Pehli Si Mohabbat Episode 28 Story Review – Holding Everyone Accountable

It is unfortunate that a drama with such a solid script and some exceptional performances is losing its charm because of repetition. Pehli Si Mohabbat’s take on our society’s obsession with arranged marriages and seeking approval from others always impressed me but the slow pace and repetition have taken a toll on me. Even now, the drama has not lost its meaning but it has definitely lost its entertainment value due to unnecessary dragging. Although Rakhshi and Aslam met in this episode after months of being away from each other, this scene was shown in the end and was worth the wait because of the circumstances in which they met. They should have been given more screen time instead of showing Faiz Ullah, Nargis, and Rakhshi’s scenes. Faiz Ullah’s dialogues continue to make me cringe and Nargis continued to be the voice of reason. This was another episode showing the guilt and regrets of almost all the characters.

Apart from the repetition, the make-up and overall looks of all the characters except for Sheheryar Munawwar were so off-putting in this episode because they did not go well with the situations at all. Maya Ali has had a signature make-up look right from the start, she has been put through so much hell and has been crying throughout yet even when she was leaving for Aslam’s house she looked trim and proper just as she always does! Even Saba Faisal and Nausheen Shah had a full face of make-up while they mourned Zainab’s death. The funniest part was Sikandar’s well combed and styled hair right before he passed out! The producers truly are testing the patience of the viewers at this point. Rakhshi’s character has stayed the same in these 28 weeks, which is simply unbearable. Practically everyone has contributed to Zainab’s death in some way or the other. Therefore, the only good thing about post-Zainab episodes is that everyone has been taking responsibility for their wrong decisions and actions.

Even More Guilt

Last week Akram’s guilt and his true feelings after Zainab’s death were made quite obvious yet this episode was also dedicated to highlighting a little more of this guilt. This time around Aslam was the one who held everyone responsible. Aslam’s reaction made perfect sense; this was also the perfect example of survivor’s guilt. While Zainab died of heartbreak, Aslam is still alive and when Zainab was dying he was lying helplessly in a hospital. Zainab baji could easily be termed as his first love and his only ally therefore this reaction was expected from him. All of this guilt shown by each one of these characters is not going to bring Zainab back – this entire track definitely has a strong message for all such people out there. However, this particular aspect has been highlighted repeatedly and will only lose its appeal if yet another episode is dedicated to it.

Murad and Sikandar met for the first time tonight. I was slightly surprised by Murad’s reaction since he was much more contained than a person in his situation would be. Once again the tombstone was such a meaningful reminder of the fact that Zainab kept her promise. When Sikandar passed out I felt as if he was finally out of the picture but the preview of the next episode showed that he will survive. He is another person who knows that he added enormously to Zainab’s misery. The performances were on point like every other week but the tracks did not have anything new to offer.

Faiz Ullah’s Obsession!

Faiz Ullah’s sole purpose in life is fast turning into an obsession because he cannot move on in life until he gets Rakhshi off of his back. Rakhshi’s dialogues about her existence were more or less the same as before. However, she did muster up the courage to ask her father if she could go to Aslam’s house to say her final goodbyes to Zainab. Nargis’ dialogues reflected the viewers’ point of view when she was talking to her husband and in the first scene with Rakhshi. However later on she tried hard to make Rakhshi understand her father’s point of view as well. Maya Ali’s performance suggested that Rakhshi is like a vulnerable and scared child who is clueless. However, her rona dhona is being given excessive screen time!

Rakhshi and Aslam’s Meeting

Rakhshi and Aslam’s meeting was the most well-written and scene of this latest episode. Rakhshi was finally held accountable for her buzdili, which was much-needed! Also, it was good to see Aslam’s mother welcoming Rakhshi wholeheartedly and taking responsibility for the wrong decisions which made Zainab’s life a living hell. Maya Ali’s make-up proved to be the biggest distraction and affected this scene’s impact. Is Aslam truly over Rakhshi? This would have been the perfect time for Rakhshi to have a change of heart too but I guess that’s not happening any time soon! Rakhshi definitely has some strengths and she can take a stand when she wants to, however she is too worried about letting her father down to do much.

Final Remarks

Some of the scenes in this episode were well written and others were repetitive. Also, the director tends to stretch the scenes excessively by showing rona dhona in particular. I was hoping that this would be the second last episode of the drama but that was not the case! I will not be reviewing Pehli Si Mohabbat weekly from now on and will only be reviewing the last episode.

Which drama would you like me to review next? Please do give suggestions.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • I agree. I’m so done with Rakshi’s character. There’s not been a single episode where this female hasn’t cried her eyes out. I get that she’s a weak and scared person but oh my lord why does she have to cry all the time?? Also it’s been 29 episodes and the story is still the same. Though it’ll be interesting enough to see what happens next, I myself will only watch the last episode! Had really high expectations from this one :/

    • I know right! She cries even when it’s not required. Same here, I want to find out what happens next and still have hope that the ending will be worth the wait but the pace is too slow at the moment.

  • Fatima I want to thank you especially for your professionalism and insight. Your reviews are always so well articulated. It makes me happy that you chose not to review Pehli Si Mohabbat anymore. Please review Laapata.


    • Thank you so much Ahsan, your kind words and appreciation mean a lot to me. I am watching Laapata and if enough readers here want me to review it, I most definitely will.

      Keep reading and commenting :)

  • Well reviewed Fatima. You always point out the strengths and weaknesses so well. I stopped watching this drama, watched this episode after 4 weeks. Rakhshi is still crying!!!!! This is the Limit!!

    Please review Aakhir Kab Tak or Laapata, please. Which one will you choose? Thanks.

