Parizaad Episode 6 Story Review – New Beginning

This was yet another mind-blowing episode of a drama that is unlike any other. Hum definitely deserves due credit for airing quite a few dramas this season that have unusual and appealing storylines. Hashim Nadeem’s script has been beyond impressive so far. I cannot recall watching another drama such as this one in which characters enter and then exit, leaving an impact of some kind on the main protagonist. Parizaad’s story is becoming even more relatable with every passing episode. This is the story of every single person out there who has ever dreamed and struggled. Every person’s life is shaped by the kind of people they come across yet we have never watched a drama that focused on this particular aspect of people’s lives. I am absolutely in love with the theme of this drama because it is not just new but also extremely enticing. I didn’t just watch but felt Bubbly and Nasaaz exit from the story. It was such an intelligent way of showing how people you attach your hopes to and those you think you cannot do without, disappear from your lives. The connection I feel to all these characters makes every episode of Parizaad a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Bubbly and Nasaaz’s Exit

Bubbly and Nasaaz’s exit (at least for now) from the story came as a complete surprise to me. I was expecting them to be around for a few more episodes. Just like Naheed, they were there for a while and after leaving a mark on Parizaad’s life, they left. In these 6 episodes, 4 important characters influenced Parizaad’s life, shaped up his personality, and left. Each one of these characters taught Parizaad something about life and also shaped up his own image in his mind. Naheed’s exit made Parizaad feel unwanted and rejected. All the interactions he had with Majid, made him unsure about people in general. Bubbly was like a ray of hope for him; someone who willingly accepted him for who he was. Yet, she left, and once again he felt betrayed and rejected. Not just this, he also blamed himself partially for pushing Bubbly in this direction. Bubbly and Parizaad’s scene was one of the best ones in this episode. The viewers couldn’t even have imagined that Bubbly had a completely different plan.

Parizaad Episode 6 Story Review – New Beginning

Most people in Parizaad’s life rejected him. Nasaaz is the only person who always pointed out his strengths and helped him start afresh. Right from their first meeting till the last one, he imparted wisdom and gave Parizaad hope. Parizaad did his duty as a friend by being there for him in whichever way he possibly could. The writer showed the caring and responsible side of Parizaad through the scene in which he told Nasaaz that he had paid his fee. I felt just as broken and lost when Nasaaz left as Parizaad did. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance in every single scene was phenomenal but in this particular scene, he translated the character’s emotions so beautifully! Standing there in a public place, Parizaad cried like a lost baby! I felt that and I am sure so did all the other viewers. Nasaaz parting words yet again reflected his faith in his friend and through this scene, the viewers were informed how Parizaad managed to bag a scholarship and was now going to study in a top-notch university.

New Beginning

After Bubbly and Nasaaz exited Parizaad’s life, a new character was introduced played by Mashal Khan. Her first introduction suggested that she was an affluent background just like the majority of the students in this university and wasn’t too welcoming of a young man such as Parizaad. The new university Parizaad has been enrolled in will introduce him to a life completely different from the one he has been used to. Just when I thought he had learned enough, there is a whole new environment for him to adjust to. The whole setup made it even clearer why he was so scared of facing this new life on his own. Parizaad has been a loner for the most part of his life and he has always been quite focused on his studies. I am waiting to see his interactions with this new crowd and how these people add to his journey.

Even though Parizaad has made it big for someone from his background, there is still not much that he can do for his sister who is in desperate need of money. There must be a solid reason for showing Saeeda’s desperation for money. Ultimately, Parizaad will perhaps have to do something he wouldn’t do otherwise to help his sister. I am really curious to know how that is going to unravel.

Parizaad Episode 6 Story Review – New Beginning

The way Parizaad’s fascination with the piano was shown in this episode was superb! It went to show that even though he was an intelligent person who had been trying his best to make ends meet, he could not save enough money to buy something he had wanted for so many years. The piano represented all those unfulfilled dreams which might be easily attainable for many but there are others such as Parizaad who nurture these dreams even in the most hopeless situations until they come true! The flashback scene added more substance and meaning to this entire development. Parizaad’s interaction with the shop owner was also beautifully penned down.

Final Remarks

This was yet another picture-perfect episode of Parizaad. It was penned down in the most enticing manner, the performances couldn’t have been more on point and the direction was equally impressive. Ahmed Ali Akbar has truly outdone himself; there aren’t enough praise words in the English dictionary to describe his performance in the drama. Wholesome and endearing; Parizaad is turning out to be a really ‘special’ drama.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Parizaad? Were you as impressed by it as I was? Share your views.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I was waiting for this review Fatima and it is just as fantastic as this episode. You really look beyond the obvious. Even though I was so involved in this episode some of the things you mentioned in the review I never thought about. I want to add one thing, fate determines our future, we can only try. Ahmad Ali Akbar deserves all the awards this year. He is the Bhola of 2021. Please Hum and all the other award organizers, give him the appreciation he has earned. This drama is special, you are right sister. Your reviews of this drama are special for us so please keep writing them.


