is all about giving life, not taking it. But I am surprised how Parizaad started taking this advice seriously. One should not be so desperate in love. Love should not be the destination but should be one of the stops in the journey of life.
    Lastly, the Tarazu discussion between Kamali & Parizaad was good. Even though we don’t owe to some of our relatives, they take us for granted & expect a lot from us. “ kai martaba hamare apne humse kaii ummediein lagaye rakhte hain, to hamein chahiye k unki ummieon pe poora utrein, jaisa k unka haq ho.”
    Another highlight is; when someone very politely asks for something means, he is already prepared for asking it. So, politeness for someone/sometime, is deceiving. “ jab koi inkisari se kuch poochne ki ijazat talab karta hai to vo pehle se hi sawal karne ka irada rakhta hai.” Too good.

  • Parizaad never ceases to surprise us and I am sure, given Parizaad’s character, he will not have Sharjeel killed. May be he will go as far as sending Akbar to do this but will change his mind at the last moment and will ask Akbar to not go ahead with the plan.

    I even thought that he himself will come and save Sharjeel and will take the bullet himself. Parizaad thinking about cosmetic procedures was a pleasant surprise as well. It shows how much he wants to get rid of his feeling of inferiority, I wouldn’t say inferiority complex as the word doesn’t seem right for Parizaad. I was thinking may be he will get the procedure done and then when Annie finds out that he did so, she will say to him that she likes him the way he is and he doesn’t need to, or may be he will change his mind and not do the procedure and Annie will accept him the way he is…..but all of these are for a happy ending thought. It looks like Parizaad will have a sad ending though and seems that he will die in the end, as that seems the only logical end to a journey as eventful as his.

    P.S. – Mr Asad Ali has spilled the beans for everyone in his comment above, can we get the comment deleted (no offence but it spoils the excitement if you reveal the ending like this, at least those who haven’t read can enjoy the drama’s ending with excitement). It seems logical, but I do hope this isn’t how it ends though.