    • Thank you so much Ayza for liking the reviews and for sharing your opinion. LOL!!! Yes she totally is ;)

      I really like AKT, Laapata is review-worthy too but it might get too commercial, I hope I can make up my mind soon. I will probably end up reviewing the drama you guys want should be reviewed.

      You’re most welcome. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Aik taraf to Rakhshi hathoan se mehndi saaf kerna chahtee thee mayyat walay ghar, doosri taraf jate waqt poora ban than ker tayyar kharree thee… Baqaida trimmed with zabardast makeup!!!

    Mehndi wala scene Rakhshi aur Nargis ne apnee taraf se bharpoor koshish ki emotional kiya jae, magar asar takay ka bhee naheen huya, because this drama has completely lost its charm due useless dragging. Mujhay ye drama dekh ker ch nisar (politician) ki press conferences yaad aageen… Sunnay k baad banda yehi sochta rehta k aakhir is press conf ka maqsad kiya tha…

    Koi haal naheen in drama makers ka, good decision not to waste time reviewing it… Ab producers sharam karain k jitnee galiyan is dramay ko drag kernay per parr rahee hain ye end hee kardian aglay haftay!

    Sikendar k girte dekh ker mujhay phir Devdas yaad aagaee k darakht k neechay mar jata hai, lekin ye to agalay hafte phir aaye ga. 🤦. Muaf ker do bhai.

    Aslam, Rakhshi ki mulaqat k baad dekhna baqi hai k oont kis karwat bethaey ga, bus us k bethtne ka intizar hai..

    Very well reviewed!

    • Thank you so much Urs, aap ke comments prh kr maza aa jata hei. Hahaha! Mujhe tu asaar nahi lg rahe end krne ke isi liye I decided not to review it. LOL!! I haven’t watched Devdas, ab dekhni pare gi ;) True that, mei bhi samji chale gaye bhai lekin abhi he will be back. Although honestly I do have faith ke in ke bachne ka koi reason ho ga.

  • your reviews describe each and everything we want to say after watching..drama should become to end now.
    kindly review Rang Mahal now.

  • Thanks for reviewing this drama for so long!

    You should either review Aakhir Kab Tak or maybe wait for a really good new drama.

    • You’re most welcome Sophia. Thanks a ton for reading the reviews and commenting.

      I think you’re right ;) I really like Aakhir Kab Tak too. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Hi Fatima, I have been following the drama and your reviews, which have been perfect. The drama has dragged a lot, and thats the case with all the dramas these days. I think the story by Faiza Iktikhar was exellent, but as she always tells, that she is able to write material only for 15 to 20 episodes , and thats the reason that when the makers stretch it, it become unbearable, same happened with prem gali too.

    I feel the supp cast is the highlight of this drama. Maya Ali has done some gr8 roles and this role was not for her or Shereyar, both were too mature . Newcomers were required and the crying would also look believable. Maya Ali has rocked in MNYH, AZ, Shanakht etc and she was always the highlight and show stealer, but here her role offers her nothin and also her performance is bad, it was a bad choice.

    Pls dont stop reviewing this drama, its going to have a leap as confirmed long back from shereyar and Faiza Iftikhar. By the time this one ends, you will be more sure whether to review Lapataa (looking good at the moment) or HKKST (looking v typical, getting the hype due to mahira, but not sure if overall its going to be good).

    • Hello Tiger, so good to see you here after such a long time. Thank you for following the reviews and for liking them. Yes, the producers tend to drag the dramas and the writers can do nothing about that! It is really unfortunate especially when a drama offers such meaningful entertainment.

      I agree with you totally, the supporting cast and even the characters definitely stand out more. I also loved Maya Ali in MNYH, I get the feeling that she got sick of the rona dhona as well!

      I will definitely be reviewing the last episode IA. For now, I think it is best if I don’t, apologies. You are right about that, I am not too sure about Laapata because it might get too commercial, I like reviewing dramas that are meaningful.

      So good to hear from you after such a long time.

    • Thank you so much for the suggestion Sara, I am really enjoying watching Aakhir Kab Tak and would love to review it. It is definitely meaningful entertainment.

      I appreciate your feedback.

  • You do know that there is going to be a time jump of a couple of years and a few episodes will follow that too. Shehryar Munawar said so in an interview months ago. I think it’ll be dedicated to how the pehli si muhabbat does or does not exist in the protagonist’s hearts anymore. That is where the title of the drama comes from. I had decided from the start that when this happens, I will actually start being interested in the story. The concept of how puppy love changes into mature understanding or simply fizzles away.
    Wasn’t really watching before that anyway. I was waiting for the time jump. Took them 28 long weeks (and counting) to get there but let’s hope i won’t be disappointed like the everyone else who actually invested in these 28 episodes. 😜

  • Haven’t seen the episode yet but after reading your review looks like I just need to see the last scene! Thank you for that. Aakhir Kab Tak has been going on for 12ish weeks but I would love a review on that. It’s quite a well written, well executed play so far.

    • You’re most welcome Sam, I appreciate your feedback. I am watching Aakhir Kab Tak and love it so far. It has so much to offer. The characterizations in particular are so on point. Will make up my mind in a day or two since I also want to review Ishq-e-Laa.

      Thanks a ton for the suggestion. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Fatima I have been following your reviews religiously ever since you started reviewing PSM. Even when I did not watch an episode I came here to read the review to decide whether I should or shouldn’t watch it. I want to thank you for your timely and well worded reviews. Your observations always show me a side of the picture that I don’t instantly grasp. I agree with your decision to not review the drama since I have seen you writing such wholesome reviews. Please my request is review Aakhir Kab Tak. Thank you.

  • I think all of the dramas should be wrapped up in 25 episodes. Almost all dramas would be more enjoyable with a tight, fast paced script with repetition.