    • Thank you so much Ahmed J for liking the review and for all your kind words. Parizaad is such a meaningful drama that I feel every scene has a deeper meaning. When I sit down to write the review and think about these scenes, that’s when I actually realize that, never while watching the drama. The credit definitely goes to team Parizaad. Thank you for adding such an important point, you are absolutely right, fate has been in charge of Parizaad’s life right from day one.

      Thank you so much for all the appreciation and for adding to the discussion. Keep reading and commenting.

  • PERFECT review Fatima! You wrote exactly what I was feeling.
    That scene of Parizaad and Bubbly was SO GOOD and it showed the chemistry. All the actors were brilliant. I must say that Salma Hassan’s expressions when they were leaving the house were brilliant, it really showed what Ustani ji was going though.
    Even though bubbly wasn’t there in the novel and I knew that she will have to go away from Parizaad’s life, I wanted her to stay with him. Parizaad, the novel is so close to my heart and the way they have made the drama even better, I just don’t have words.
    Hashim Nadeem already knew the characters and where they were coming from, so he has added more depth and layers to them now and this is why I think the drama is this good.
    Honestly I don’t find Mashal suitable for the character she is gonna play, she is not like I imagined the character to be but I really hope she proves me wrong here.

    • Thank you so much Pakistani Po, I especially wait for your comments and you know why LOL!! Since you have read the novel and liked it so much, you always add something new and interesting to the discussion. It is a huge deal when someone who holds a story so close to their heart, approves – that is a clear win for the team.

      I agree with you, the director deserves credit as well for capturing every single gesture and expression, that makes such a big difference. Same here! I warmed up to Bubbly instantly and wanted her to stay. Her exit was a complete surprise. Oh! Really? So far none of the leading actors have disappointed therefore I am hoping for the best. Special thanks to you for not giving away any spoilers :)

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • After long time, I guess, I have found 3-4 dramas in one season on Hum tv which are attracting to be watched regularly. I had almost left the channel viewing.

    Parizad is on top so far. Drama itna powerful ho to dekhney k sath is ka review bhee parrhne main bhee maza aata hai, because reviewer k paas bhee buhut kuch hota hai to write about.

    Along with story, the direction is strong also, and it was even more impressive this time. It was properly emphasized that the way P has been brought up, his interactions with people at different stages justify it. Closeness with Bubbly was one instance which wasn’t easy for him to handle conviently… So he was happy and uncomfortable simultaneously. And Ahmed Ali Akber has done wonders. The fly in ointment for me is Salma’s acting. Idk why but I don’t like her acting. Bubbly k ghum hone per jab us ne zahr khanay ka kaha, I wish k kha her leti, I couldn’t tolerate her aah o zaari.

    Baqi, enjoying drama so far, flow of story is quite smooth. Haan actors ki bhar maar hai, aur phir Hashim Nadeem ka hero ho aur ki surroundings main khawateen na hoan ye kesay hoskta hei… Exit of one and Entry of another, I think, will continue till end…

    • Yes! Hum is way ahead of the game right now. ARY is airing some of the worst dramas this season, the obsession with the TRPs is beyond me! They are seriously compromising on quality. Hum is making sure that their 8 pm dramas are worth watching and have some substance. Haan ji bilkul aisa hi hei, dramay mei dum ho tu likhne ke liye kitna kuch hota hei. Review ka bhi maza aata hei aur aap sub ke sath discussions ka bhi. Yes aisa hi lagta hei, I am waiting to meet all the characters…abhi tk kisi ne bhi disappoint nahi kiya. Hashim Nadeem ke kafi saray dramas dekhe hei lekin ye sb se alag hei so far. Like Pakistani Po here pointed out, in characters ko kafi achay se jante hei wo isi liye kahani mei itna flow hei and obviously the fact ke commercial drama nahi hei, typical ghisse pittay tracks nahi hei aam awam ko hook krne ke liye.

      Enjoyed reading your comment, like always. Love your wit! Keep reading and commenting.

          • She is very gorgeous indeed, a winsome personality. Stoic as well, tolerating Aslam’s rude attitude often. I feel for her since inception. Btw, I haven’t seen her before in any drama.

  • What a drama Parizaad is turning out to be Fatima. It exceeded our expectations, a gem and as you said SPECIAL. I cried with Parizaad today, he has turned into my very own as if I know him or maybe that he is me. You are not the only one who feels that way. Parizaad in the new university reminded me of such hard working and gifted student in LUMS when I was studying there. Now I feel like I am watching the story of one of those classfellows whose stories we never really heard! Hashim Nadeem should also get an award for an amazing screenplay. Your reviews never disappoint. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you are reviewing this drama. Oh yes and the piano scenes. I remember in the OST the piano was shown, I have to go back & watch it 😉

    Thank you for the timely and well written reviews. Your dedication also deserves an award 😌

    • Yes, it most certainly is Aisha. I am so glad that we are on the same page and this drama is getting the love and appreciation it deserves. It just goes to show that there are so many people who still want to watch quality dramas. Wow! That’s interesting, I guess we can all relate to some aspect of Parizaad’s life. I agree with you so far the screenplay is pretty impressive and faultless. Thank you so much for liking the reviews, your love and appreciation mean a lot to me. LOL!! I should go watch it again too then ;)

      You’re most welcome :) It feels so good when your hard work is doesn’t go unnoticed.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Such an amazing review. Can anyone tell me which city this drama was shot in? Certainly doesn’t look like Karachi.

    • Thank you so much Talha bin Hamid for liking the review, it is good to have you on board. I am sorry, I have no idea, I am sure someone else here can answer your question or if I find out I will definitely let you know :)

    • It’s mostly Pindi and some parts of it are shot in Islamabad. The university in this episode was CUST, the scene where Parizaad sees Naheed and Majid was at Saidpur Village.

  • Fatima I am very often impressed with your take on different drama serials. Tonight you surprised me with your indepth analysis of this drama. Parizaad is bringing out the best in you because every review you write is more impressive than the previous one. Coming to this episode the unpredictability amazed me so much. The writer is dodging the viewers & we are falling for it every time. Every week it seems we have watched the best episode of Parizaad but next week is even better. Hashim Nadeem writes the best dialogues. The only reason I am watching Khuda aur Mohabbat is because of dialogues that grip you and force you to think. Thank you & Regards

    • Thank you so much Talha for liking the reviews, your appreciation means a lot to me. The credit definitely goes to team Parizaad, I am really enjoying watching and reviewing this drama. You’re so right about the story being unpredictable, that definitely makes it more engaging. I have watched other dramas written by Hashim Nadeem but so far this one is really standing out.

      You’re most welcome. Keep reading and commenting.

  • This drama shows that being a good human you don’t need to be good looking, stylish or with good physique but need a caring heart. That’s why Parizaad helps her sister, hides Naheed’s deeds, even accepts her allegations just to save her from humiliation help Nasaaz & even Bubbly by counselling her, building her confidence. This reminds us, not to judge the book by its cover.
    Sad to see Bubbly left. I still do not digest her Tomboy nature at this age. The dialogue her father to her mother says when she left was really philosophically penned down. “Larki jab ek baar ghar se baher nikal Kaye to ek raat kya chand gharion mein hi itni door nikal jati hai k police bhi use izzaat k sath wapas nahi ka sakte.” “ larki ki yeh doori ka fasla qadmon se nahi balki baap ki ghairat se napa jata hai.” How correctly a father knows society will react in this scenario. Then mother says, “larki nadan hai usko rishton ka ghairat k faslon ka kya pata.” So correctly showing the mindset of a mother who understands her child so well. Really the child does not want to realise what mess he/she is leaving behind while takes such step.
    Nice review, Fatima. Childish crying without hiding or wiping the tears was great scene. Will miss Parizaad presence & his voice. I want him to meet Parizaad later in the journey when he see Parizaad has rose in life as he expects for him and still humble & happy to see him. Let’s see how Parizaad’s new journey unfolds. For me, top moments of this episode was the above dialogue.

    • Thank you, Aamer for liking the review and for the detailed comment. I can see that you are just as invested in this drama as I am :) Yes, absolutely! That is the main theme of the drama. Very often most people do judge people on the basis of their looks. I could so relate to this character. There were quite a few such girls in our college, very relatable! Yes, I hope so too, watching Nasaaz go was sad. The dialogues you mentioned were quite impressive and meaningful. I felt there were so many such dialogues in this episode. Hashim Nadeem has truly nailed it so far, I hope it continues to be this good.

      Keep reading and commenting:) It is always good to hear from you.

  • An incredible observing POWER “to look the world beyond the obvious”. I’m also one of these whom have interest in amazing, reality based but optimistic stories of the great ones. And PARIZAD is also one of them. A person who is sensitive, feel the emotions, but control them, who has the patience to deal with the world, which is unveiled, but still too sincere.

  • Assalamu alaikum Parizaad story is new not like saas bahu type we all family are enjoying the drama baa jahir insaan kuch aur dekhta hai andar se kuch aur behtreen adakari by Ahmed ali mubarak ho aage dekhenge Allah hafeez

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